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Spoilers and You...
Greetings, Tribelings!

I just want to put out a quick note to everyone - I know folks tend to either emote out or mention what they're doing or have recently done during a quest or other event in guildchat or other Ironsong channels. With regards to the 'big' Horde questline regarding the Wrathgate (and other heavily lore-centric events), please do not post anything in IST chat channels about it.

I can safely say I would be highly annoyed if I hadn't done a quest or event yet and someone blurts out what they're doing and what happens and spoils it for me. Therefore, please be respectful to your fellow tribemates and players and do not do so for these things.

Kretol Earthshaker

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Hmmmmm what about if
I see something stationary and mention it in chat...say....Kel'Thuzad in Borean Tundra just standing there...

I would sort of consider that a spoiler, which I am guilty of performing by saying it in guild chat....does that still apply as well?
Right - please do not mention those types of things (for those that don't want to see the spoiler, it's in relation to seeing a major lore figure (enemies, for example) out somewhere that wasn't expected). In addition, events that occur in dungeons would be best to not be mentioned as well. A lot of the dungeon scripts are, quite simply, PURE AWESOME! I feel it'd be best for folks to experience it firsthand without 'hearing' about it in GChat prior.
Kretol Earthshaker

Army of Alts:
Karthrok, Kevarn, Kamran, Skoln, Mothok, Madoc, Mordruk, Krotahk
Also... OOC should be spoiler free if possible. (For a reasonable amount of time, yes.) Some discussion has already ruined much of the mystique of Dalaran for me and I find myself leaving the channel more often than not because of it.

That being said... I am happy that we have venues to both RP and just randomly chat about all the new content we are experiencing, and I look forward to upcoming raids and guild RP.

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