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So you want to come to Karazhan...
In response to some of the ideas raised in the discussion thread, I think it's a good idea if we find out just WHO wants to come, and WHEN they can come, and WHAT they play, yes? We need to know numbers if we're going to figure out the logistics of this. Why? That's simple -- not everybody is going to be available all the time to go. Let's find out what works for whom, and then see if that data helps the discussion. Seems like a half-decent plan.

So, if you are wanting to come to Karazhan, either as some sort of signup or rotation or whatever, we'd need:



WHAT DO YOU PLAY? (ie. spec. Also consider mentioning whether or not you'd be willing to respec for raid composition)



Changes weekly.


The fiddl -- err, no. A rogue. Mutilate spec.
Apparently, I'm such a good rogue that I should become a tank.
[Image: 216215SneNF.png]

I be huntin' rabbits!
[Image: 216222NVlZD.png]
I will be making an effort to bring a couple of people to Vanguards Tuesday night raid. If you are available for this let me know via in game mail or PM here on the forums. I want to know the information Greyfith is asking in this post so I can make arrangements ahead of time. We start at 6pm and as Vanguard knows I do not wait to start whether we are short or not.

Try to be prepared. I did a LOT of farming to get ready gear wise for Kara before we started way back when and I always bring pots. I remember people who come prepared, I forget people who do not.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
Not sure my response is necessary, but I want to support what Grey is doing so here goes:


Dammit man, after all this time, don't you know?! My name is Psion. I'm a Shadow Priest. I Melt Faces™ and have been known in certain circles as a Mana Battery.


I am available to fill in as needed. Since I have most everything I want/need from Kara, I'd rather the slot go to someone who hasn't had a chance to go that much. However, I would be delighted to help other Shadow Priests a) gear up and b) learn their roll in a Kara group. I love being a Shadow Priest, and I love helping other Shadow Priests. Oh, and I do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.


I play... (drum roll) a Shadow Priest! Only under the most extraordinary circumstances would I be willing to respec to heal. There are a couple reasons for this. I remember the days pre-BC when pretty much every priest was forced to spec Holy in order to raid, and I love that this is no longer the case in BC. I am Shadow and I am proud! Also, I'm really much better at Melting Faces.™
I guess people do not want to go. 60 views and one serious reply. Kinda sad after all the replies to Kosath's post.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
Eatmore Wrote:I guess people do not want to go. 60 views and one serious reply. Kinda sad after all the replies to Kosath's post.
Over the span of less than one day. I'd seriously suggest to be more patient.
I'll add a bit in the MOTD about it. Bear in mind that people are far more likely to quickly respond when the status quo is threatened than when they need to decide their own raiding schedule. Smile
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
And also that many of those views are probably from a handful of people compulsively checking the thread each time a single new post is added. :lol: That's five times for me alone, not including the other officers, raid leaders, etc. 60 views could easily mean a dozen or so people who are just particularly active on the forums watching the thread.
I'll post my information just in case my desire to play returns anytime soon.

Who am I - Characters that would be available (or close to it)
Kretol, Kotarek (66), Kevarn (67)

When am I Available
Wednesdays and Thursdays, anytime (for the most part - sometimes I have to work those days due to varying factors)
As for my work schedule (of when I'm not available on other days) -
Mon/Tue: 2-10:30p
Fri/Sat: 5-10:30p
Sun: 2:30-7:30p

What I Play
Kretol (Shaman). Enhancement. Been so since day one. Will not change, period.
Kevarn (Warrior) - At the moment Arms, but had plans to respec to Prot and stay that way once he hit 68. Obviously, that never happened since I took my indefinite break a level before.
Kotarek (Shaman) - Restoration. Obviously, another really-wanted role. Wink

The fun thing is that Kevarn and Kota are on two separate accounts, so I actually had been leveling them at the same time.
At any rate, though, that's my eligible character information. Again, we'll see if my WoW-addiction returns anytime in the near future.
WHO AM I Zeengo and Yaetherin

Varies, but if there is a schedule I meet it plain and simple.


Zeengo is a resto shaman with some aspiriations to go elemental some time. However gear has not kept up with the want and have not switched over. Besides, I think I am probably safer healing people anyways >.>

Yaetherin is prot and most likely will not change unless he is direly needed to. That is not to say I can not facilitate a healers duties on him, just if someone needs a healer call zeengo. I kept them separate specs so I can help whenever someone needs a tank OR a healer without having to respec.
Who am I? You know me! I'm Wingspirit! And sometimes Anca!

When am I available? This varies a lot. I don't always know when I can play, but I usually know how long I can play. I know this (lack of) scheduling can cause some problems Sad

What do I play?
Wingspirit is a feral druid, but willing to go to restoration if it means she can play more. She still needs some help getting her key.
Anca is a marksmanship hunter who already has had a lot of luck in Kara
Scynnalea is a retribution paladin, but willing to go holy if it means she can play more. She still needs some help getting her key.
Dannae - shadow priest
Merrina - Beast spec'ced

Dannae goes will Vanguard, and am willing to rotate my spot.
Merrina has gone a few times.

Can be there most evenings and weekends.
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight
Who am I? Jabadue and Neat

When am I available? It varies. I can usually make a scheduled event.

What I play?

Jabadue is a resto shaman. Neat is a Fire mage.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Who I am:

Mellith: Teh Yaybear
Irette: Fireypewpew Mage

When I'm available:

Weekends mostly, but I can plan for a weeknight with a bit of notice.

What I play:

Irette is obviously just a DPS water fountain, but she needs to be keyed
Mellith is feral. I've got a decent tanking set and a decent dps set. I can heal if need be, but I'm not willing to respec at this point.
I AM Wakaraina, Resto Shaman.

I never know when I'm available.

And I highly doubt you'll need me to respec.

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