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Some more fun from the past
I am on a snow day so I guess I am looking for things to do and excuses not to work on this paper. Back in the day, we used to have to tell our tales before we joined the tribe. I thought some of the newer members might enjoy this.

Funny thing is that Oryx carries the water to this day,

And Zlinka is still pretty good at creeping and hiding  Big Grin

Jabadue aka Boot

I am Oryx, a Tauren Shaman, formerly a Dawn Knight of the Moon 
Ascendant, and a Grunt (formerly Sergeant) of the Horde.

I was born in the plains of Mulgore, to a family of hunters. Unlike 
my brother Ibex, who was strong and dark, I was a pale calf, with red 
eyes that were dazzled by the light of Mulgore and could scarcely make 
out the distant, blurred forms of the kodo and plainstrider. The elders 
thought that I would be good for nothing but hauling water to Camp 
Narache, and for some time, that was my lot.

One day, however, as I looked into the cool depths of the well, I 
realized that I could see something below and within the water -- a 
vibrant, living power within the earth that was more essential and 
vital than its simple substance. Once I learned to see the power 
within the earth, my senses were transformed: Mulgore's hills were 
suffused with visible life and the health of the earth; the wind was a 
whispering muse, telling me tales of far-off jungles and deserts; and 
the campfire challenged me to capture, for just an instant, its 
flickering, intangible essence.

My studies as a Shaman progressed rapidly, and soon I was skilled 
the Four Totems. I learned that my vision could reveal where the power 
of the Earthmother grows in the rare herbs that are her gift to us, and 
that I could release this power by combining these reagents. I grew 
eventually to become a master of these crafts, learning to transmute 
base metals and even to rework the very Essences of air, water, and 
fire. I have also learned the humbler alchemy of the campfire and 
kettle, and may now concoct the choicest dishes for my comrades.

When I left the sheltering valley of Mulgore and set off to explore 
the Two Continents. I learned of the many corruptions that poison our 
world -- demonic influence, the pestilential Scourge, the ancient 
Qiraji, and the twisted influence of the Old Gods. I nearly always 
travel with my good troll friend, Zlinka, who took the place of my 
brother Ibex when he retired to Camp Narache to raise an orphan Tauren 
girl that we discovered in Stonetalon. I met many brave companions, 
including Tribeswoman Brannora and Tribesman Azoz, who became good 
friends. When I met other Tribespeople, I was impressed by their grace 
and skill.

I joined the Moon Ascendant, rising to become a Dawn Knight in time, 
and faced many foes with them. We fought and defeated Lord Venoxis in 
Zul'gurub, and even entered the Molten Core to challenge Lucifron -- 
though ultimately this last challenge was too mighty for us. I have 
defeated Rend's lieutenants in Blackrock Spire, and am now charged with 
bringing the head of the false Warchief to Thrall. 

As I age, I have found that one's companions are the true treasure of 
Azeroth, no matter whether one is fighting the strongest foes or simply 
gathering herbs. I find myself wanting to join a group that has both 
mighty members, seeking to defend Azeroth from new threats, and younger 
members to whom I might teach some of what I have learned. From my 
interactions with the Tribe, I feel that I may find some of what I seek 
here, and I humbly ask your welcome.

Your Code of Conduct seems both wise and fair, and I agree to be 
by it.


My name is Zlinka, and I am a rogue, former Dawn Knight of Moon 
Ascendant, and Scout of the Horde. I was born to the Darkspear Tribe 
on Echo Isles, and spent my girlhood playing on the golden beaches and 
swimming in the turquoise water near my parents' hut. I was tiny and 
discrete for my age, and I became adept at creeping and hiding and 
flitting around our little village without being noticed.

That childhood came to an end when I was only eight years old, when the 
human fleet of Kul Tiras attacked my island home. We were overwhelmed 
by the humans leaping from ships, shooting and slashing and burning as 
they charged among us. My tribe fought bravely with sword and spear 
and staff, and I helped a little by hiding in the vegetation and 
slashing at the humans' hamstrings with my toy daggers as they stormed 
past me. But despite our courage we were driven back, back, back and 
into the sea. I looked back as I swam away, and burned into my memory 
is the sight of my home village blazing with fire, orange smoke rising 
into the night sky.

