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Spirits for Vegetables!
Mok'ra, Tribe!

Zlinka is a blacksmith, Honored with the Klaxxi, who has access to all of the Klaxxi honored Blacksmithing items:

iLevel 476 DPS Plate Armor:
[item]Ghost Reaver's Breastplate[/item]
[item]Ghost Reaver's Gauntlets[/item]

iLevel 476 Pally Armor:
[item]Living Steel Breastplate[/item]
[item]Living Steel Gauntlets[/item]

iLevel 476 Tank armor:
[item]Breastplate of Ancient Steel[/item]
[item]Gauntlets of Ancient Steel[/item]

iLevel 463 Int/Spirit one-handed Axe:
[item]Masterwork Forgewire Axe[/item]

iLevel 463 Agility Dagger:
[item]Masterwork Ghost Shard[/item]

iLevel 463 Agility Sword:
[item]Masterwork Ghost-Forged Blade[/item]

iLevel 463 one-handed Strength Mace:
[item]Masterwork Phantasmal Hammer[/item]

iLevel 463 Two-handed DPS Mace:
[item]Masterwork Spiritblade Decimator[/item]

[item]Living Steel Belt Buckle[/item]
[item]Ghost Iron Shield Spike[/item]
[item]Living Steel Weapon Chain[/item]

All of the armor and weapons cost Spirits of Harmony to make, so those are the limiting factor for me. I can grow them on my farm, however, at a rate of 1.2 spirits per day (1.4 as soon as I hit Exalted with the Tillers).

Here are some ideas:

(1) An exchange of a blacksmithing item for a leatherworking item. Zlinka would love to have the [item]Greyshadow Chestguard[/item] and the [item]Greyshadow Gloves[/item]. I would be delighted to exchange a 476 blacksmithing item for one of these.

(2) Vegetables! I am working on getting maxed in all of the cooking Ways, and using my garden to grow Spirits means I can't grow vegetables. So if you can provide me with the vegetables I need, I will craft you the plate item that uses the equivalent Spirits, at an exchange rate of 50 vegetables for one Spirit of Harmony. If it's a 463 item I ask for nothing more than the vegetables. Today I completed just such a commission for Oryx: I gave him a [item]Masterwork Forgewire Axe[/item] in exchange for 250 carrots. For a 476 item I may need help with the Living Steel.

Reply to this post and/or contact me in game to work out the details!



[edited to make clear that the vegetables would be in exchange for a crafted plate item, as the Spirits of Harmony I'd use for that item are BoP.]
Sbin is a leatherworker so maybe we can work something out. I can supply you with vegetables. I need Harmony's also, but I have lots of leather. Maybe, we can work on crafting some leather for us both?

*edit* Just realized the spirits of harmony are BoP. Seems like with all the leather wearers currently in the tribe that we could be more efficient somehow in crafting leather.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
(10-27-2012, 09:25 AM)jabadue Wrote: *edit* Just realized the spirits of harmony are BoP. Seems like with all the leather wearers currently in the tribe that we could be more efficient somehow in crafting leather.

These spirits of harmony are tough to come by.
I have made only 3 LW items to date. And I still need the Hunter chest piece.

It seams that if you just made for your self... you have plenty of SoH
Making for a guild... farming is a long processes

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