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Sound - Guild Application
Hello there, friends. I am Sound, a Tauren Druid of 20 seasons. Being new to Azeroth, I seek acceptance to this guild by recommendation & sponsorship of Sieze/Senaldar.

Recently growing up in the grasslands of Mulgore was a challenging and eye opening experience for me. While I still have much to learn about the Tauren ways and Druid abilities, I was able to start tasting the fruits of a hunt, to feel the heart of my spiritual culture and realize the united banner chief Cairne Bloodhoof has given to our lands. As I learn my duties to this natural world, the creatures around us and our existence, I try not to forget the possibilities and the threats posed by the Grim Totem & the violent memories of my past surrounding Burning Legion. As I continually take a look at the vast expense of what nature has to offer us, I do try my hardest to hold no stereotypes or opinions against certain empires or clans. All I wish to offer Azeroth is hope of what could be accomplished if we all work together for the betterment of the world.

Being an expert herbalist and alchemist, often I can be found reaping the rewards of the bountiful & beautiful lands our Earthmother continually provides for us. Bashfully curious and eager to learn, I come to you as a relatively new child to Azeroth. I have no claims or affiliations to previous guilds before this. What trails and tribulations have I experienced? I have thankfully been graced with few in my lifetime... although the reminder of my ancestors’ strife, Azeroth’s history and the ever imposing Centaur’s existence to my people helps show me the realities and ways as to how this world works, both good and bad.

My goals for Azeroth are simple - To do what is necessary for my people and the land. To seek the accomplishments one wishes and to maintain balance with a simple and functional life. To test my skills and peacekeeping abilities to the world and prove myself worthy in the great hunt. To value nature, be dependable as my ancestors have shown me and remain level headed in the thickest of the thick. To be resourceful, helpful and never take for granted the lessons our world offers us. Lastly, to continually work towards a safer more “soundâ€Â

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