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Sreng's Raiding Rules of Engagement - PLEASE READ & SIGN

I want ya all to be a readin' dis and be signin' dis and be agreein' to follow dese rules, or we ain't gonna let ya into de Molten Core and de like places dat Ironsong is goin to.

Hey dere! I been consultin' with da Blademasters and Farseers for de past month, an' since we are venturin' inta more dangerous places dan usual, wit more of us comin' along, we be wantin' to show de world how strong de Tribe be, and for dat we all gotta work together and know what we be doin! It ain't like runnin' around wit a handful of ya friends anymore ya know! Dere be more to it den dat and we want ya all to know what ya gotta do so we can coonquer all da big beasties together!

Warlord's Rules of Engagement
If ya can't follow these, get out! Ya gonna kill us all!

Be prepared!
Ya gonna get bloody, and thirsty, and beat up. Bring enough bandages to patch yaself up, enough potions to keep ya alive (and castin', if yer one of dem magicky types), make sure ya gear ain't fallin off. Give yaself enough time to walk, crawl, fly, whatever it is ya do to de battle site- our warlocks have better things to do than fall asleep tearin’ the souls out of pathetic little beasties for no other reason than you wanna get fat an lazy. Bring enough of dem roots and candles and dusts and figurines and whatevah to share your juju with de whole group. And know what we're gonna face! If dere's battle plans on the totem, read up on em!

Listen up! And know when to shaddup!
Ya gots to pay attention.

I'll say it again.


Only move when ya told to. Only attack when ya told to. Be sure to attack de ting ya supposed to! If ya start attacking sometin ya not supposed to, it's baaaaad mojo, yah? Even if ya tink the person ya lookin to ta call de attack picked de wrong beastie, ya just go ahead and kill de one dey lookin' at anyway- it's better if we all kill da wrong one quickly instead of half of us killin' da wrong one and half killin' da right one and both of em takin twice as long ta die. And make sure to stop attackin' it when ya told to! If everybody does what dey're supposed to, there ain't nothin the tribe can't humble. If ya don't listen, it's gonna be a bloody, expensive, painful mess.

And ya can't listen and yap at the same time. Shuddap when we rollin on loot, and when ya dead and everybody else is still working hard and tryin' not to get dead themselves. I mean, ya dead! Ya ain't supposed to be all chatty!

And don't yell unless yer running things. Folks gotta know who dey listenin to!
Speakin' of knowing who ta listen to, twenty or forty folks can't all discuss what dey gonna do. Da miltary ain't a democracy! If ya got an idea, tell de person in charge privately, or everyone gonna get all confused about dey jobs. It sounds silly, but it be better fer us ALL to do one ting, even if it might not be de best ting, den for half o' us ta do one ting and de other half doin' a different ting. Dat's why ya gotta listen ta de folks in charge, even if ya don't agree!

Do ya job! Don't worry about anyone else's!

If ya job is to kill the beasties, kill em! Play dead or hide or whatever you can do to make'em less mad at ya as often as ya can- don't wait till dey turn on ya! Make sure ya don't lure the ting offa da folks whose job it is to keep it busy while ya kill it if ya have to be a little less bloodthirsty, tat's jus' what ya gotta do. Since ya not SUPPOSED to be gettin' hit, it's ya job to step back and patch yerself up when ya have to. We need ya alive and stabbin or shootin' or whatever it is ya do in order ta win, so don't let yaself bite it!

If yer job is to keep the critters occupied, do dat! Yell at em, call dey mamas rude names, impugn dey bloodline, whateva it is ya do. Keep the tings away from me, and make em stand in da right place, and all dat. We'll make sure ya have as many healy-types on ya as ya need to keep ya goin'. We need ya to keep'n em busy so dey don't kill us all!

If yer job is ta heal, call on de loas or de gods or de earthmother or whoever! Make sure whoever's insultin the beasties stays alive so we don't all die! If ya can, help out folks who still got bandages stuck to em and can't sop up dey own blood again jus' yet.

Dose be ya jobs! Don't be tellin anyone else how to do dere's, or blamin' em for something that gone wrong.