The humans were manning their boats to follow and slaughter us, when 
two great spirit wyverns stooped on them from the sky. I heard the 
tearing of the air as the wyverns dove on the ships. Their claws tore 
and slashed at the canvas sails, the wyverns' screams drowning the 
frightened cries of the humans. Thus Rexxar and Rokhan, followed by a 
score of batriders, covered our retreat. Guarded by the Sea King, and 
following signal beacons Rexxar had lit for us, we headed toward safety 
on the mainland. I swam far into the night, paddling in black water 
dotted with the charred debris of my home.

We resettled at our landing point on the coast of Durotar. I helped my 
family build our hut in the new settlement of Sen'Jin Village. I 
helped drag wood up from the beach, blackened logs that had washed 
ashore from our old village. I helped cut new wood too, by running 
lightly up the trunks of the palm trees and cutting off the fronds 
before the tree was felled. I held the nails for my father as he built 
our hut, and helped weave the palm fronds to make our sleeping 

As I grew up in Sen'jin village my mother took me under her wing and 
taught me the the subtlety, quickness, and lethality needed to become a 
rogue. I became fascinated with metals of all kinds, and dreamed of 
one day forging my own weapons, so I became a miner and blacksmith, and 
spent many happy afternoons hunting for copper veins in the red hills 
of Durotar. All my experiments with glowing-hot metals and anvils led 
to a lot of burns and cuts, so I became adept at first aid as well. I 
recently became a weaponsmith and master axesmith, and scoured the 
jungle of Terror Run in Un'Goro crater to find the thorium ore and 
arcane crystals needed to forge my Heartseeker dagger.

When I grew up I left my village and traveled to our great capital, 
Orgrimmar, to offer my services to our Warchief, Thrall. I traveled 
far and wide in his service, from Ashenvale to Tanaris, from Silithus 
to Azshara. I have faced many trials in my service to the Horde. The 
greatest trial I ever faced alone was when I was only 30-odd seasons 
old, and had been commissioned to collect one crocolisk skin from a 
savage, ancient crocolisk north of Grom'gol, fully two seasons older 
than myself. Our battle was ferocious. I came only a few seconds from 
death, but before the crocolisk could deal his killing blow, I dealt 
him mine. I sagged onto his body to bandage my wounds, and felt more 
proud of my abilities than I ever had before. I have faced many 
greater challenges in groups as well. I helped to fight and defeat 
Venoxis in the ancient capital city of my people, Zul'Gurub. I have 
been into the suffocating, molten depths below Blackrock spire to 
confront Lucifron, though we were unable to pull him down.

I made many friends in my journeys, including Oryx and his twin brother 
Ibex, and their little ward Luna. I met Tribesman Azoz and Tribeswoman 
Brannora early in my adulthood, and we fought side by side in more 
battles than I can count. I consider them among my closest friends in 
Azeroth. I joined the guild Moon Ascendant early in life, and made a 
wonderful home there. I am sad to leave them, but many of my old 
friends have left, and there are not enough of them left to band 
together regularly to defeat the greater challenges this world has to 

Though I am adept at fighting alone, my happiest times in Azeroth are 
when I fight in good company. I like being a part of a friendly, 
skilled, articulate and mature team of fighters. My current goals are 
join such a group, and go further together than I have been able to go 
in the past. I am currently charged by Thrall to defeat the false 
warchief, Rend Blackhand, in Upper Blackrock Spire. I am eager to defy 
the great world dragons, and one day, to confront Onyxia herself. Both 
Azoz and Brannora speak warmly of Ironsong, and I think I might find 
the company I seek here with you. I humbly offer my daggers in the 
service of the Tribe.

I have visited the message totems of Ironsong many times, and I like 
what I see. I have read and considered the code of conduct carefully, 
and I agree to abide by its rules.

*The message is carved with meticulous care into a piece of bark and 
pegged to a totem*
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
This was nice to read. Thanks for sharing it.
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.

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