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Streganth Bloodhorn
Greetings members of The Ironsong Tribe

My name is Streganth I am a young Tauren warrior and wish to join the tribe. Ive heard of it for so long so I thought i might look into joining it I heard of it from a good friend of mine Gholjan after he joined I thought i should. I really only have money making proffesions at the time so i can purchase a mighty kodo when the time comes but i would no doubt cahnge after words. I rarely fight the members of the alliance because its not an issue to me yet.

Thank you all for your time and may the spirit of the Horde rest with you all,
Sorry for my briefness last time i contacted the Tribe,
*Is writing with a feather pen with a thick red substance*
I will introduce myself again I am Streganth a not so young Tauren Warrior anymore. I have been fighting in the Straglethorn Vale with the evil trolls inhabiting it. But anyways back to the point as I write with the blood with the enemys ive slain I hope that someone may answer the call to accept me as one of the tribe I agree with the terms of the tribe and know a few in it like Gholjan, Nicorah and Zeengo. I have been with The Ravagers of Azeroth which was with these three friends of mine basically. I have been fighting which is basically the only thing warriors are good for *Chuckles* for a long time so I would be a good force to add to the arsenal of the Tribe. I have gotten my mighty kodo I was talking about before and glad to have stopped skinning for profit I will change to a more worthy cause for my occupation as a warrior.

I am going off now maybe to kill more enemies but I will most likely just sit in Mulgore with my kodo and maybe roam with the wild kodo there.
Sincerly Streganth and may the spirit of your ancestors protect you
Greetings, Streganth, I am Merrina, a Blademaster of the Tribe. It would help your petition to join us in one of our weekly gatherings. Your friends will be able to tell you where we are any time you wish to visit with us. We gather on Thursdays, at 6 pm, Orgrimmar (SIlverhand) time. Hope to see you there.

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