Unless ya one of de people in charge, or been told by dem to help out somebody who ain't been in dis particular place before- no coachin! Once we enter a dangerous place, don't be tellin anyone else what ta do if dey didn't ask ya for help! If you have an idea that ya think needs doin', tell someone in charge and dey'll pass it along if dey tink it's a good one. Don't be tellin' yer healers how or who ta heal, or yer hunters how ta string dere bows, or yer warlocks what curses to be flingin, and so forth.

Dis be especially important when everybody's dead an feelin' poorly. If ya tink ya know what went wrong an yer absolutely burnin up to share it wit someone, share it wit da folks in charge and not wit da whole world! If ya start pointin fingers ya liable to get one bitten off. Or asked to leave. I don’t care if ya be de most ornery, sullen murlock-spawn out dere, ya gonna keep ya comments ‘n instructions to yerself er we’re not gonna trust ya ta come wit' us.

And a few other tings...
Don't be snatching the gold offa tings until everybody's up and kickin. In fact, don't go near a dead big beastie at all until everybody's on dey feet.

Speakin of dead tings, make sure to loot yer beasties. Dere's all kind of rare leathers, an we can't get at em if da beastie is all weighted down with gold, er furry patches or torn ears or whateva.

Follow da Main Assist. Unless it's dat crazy Akora! Attack what da Main Assist is attckin. And don't do so until ya told.

Ya all follow dese rules, an' de Tribe will grow strong! Ya don't, an' a lot of us gonna be dead an' grumpy.

((Translated from Trollish

As we head into more dangerous instances with more and more people, organization and perperation is even more important. Everyone needs to work together and know what to do- and teamwork becomes more important than individual accomplishment.

Bring all the potions, bandages (you do have your first aid trained up, don't you?), and reagents you need. Remember to repair. Do your best to get to the instance under your own power. Read up on the strategy if we're trying something new.

Following directions:
Pay attention during the raid at all times. Follow directions carefully. Move, attack, and stop attacking on command. Remember to assist, even if you think the MA has the wrong target (you should never get your target anywhere other than from the MA). Save yell for raid leadership during fights. Don't chatter in raidchat while we are rolling on loot, or during a difficult pull/boss, especially if you're dead.

Very important: Raidchat is not the place to discuss strategy; it gets confusing. If you have a suggestion, send a tell to the raid leaders. Always listen to the raid leaders, even if you disagree with the strategy- if you don't, there is *no* way we can win.

DPS- Use aggro dumps as often as possible. Do as much damage as you can without pulling aggro. Back off and bandage yourself you need to.
Tanks- Hold aggro(duh!) and keep things positioned appropriately
Healers- Heal tanks. Heal others (especially folks with the recently bandaged debuff) if possible.

No coaching! Coaching is telling another player how to play their character or telling them what actions to take while on a raid or instance. Especially after a wipe, do not assign blame or tell anyone else what they did wrongÂ
Vote Akora for MA!
I Akora will abide by these Raiding Rules of Engagement .
Vote Akora for MA!
I, Efluvia, Champion of the Tribe, Queen of Putresence, Oracle of the Void, Mistress of Darkness and Empress of Shadow, will abide by these rules.
I Dispaya, Advisor of Ironsong, Princess of Poetry, Bard of Bards, Mistress of Magic, and legend in her own mind, hereby agree to abide by these rules of engagement.

Let the games begin

Sing True Ironsong!
I, Krell, Holder of No Fancy Titles or Clever Names, has read and agrees with the posted rules.

Orc Hunter
*scribbled in colorful ink*

Zema (That's me!) read them and understood them and I even think they sounded good, UncleChiefCaptainGeneralWarlordIronfistBossManSrengSir!
Yeah, what dey be sayin'.
It's a deal!

Mahiah says yes, too!
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Some day we will find someone capable of teaching you to write clearly, Warlord. Though I fear that day may be long in coming.

Read and understood.
I, Elyana (and my warlock Bloodfeaster, who is more likely to attend raids) agree to the rules of engagement -- with the added stipulation that, should Waltimus be allowed to attend, he must run laps around a core hound.
I have read and i understand it, but i do have a question. how do we know if we can roll a weighted roll? Can we post a list on the boards somewhere saying what everyones modifier is for that raid?
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
~Proud 'Raider' of the Ironsong tribe.~
*nod* So be it. I agree to be bound by these rules of the tribe.

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