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[Story] Konjen's attack on Tower Of Azora
(( Please excuse the bad RP. I'm just practicing to get better, infact I dont even care if anyone reads it. XD Also, I will not adress names. I will just adress them by their class.))

A long time ago when I was apart of Avenge Death. We planned attacks on Alliance areas. The most hardest one was the Tower Of Azora. We thought it would be easy, since this Tower was very weakly guarded. As our Warlord, the Druid lead us. Our raids were usually based on sneaking, so we did not have many with us. There were only 5 of us that came on the raid. Me, The Druid, The Rouge, The Warlock, and The Mage.

The day was perfect as we started our journey to Elwynn Forest, this is where the Tower Of Azora was. The beginning was simple. We all took a flight path to Orgrimmar and took the Zepplin to Grom'Grol. At Grom'grol, we had to travel to Darkshire. We got lost in the jungle of Strangle Thorn, but eventually we made our way out. We could not be seen in Darkshire, or they would aware all nearby Alliance. Therefor, we were forced to travel across from the path. A young Night Elve saw us, but we killed him on the spot and left no trace! We then made it to Elwynn, and were not very far from The Tower Of Azora! At this point, our minds were thinking that we were going to be a success!

We camped and replanned our jobs. Our main goal was to steal the Orb Of Azora! We then started with the Druid and Rouge killing the few guards outside of the tower. THen, we all ran without being seen into the tower and killed as many as we could. Everyone in the Tower was a Gnome. We were doing well, till we made it to the 2nd last floor! Alliance were called for help and found us! Right when we were about to reach the last floor to get the Orb Of Azora! There were so many, and we all did not know what to do! At any time, with just one swing of a sword, all alliance will attack and behead us all! So, we had to think fast!

The Druid (Warlord) then quickly told us to strip naked. I stared confused at the Druid. I didn't have a clue on how stripping naked'll help! But, he was my Warlord and I obeyed his every rule! So, I did as he said, and so did everyone else. The Warlock refused at first, but then changed her mind, as the Alliance were about to attack. The alliance were dying of laughter has they all watched us strip. I was embarrased and was about to attack!

When all of us were stripped they then began to joke, and laugh at us. But, they never really did harm. We then were their prisoners. When the their reinforcements arrived, then their would be nothing that we can do. We had to find a way to escape the alliance without dying. The Rouge and Druid suggested prowling, but it wouldn't be possible with everyone prowling. The Warlock and Mage suggested that they'd AoE everyone, till they were all dead and then run. And, me... Well I just suggested that we'd fight our way out and not give up, like cowards.

As time was running out, we could not think of anything to do! Then, the Warlock paniced! He quickly feared everyone and ran, but was unsuccesful, and was killed. The Mage tried to reason with the Alliance, using smart ways of movement to translate his words. But, the alliance simply laughed and beheaded him, cruely and just for the fun. The Rouge used his Vanish ability and left me and the Druid, alone to die! Pfft! What a coward! So, it was just down to me and the Druid.

The Druid came up with an idea. He told for me to use my battle shout, and at first I thought this idea was crazy as well. But, I did as said and stood up. I yelled as loud as I could. At that second all of the alliance looked back peering searchingly to see if we had reinforcements. The Druid then stood up and warstomped everyone to daze them. He then yelled "RUN!" And started to flee, I followed.

We successly escaped the Tower, but right outside the tower was the reinforcements! Sudenly, the Rouge distracted them all, by sapping one and sprinted! We were amazed that he would come back to save us! We cheered as we ran with the Rouge. After running for a long time, we reached the River at the southern part of Elwynn Forest and stopped to take a rest. We were so tired, we could barely stand! We turned around and noticed, that all of the Aliance lost us! We succesfuly escaped! Though, our goal was not a succes, but atleast we made it out alive! Well... Most of us, that is!

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