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Speeding up Molten Core
Now that we have successfully defeated all of the bosses in the Molten Core, I want to concentrate on trying to speed up our progression through the Core. I want to loot faster, kill faster, move faster, and avoid unnecessary fights.

Here are some of the new guidelines that we will be implementing in the upcoming raids to help us achieve these goals.

• The raid leader will no longer call for Molten Core invites over the guild chat channel.
• Raiders need to be in Black Rock Mountain at the designated invite start time. If you are not in Black Rock Mountain at the start of the invite period, please send the raid leader a ‘tell’ indicating your interest to participate in the raid and proceed to travel to the mountain.
• Invites will be selected from the pool of raiders that have assembled in Black Rock Mountain & those that have sent tells to the Raid Leader indicating that they are in transit to the mountain.
• Reminders of if you were previously waitlisted to the Raid leader would be appreciated.
• Once you receive your invite, please zone into Molten Core, unless you are on a Summon team.
• Remember to ‘bind’ in Kargath when necessary.
• Try to commit to stay for the entire raid, with minimal AFKs.
• If you need to leave the raid early, please give the Raid Leader advance notice if possible (and remember to ‘Leave the Raid’ and not just log out while still a member of the raid).

Raiding Materials
• Every raider is responsible for his/her own raiding necessities.
• Get your mage water, food, & healthstones before the raid starts.
• Bring your own potions, DPS consumables, bandages, etc.
• I recommend for everybody:
o 20 Heavy Runecloth Bandages
o 5-10 Healing Potions
o 5-10 Mana Potions
o 5-10 Greater Fire Resist Potions
o 10 Food stuffs for the buffs
o 20 Buffing reagents
o 5 Ankhs (Shaman)
o 10-20 DPS consumables

• Five minutes before the raid is set to begin is the only and last call for summons.
• As always please try to make your way to the mountain via your own means.
• Raiders that need summons need to arrange for their summons with one of the raid’s Warlocks.
• The summoning Warlock will obtain his/her own summon team from among the raiders already at Molten Core.
• If you are a late addition to the raid or a raider replacement, once you get to Molten Core, please notify the raid leader or a warlock to arrange for your summon.
• If you forget to bind in Kargath, please arrange for your own summon with a Warlock.
• If your death results in an unsummonable position, please release and run back and arrange for your own summon.

• Buff Captains coordinate your buffs pre-raid.
• The Buff Captains are as follows:
o Priests: Shillatae/Dannae
o Druids: Fleethoof/Mahiah
o Mages: Dispaya/Saltin
• We will buff the raid at the start time, after the last call for raiders to Zone In.
• If you miss your buff, you will need to arrange to receive it during the raids.
• Buffers need to be proactive about buffing your fallen comrades that you are responsible for during the raid.
• We will try to when possible do buffs during loot distribution or other raid downtime.
• Shadow Protection buffs are required for the following fights.
o Lucifron
o Ghennas
o Sulfuron
o MajorDomo Executus

Key Position Assignments
• Main Tank is the warrior in group #1.
• Primary Off Tank is the warrior in group #2.
• Back up Tank is the warrior in group #3.
• Main Assist is Eveline/Sreng/Krell.

Loot Distribution
• Loot the hounds.
• Krell/Fleethoof/Sreng will skin.
• Kosath or his assigned Rogue will do the mining.
• Please know your roll.
• If you don’t know your roll ask an officer or a Raid Leader during a non-loot time
• Avoid asking the Master Looter what your roll is during the looting.
• Please know in advance what items you want to roll upon, and what you want to pass on (utilize Thottbot, etc)
• I want to get each item linked, rolled and distributed in 20 seconds.
• If possible, I want all the people who know they are not rolling on the loot to proceed to the next pull and start killing the next mob while loot is being distributed.

Boss Preparations

• Most of the raiders understand the boss fights pretty well, if you are not familiar with a boss fight, let the raid leader, class figurehead or an officer know in advance, and we will explain the encounter to you.
• We will only be doing boss strategy explanations in macroed yells now.
• The Raid Leader will keep verbal explanations to a minimum.
• We will try to call out healing, buffing, decursing, dispelling, tanking, pulling and purging duties out in advance of the boss encounter (usually on the mob or two before the boss).

• Shamans should be doing the majority of the rezzing.
• We won’t wait for rezzing/deaths on trash mob pulls so rez your fallen raiders quickly.
• Avoid unnecessary deaths on trash mob pulls.
o Utilize your aggro dumps.
• On Raid wipes, try to Rez the ‘high risk’ raiders first, in-case you pull aggro, the majority of the raid will be already be dead and not much harm will be done.

Chain Pulling
• At the Main Tanks judgment we will be speeding up the trash mob pulls.
• Hunters maybe be asked to participate in pulling duties my the Main Tank.
• We will try to be pulling the next mob as the current mob is at or close to death.
• Mana users will need to become accustomed to drinking water to replenish their mana in-between pulls and might have to drink during trash mob fights also.

Group Composition
• For the last 6 bosses, group composition will need to be re-arranged to best encounter bosses.
• Please be aware that you might be moved to a new group.
• If you have a special ability let the raid leader know
o Mana Tide
o True Shot Aura
o Moonkin
o Leader of the Pack
o Improved Imp

Trash Mobs
• Healers do some DPS on trash mobs, but don’t neglect your primary duties.
• If you are not healing do some DPS, don’t just stand there.
• Priests get in a Shadow Word Pain, Wand, Smite.
• Druids sneak in a Farie Fire.
• Shamans get a few melee hits in early.
• Warlocks coordinate your debuffs.
• Warlocks know when to use your short & long term banish.
• Rogues coordinate a Hemorrhage strike.
• Always have a Nightfall Axe striking the mobs.
• Tanks consider using the Gift of Arthas potion
Vote Akora for MA!

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