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Greetings to ye, members of Ironsong! May'aps ye heard o' me? I be great Bloodsail captain, Skalus Hatemoon. Also be the only forsaken among the lot of em! I be in great stature with me mates at the Bloodsail Ships, but them goblins over the mountain want my head mates! *Coughs slowly* Aye, but let me get on with this 'ere applying eh?

I be a great rogue! But ye may refer to me as a pirate, thief, or any name that suits ye liking!

As for me 'istroy. Well mates...It be a bit hard to recall... So many things 'appening ye know? But, as a fleshie, as I call em, I was one of the many who made thier meat by taking someone elses! Aye, but I be loyal to me mates. Dont ye worry bout that! As I says, down in them deserts of Tanaris. Thieving from goblins, fleshies, anything down thier really! Got a nice little price on me head too....That actually had been the cause of me lovley death! Some damn goblin bounty on me head!

Well, eventually I had been returned. I forget the events occuring right during that time, but I somehow ended up breaking free of that damned lich kings will! After that, I be playing my luck with the Horde. Till I find someone that 'ates them goblins just as much as I do....And that mates was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

As for me line of work? I be stealing them goblins technology as an engineer mates! Although, at the end, I sided with them gnomes on a few things. Also, as a Captain, I be needing to know my First Aid and Fishin! So i gots that too.

Aye, me old clan mates. Even as a captain of the bloodsail, I need to align meself with others. Me most recent was the great men and women that called themselves the Vigilant. Me heart still be broken now that they be gone. Too many things going on so them leaders just cut the line! I be loyal, staying to the end.

The reason ye brave souls draw my intrest, is because ye seem to be nice folks from previous encouters, I of course want to fight the dangers of this darkened world with ye. And ye seem like the people I could fall in line with mates! As for memerable encouters with ye all, all me times slaying undead, or dragons, or anything with ye, its always enjoyable till the end! Which usually results in US living and THEM dieing. harhar.

The greatest trial I 'ave ever fought. That must be the great fire king of this world, that firebreather Ragnaros! Aye! If he be trying to fight me on my turf, lets see who would have the advantage eh!

Me current goals are to find a new group of lads and lasses to settle down with. Do some huntin with as well! Maybe even share me old pirate secrets with. Aye mates, ye learn alot about the landscape in my travels...,

What I enjoy most, is the blood of goblins dripping from me cutlass!! Aharhar. Only kidding mates. Though that be up there on the list....I enjoy the good killing, the good fighting to the death with no one but ye mates against an army!

But I also enjoy the relaxing times ye know, sitting down watching the beauty of it all. But shh don't ye go round telling all the Bloodsail that!

Aye mates, I read yer code and I agree to the last word! Its just the rest of them I 'ave trouble with eh! Aharhar! Aye mates, ye code fit me fine....

((Just one question, how long should I wait to contact you in game? Oh, and thanks for reading Smile ))
Bloodsail, and proud.
((You can contact any officer at any time, but we do have our 'moots' (meetings) on Thursday evening, 6:00 Silverhand time))
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight
((Ok, thanks . ))
Bloodsail, and proud.

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