Poll: What resolution do you run your computer at??? (Not just for WoW)
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1600 x 1200 (or higher)
1 9.09%
1280 x 1024
7 63.64%
1280 x 800 (or any other letterbox size)
1 9.09%
1024 x 768
2 18.18%
800 x 600
0 0%
640 x 480 (dear lord I hope not Wink )
0 0%
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Sorry for the extended away
I realize that many of you have no earthly idea who I am,,, sometimes I forget who I am too, so it's okay Smile... Those of you that do remember me, I hope it is with fondness... This post may ramble a bit, so I ask that you bear with me plz plz plz...

A month ago when I started playing on Silver Hand again I was almost overwhelmed by a few things. One, that I was even still a member of the guild having been away for nearly a year,,, and two, just how large the tribe has gotten. When I was an active member I think we had just over 30 members, maybe 40-ish,,, now we have over 160 unique account holders (prolly more since it has been a while since I logged in)... It's amazing what can happen when you are away Wink... It was certainly a little intimidating... I remember the days when the guild was trying oh so hard to put together groups for Maraudon,,, now we are going after Onyxia!?! I think it is absolutely phenominal that the guild has grown to become so strong, and I wish I had been around to watch it grow... All I can do is whack myself in the head a few more times in shame though...

I sincerely apologize for having to take a hiatus again, and although this one is ending up longer than I had hoped, I do promise that I will be back soon... Unfortunately my life has been turned upside down from some personal problems, and they are taking longer to sort out than I had hoped... I have always felt that personal problems should remain that way, so I won't go into details, but I realize that a few of you may be concerned or curious and if so, please feel free to drop me a message or an email...

Even though I can't be in the game right now, I can be involved in the forums, and I am going to try and be a little more active so that people can get to know me, again or for the first time...

Maybe it will help for those of you still reading this meandering scribble to know a little more about me??? Well, I'm a 30-ish long haired hippy freak working in IT (that's Information Technology for those of you that hide from acronymns Wink )... I play a shammy and a mage on Silver Hand, but I have also played a Warrior, Druid and Priest on other servers... One of the things that I had always proffered in the past was that I am always here to help those that need it... I have gone on more than a few raids into smaller dungeons just to help out friends... Need someone to watch your back while you are herbing??? I do that too... I have also never been a greedy fella,,, I ALWAYS pass on loot if there is someone that can make better use of something than me... I'm here for the experience of the game, the joys of Role Playing and the privilege of "hangin out" with good people... As my grandmother always said, "Good People, Good Fun!"... So when I pick myelf back up from getting whacked by a Mack Truck and you see me in game, please feel free to send a yell my way, scribble something on a scroll and pay some nice goblin to deliver it, or have a messenger pigeon drop a nugget at me,,, all will be responded to in kind Wink

On a completely bizarre and off the wall tangent, I am also curious about what resolution everyone runs their computers at. Not game resolution mind you, but your desktop resolution... I've attached a poll so that I can get feedback for that...

Thanks again to all of you strangers out there that are wondering just who the heck this brain-addled nit-widgit is Smile

See you on the flipside,
Hey Makimo! Good to hear from you and I wish you well in taking care of RL business; we are always glad to see you when you are around. Just to perhaps allay your nervousness about the population explosion of the Tribe since you were last fully active, for now we are limiting our growth. While we will continue to add good people from time to time, for the omst part we are taking stock and working on solidifying what we have. So take heart! Ironsong will be here when you return, it won't be twice the size it was when you were last on, and most importantly you will be a part of it!

From Dispaya: ArchMage, Bard, Alchemist, Herbalist, and Doctor of Medicine

Dispaya's prescription for feeling better:

1x hot bath every day
1x exercise or take a walk each day
1x eliminate as many stressors as possible without killing anyone.
1x Do something nice for yourself every day. (Personally I prefer this stuff called chocolate which Zema gives me...it is a wonderful treat!)

"It is a mistake to do nothing because you cannot do everything. Do what you can."

Come join us when you can for you are always welcome! Even once in awhile is fine. I should like to meet you and get to know you better.

All my love and power

Sing True Ironsong!

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