Poll: Snowmaster 9000... good idea or bad idea?
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Snowballs in summer!
2 20.00%
Oh godz... snowmen, mini-reindeer, and mini-gnomes year round....
1 10.00%
Bah... I'm waiting on the Snowmaster 10000.
1 10.00%
1 Snowball x 24 Hours = Lame
3 30.00%
If you only knew how much gold I spent on that schematic...
3 30.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Snow-Water-Men Dance! ((Lots of pictures))
(( On a whim, using my shamanistic water-walking (and abusing it heavily) in Moonglade (where the scenery is beautiful), with the help of two friends (who can name themselves by replying to this thread if they feel like it) I made these screenshots. I submitted one to the holiday contest, but I would like opinions on which one everyone thinks is the best!

...I came up with two of the lines used, the rest were all my friend.

-Lurie ))
(( I'd just like to say that my snow...er, maid is cuter than Lurie's snowman! *laughs* That was a lot of fun to do!

Of course, all I had do do was type /dance. I'm a stickler for giving credit where credit is due, so the wisecracking Forsaken is Saezhur! He was an extremely good sport about treading water, jumping on command, and making me laugh really, really hard. Yaaaaay! Saezhur! ))
Hehe... looks like you had lots of fun! I like the jumping-forsaken one... must have taken a few tries, eh?
More than a few... all worth it. Thanks again Saezhur... and I apologize for the obscene size of the pictures.
Come on down to Moonglade, he said.

Jump up and down, he said.

Crack a few jokes, he said.

...sounded like a regular evening for me...

(( I'm just surprised you put up with my rambling in /p Confusedhock: ))

~ Saezhur
If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?
(( Saezhur babbles!? ))
"Alla time, dis wun hear same ting, 'Pk'tow! Wharra yew d'dat fer!?' Dis wun nevur undarstan'why!" ..
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