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Skipping bosses?
No worries, it's not happening quite yet.. (sans the Maiden mayhaps..?). Soon enough however it will be.

As Saturdays become more and more focused on Gruul, ect., our Sunday clear like yesterday (which went terrific btw!) are likely going to become more common. To speed things up, we can eventually start skipping bosses that we no longer need anything from. We've been running Kara for awhile now and I think we might be close on saying goodbye to a few of those "bastages" (those that we can, anyways). In order to better gauge things, I'm again stealing an idea from SnG. :p

For the bosses you still need something from, please reply to this with their names. Link the item you seek if you so wish.

Please limit this to your main character. :]

((And If you somehow don't know what else there is to get from that silly tower, go look at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowwiki.com/Karazhan">http://www.wowwiki.com/Karazhan</a><!-- m -->. Click on the various boss names down on the right hand side, scroll down on their prospective pages and you'll be shown their loot tables. [ item ]Sword of Pwn'ing[ / item] (sans spaces in the brackets) is how you go about linkin' stuff too if you wish.))

Okay, goooo! and thanks. :biggrin:

Nightbane: [item]Stonebough Jerkin[/item], [item]Emberspur Talisman[/item]

Prince Malchezaar: [item]Helm of the Fallen Defender[/item], [item]Light's Justice[/item]
Well saltin needs the curater and the prince for his set pieces and the chess event for a snazzy ring
Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
Zeengo just needs the Shard from the maiden
Well, time to show you where the lootvoid has been failing =)

Prince: [item]Helm of the Fallen Champion[/item] [item]Ring of a Thousand Marks[/item] [item]Malchazeen[/item]

--edited to remove Attunmen the huntsmen--
[Image: 2738341mWkUR.png]
Terestrian Illhoof
[item]Gilded Thorium Cloak[/item]
[item]Terestian's Stranglestaff[/item]

[item]Skulker's Greaves[/item]

[item]Girdle of Treachery[/item]

Some healy upgrades off of curator, terestrian, chess event, prince.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
I Would like a few items. not to much tho Tongue

Illhoof: [item]Girdle of the Prowler[/item]

Nightbain: [item]Scaled Breastplate of Carnage[/item]

Netherspite: [item]Mithril Band of the Unscarred[/item]

Prince: [item]Malchazeen[/item]

I'm not Very Picky. If something of the like showes up it's all good.

--edited to remove Attunmen the huntsmen--
Note that there are some bosses that we can't skip. A minimal clear to prince requires Moroes, Opera, Curator, and Chess, with Aran and Attumen recommended for ease of repair and porting back. So as far as skippable bosses go, the ones to look at are Maiden, Illhoof, Netherspite, Nightbane, Attumen and Aran.

Moroes: [item]Signet of Unshakable Faith[/item]
Opera: [item]Blue Diamond Witchwand[/item] (Oz only), [item]Masquerade Gown[/item] (R&J only), [item]Ribbon of Sacrifice[/item] (all 3, but not sure its worth singing for Tongue)
Curator: t4 gloves
Illhoof: [item]Cincture of Will[/item]
Aran: [item]Pendant of the Violet Eye[/item] (Maybe, looks interesting to play around with, but I'm not sure its better than what I have)
Netherspite: [item]Shining Chain of the Afterworld[/item]
Prince: t4 helm, and low priority upgrade for the healing hammer
Nightbane: [item]Nightstaff of the Everliving[/item] (low priority)
Note my "(those that we can, anyways)" comment. Wink
Gioron Wrote:Moroes: [item]Signet of Unshakable Faith[/item]

We have DE'd that item like 4-5 times, you've had to be there for one of them =P.
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