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Sinderien Swiftarrow's Application
To all that will read and understand what is written,

My name is Sinderien Swiftarrow, I am a Farstrider of Silvermoon, and serve the Horde willingly as my duty demands it. I have earned no titles as such, however I would claim that I am quite advanced in the ways of Marksmanship and Beastmastery, having tamed several of the most dangerous beasts the Frozen Wastes has to offer.

As a High Elf of Silvermoon, I took the path of the Hunter as a small boy, serving Silvermoon through all trials and helping thier allies to the best of my ability no matter who those allies were, be it the Alliance or more recently the Horde, I have since taken well to the fact that I am now Sin'dorei or a "Blood Elf" as others would call me and while it pains me occasionally, I know that I will never be welcome among those I once called allies in the Alliance.

As far as my past is concerned, there is much that needs to be said as I believe that it will have a bearing on weather this application is accepted or refused. I will not speak of my past as a young boy learning how to wield a bow or a blade, as this is unimportant, however what is important is that I am a veteran of four wars. During the reign of King Anesterian Sunstrider I fought against the Forest Trolls in the war that has become known to many as the Troll Wars, having seen their brutality first hand, I am a unwavering enemy of the Forest Trolls of the Eastern Kingdoms. As it stands the only Trolls I accept as allies and friends are those of the Darkspear Tribe although I admit, that this took much time to get used to. I also fought in the First and Second War against the Horde, and in the Third War against the Scourge and the Burning Legion, which unfortunately also resulted in some skirmishes with the Horde and my distant cousins the Night Elves. I say this now, because many might think that given my history of war against the Horde, I might be a danger to my new allies. I swear to you all now, that this is not the case. I am loyal to my commanders and my friends, and I admit that while at one time I was bathed in the rich lifestyle of the Blood Elves, now I have more in common with the Orcs and the other races of the Horde over my own kind.

As far as my skills outside of war are concerned, I have taken up the art of skinning and leatherworking, although at this time my skill in leatherworking is lacking at best, which allows me to sell the prepared skins of the beasts that I hunt and slay in battle.

During my past I was a member of the Nocturnal Tribe, this was during the time when Illidan was our greatest threat, and while I was still a member of the tribe until recently, I was very distant from them and rarely spoke to even the most talkative of members. There was something, that I did not like about them they seemed, less mature than many of the Horde and often engaged in activity that gave them a bad reputation. I withdrew my membership only a few days ago after many months of withdrawn activity realising that they were no longer what I was looking for in a Tribe.

(( Question number 6 is completely OOC unfortunately, since I have no IC interactions with the Ironsong Tribe on this character. /start OOC ))

(( I actually was a member of the Ironsong Tribe a very very long time ago when I first came to this server. This was back during the original game before Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King and I played a undead mage who's name I cannot remember. However I attended quite a few moots and generally loved the guild as a whole, there was even this troll priestess that I seriously loved, awesome woman Big Grin. It was unfortunate however that my friends at the time influenced me to constantly play my alliance characters, specifically one of my paladins who was a member of the Caelestis Templares which as many people know was and still is (apparently?) a hardcore RP guild on this server. As a result my character was removed for inactivity and was deleted soon after. Now I have this character, who I play quite often as RP alliance side has degraded almost to a standstill where as thanks to the Ironsong Tribe, Horde RP is still as strong as ever. ))

(( /end OOC ))

My greatest feat in live, was in fact my survival of the four wars that I have fought in. Each one has almost claimed my life, however I still live a full life. In recent years however I have helped slay many of the greater enemies of the Horde. ( Quite a few raids under my belt in Pre-BC and BC unfortunately this was before the achievement system and the achievements were not granted to me when it was introduced *grumbles*)

My greatest desire at this time, is to have a family of my own. I am not as young as I once was, and I am the last of my family line. However I do not expect the Tribe to aid me in this matter. This is a personal matter that I will never impose on my friends within the Tribe should I be accepted no matter how desperate I become to see my desires fufilled.

I enjoy exploring, finding hard to reach locations and remaining there in deep meditation. Finding and meeting new people, of all races, has also been a boon to me, and it is something that I cherish beyond all else.

As a final note, I have read and agree to abide by the laws of the Ironsong Tribe until the day of my death!

I hope, that as you read over this, you will accept me into your family. I look forward to hearing from you soon, with at the very least, the location for your next moot so that I may meet you all in person, instead of writing letters.


- Sinderien Swiftarrow
Seriously, more elves?

What ever happened to Orcs? Heck at this point I would be happy with a blind troll with a bad leg as long as it wasn't another elf.


Lok'tar elfling. Thank you for your application. We meet every Thursday at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time at a random location for security reasons. This weeks moot is being held in a secret cave in the mountains surrounding Mulgor. Summons will be provided. Do try and be on time as I have an nasty habit of loosing tardy elves in the Nether.
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Just an out of character note,

Unfortunately, I am withdrawing my application to join the Ironsong Tribe. My reasoning is rather simple, I just never really get on the character enough and he was rotting away. As a result of that fact, I have transferred Sinderien to Wyrmrest Accord and faction changed him into a dwarf. It's not something I wanted to do, but it was a better option than letting him rot, since I always without fail, seem to be unable to attend the moots.

I may create another horde character in the future on Silver Hand, possibly a troll but for the moment Sinderien is not in the picture any longer.

Thank you for considering my application regardless.
I am sorry to hear that you are withdrawing your application. If you change your mind in the future, please, let us know and post a new application. Until then, farewell and good luck. If you need help with anything in game, let any of us know. We'll be more than happy to lend a hand.
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