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So I go to log in tonight after I put my baby to bed.....
.......and I get this message when I got to log Eatmore in saying my name is against the naming rules and must be changed before I can log in.

Needless to say I am quite displeased at this. I currently have a few tickets open on various characters and WIll not be logging Eatmore in for a while until I get this settled.

So you may not be seeing me for a few days depending on what happens.

I wonder if someone would have complained if you weren't a tauren.

I actually retired my hunter rather than rename it. He was born Jäger and he'll die that way. The petty name nazi's get on my nerves- it's not like you were named "IRoxxorurmom" or anything.
I don't even know what to say. I am sorry this happened Eatmore and I hope you get it resolved quickly.
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I can see them maybe getting sticky on this as it is a copyright product name. But I hope they listen to reason and a good RP story for why the name exists. Don't forget, as an RP server I think they should listen to the RP for your name before they decide to make you change it. Don't forget to include that in your defence.

Good luck! Smile
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The email I received said it was a non-Medieval/Fanatsy name and had nothing to do with the Eatmore chocolate bar up here in Canada =P.

I am going up north to see my new niece this weekend so hopefully I should have a reply from blizzard by sunday/monday.
Sorry to hear that man. I only got to meet you for the first time last night, and the name you chose seemed quite fitting for the character's personality. I wish you luck in getting the name back, and hope to see you with us again soon.

On a side note, this may just be me, but I am at a loss at to why someone would be offended by that name. Perhaps I just do not have the right mindset to see it.
I wonder if blizzard just pics random people to do this to?

Have they Looked at some of the names out there? If they did some research there is WAY worse names out there than "Eatmore"

Fight the good fight Eatmore...I am with you.
I am sorry to hear about this, Eatmore. I hope that the GMs will give you opportunity to defend your name. I hope very much that they are understanding and treat the matter with discretion. Fight the good fight, as Mokimi said!
Mokimi Wrote:I wonder if blizzard just pics random people to do this to?

No, someone has to actually report a naming violation for you to get tagged.
...And Suikoden and Notachick are real fantasy names . . . .

Hate to hear you got tagged, and will miss you ingame. Keep us posted!!
Kaerrah Wrote:No, someone has to actually report a naming violation for you to get tagged.

I bet whoever tagged is just jealous that Eatmore has the name they wanted.
As someone who used to report /every/ name I saw that /might/ be a violation, I can tell you that the person who did this probably thinks that they're bettering the community.

The problem I ran into is that you more than often are reporting someone good in the community who happened to take a questionable name. They probably did report the worse names, but yours also got tossed into the mix.

If you appeal it, chances are you'll get the runaround of "we can't help you, talk to X". Wish I could actually be more helpful, but I thought I'd give you some insight into the jerk who did it.
Changing names is a ROYAL pain in the butt, espesialy on a server as old as Silverhand. When I was abandoning a server I had started on, and transfered a character over with all the gold I had picked up from my time there, as well as his ability to transmute arcanite, I had to change his name since someone in Silverhand already had it. Took me awhile to find a decent name.

Having to find a name for a character you auctaly intend to play? I feel for ya.
Kaerrah Wrote:I actually retired my hunter rather than rename it. He was born Jäger and he'll die that way. The petty name nazi's get on my nerves- it's not like you were named "IRoxxorurmom" or anything.
In the case of Eatmore, I can see why someone would complain about it and why it would get tagged for a rename.

Quote:Partial or Complete Sentences
This category includes names which:

* Consist of multiple (generally more than 2) words strung together to create partial or complete sentences (i.e. Inyourface, Welovebeef, Howareyou)

Eatmore is only 2 words, so that -shouldn't- have flagged anything. It was evidently enough for a complaint though. Someone was probably assuming it was in reference to the Chick-fil-a (however that's spelled) ad campaign with the cows holding up the signs that say "Eat mor chikn." That's trademark infringment then. =\

As for Jäger...

This category includes both clear and masked names which:

* Consist of any alphanumeric character not normally found on a standard 101/102 key keyboard (O§iri§, Ÿelena, Jašon; Does not apply to Guild or Pet Names unless used to impersonate an existing guild, or could be considered pure gibberish.)

I'm sure it sucks to have your character name tagged, but it is in the rules. Using an umlaut is destruptive in that people who don't know by heart how to create every special character will have a hard time inviting you to parties/guilds/raids, will have a hard time whispering to you, etc.

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