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Skorpyron nutshell guide
Skorpyron is the first boss in Nighthold (out of ten bosses).  He has two phases that repeat based on time.  Phase One involves dealing with Skorpyron's own mechanics (many of which involve dodging large and telegraphed abilities), dealing with lots of adds, and avoiding clouds at the edges of the room (which will summon more adds if touched).  Phase Two is a simple, short "overload" phase during which the boss is incapacitated and takes extra damage.


Call of the Scorpid: Summons scorpion adds which grow in power with a stacking self-buff (called "Boon of the Scorpid"):
--> Volatile Scorpids buff other scarped adds (with Scorpid Swarm) and explode upon death.
--> Crystalline Scorpids stack a magic debuff on the tank.

Arcanolash:  180 degree half-circle attack in front of the boss.  Damages everyone in the affected area AND places Arcane Tethers on the tanks (a stacking DoT) which does damage every second until broken.  Running 10 yards away from the tether will break it.

Focused Blast:  Skorpyron will face a random direction and cast a Focused Blast cone attack, does very high damage + 6 second stun.  Increases in duration on subsequent hits.  This ability has a short charge-up time, so raid members can dodge it.

Chitinous Exoskeleton: Buff on the boss that reduces damage taken.  It will decline in effectiveness as we do damage to him, until it breaks apart entirely, causing an Exoskeletal Vulnerability.  This vulnerable period occurs at every 25% of health lost.  The phase lasts 15 seconds and causes him to take 45% increased damage.  This is PHASE TWO.  After 15 seconds the skeleton is restored and the process repeats.  When his exoskeleton grows back he will gain a stack of a self-buff (Infused Exoskeleton) which will enable him to do 10% more damage per stack.  The exoskeleton is fully shattered at 25% of his health pool.

While Skorpyron's exoskeleton is being destroyed, pieces will periodically FALL OFF and become Crystalline Fragments.  These do low Arcane damage if they touch you.  The fragments create Broken Shards.

Shockwave:  Occasional cast that deals moderate damage and a knockback.  Anyone hit by this will be knocked into the walls and spawn additional scorpiods.  Avoid this ability by hiding behind Broken Shards.  After Shockwave finishes, all remaining shards will bel destroyed.


Positioning:  The tanks will face the boss away from the raid.  Everyone else should stand loosely spread out behind him.

Outline of the fight:  The fight has two alternating phases.  During Phase One we'll be dealing with the boss and scorpion adds that he'll summon, and we'll be damaging the boss' exoskeleton.  Pieces of the exoskeleton will fall off into the room where they will be called Broken Shards.

Every 25% health his Exoskeleton will break apart and he'll go into Phase Two, a 15-second vulnerable phase during which we can do lots of damage to him.  We need to clean up adds before pushing him over into Phase Two, so we can have a clean transition. There is no inbound damage during these 15 seconds so blow cooldowns and healers can DPS too.  After 15 seconds he'll regrow his exoskeleton and we'll repeat Phase One.  At 25% health his exoskeleton will fall off entirely.

The room:  There are clouds all around the room.  Don't touch these.  If you do, they will spawn scorpions.

Anti-tank attack (Arcanolash): Casts a 180 degree half-circle attack.  This damages anyone in that half circle (this should not be a problem if we all stand behind him) but more importantly it places a TETHER on the tanks.  The tanks need to break these right away by running 10 yards away.

Random cone attack (Focused Blast): Targets a random player, does high damage + 6 second stun to anyone in the cone.  There's a 3-second cast bar on it though, so just run out.

Raid-wide damage + knockback (Shockwave):  Hide behind Broken Shards to avoid this.  There's a 3-second cast time so we have time to move.  If you are hit by this you'll get knocked into the clouds at the edge of the room where you'll spawn scorpion adds, so hide behind the shards!  Tanks must hide too.

Summon adds (Call of the Scorpid):  He will summon adds periodically.  These will be Volatile Scorpids (which buff other adds and explode upon death) and Crystalline Scorpids which stack a magic debuff on the dank. A tank should pick up the adds and tank them slightly away from the boss.  These adds are the top priority.

So, in sum:

* Tank the boss facing away from the raid. Raid stand loosely behind the boss.
* Tanks run 10 yards away to break tethers after Arcanolash
* A tank should pick up the adds and tank them a little bit away from the boss.
* Kill the adds first.  Melee watch out for explosion when Volatile Scorpion dies.
* Don't touch the clouds
* For Shockwave get behind the Broken Shards
* Get out of Focused Blast
* Clean up adds before pushing him to Phase Two.  Blow cooldowns and Bloodlust to overlap with Phase Two.
A word on the trash pulls BEFORE the boss:

Just inside the raid instance we'll encounter packs of Shambling Hungerers and Withered Skulkers.

Withered Skulkers cast Withering Volley, which is a shadow damage volley attack, and Mournful Howl that applies a stacking debuff that increases shadow damage taken by 50%.
--> INTERRUPT these abilities, especially Mournful Howl.

Shambling Hungerers attack with Hungering Frenzy, which is a frontal attack.
--> Tanks should face them away from the raid and can side-step to avoid Hungering Frenzy.

--> Kill Withered Skulkers first.  Position Shambling Hungers facing away from the raid.

The rest of the trash will be scorpions:  Volatile, Crystalline, and Acidmaw Scorpids.  Kill the Crystalline Scorpids first to avoid fatal tank damage.  Melee run away from Volatile Scorpids as they explode when they die.  Pull the Acidmaw Scorpids away from the green pools they spawn.  Pull conservatively.
So, just starting watching a video from december that has the first 3 bosses in demo PoV (yay!) - they are saying that you get a debuff when you're in LoS for shockwave.

This is a really long video, but that info is at around the 2:20 mark. Not sure how much I'll get through

Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.
Here's Line of Sight's two minute video on Scorpyron!


Three Two Big Skorpyron DPS Tips:
  1. SAVE your racial + dps buffs + big aoes for the first set of adds that appear at 16-25 seconds into the fight
  2. Ready another set of big buffs and single target dps for times when Skorpyron is vulnerable
  3. Fail mechanics to pad your dps for 4x damage!
Our dps can't afford to skip the pre-pop Potion of Prolonged Power 2500 buff in stats for 1 minute.  Especially if your ilevel is below 880 or so we need the extra dps. Ask for help getting these.  But since it lasts for a minute you also don't have to blow everything in the first 15 seconds, you can afford to time it with adds.

Since Skorpyron has a protective shell this is especially true for this fight.

I checked why dps rankings are so blown out of proportion for this fight.  It's kind of obvious I suppose.
Those AoEers who pull 2 million dps for the entire fight do so because they ignore mechanics and somehow manage to survive 4 times the number of adds.

Exhibit A: 3 dps had 5 million dps in a 30 second window at the beginning of the fight because they pulled 24 skorpyron adds due to failing the "hide behind" mechanic, endangering their players and overtaxing their healers and tanks. So naturally they did 4 times the dps for every time they failed mechanics.  Q.E.D.

Warcraftlogs rankings mean nothing in this fight as a result.  Do not get discouraged if you are the type to compare rankings.
~ Zoopagoo

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