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Silithus quests for Roman'Khan
Quest line for this is:

1a. Dearest Natalia: starts with commander Mar'Alith at Cenarion Hold
After completeting this quest and getting "Into the Maw of Madness", the dwarves at the bronzebeard encampment will have 2 new quests.
1b. Into the Maw of Madness

Bronzebeard quests:
2. Breaking the Code: collect 1 brain from each hive, random drop
3. Glyph Chasing: Taking drawings of glyphs in the 3 hives

A note found off a random creature in a hive yeilds a quest and could also be a requirement for this:
4. Bronzebeard's Lost letter: return this to Bronzebeards Camp
note: not sure if this is a requirement or not to recieve 'the calling'

After completing all that you get a new quest:
5. The Calling: from Geologist Larksbane at Cenarion Hold
In this quest you need to kill 3 big bugs. All 3 bugs have spell interrupting knockback on random targets. Killing these bugs does not complete the quest. Once those 3 die the Emissary spawns. By killing him you loot the locking mechanism required to finish the quest. The emissary drops no other loot, and requires 25-40 people depending on skill and gear.

Then after doing all that you finally see loot, 2 blue items, which are class specific. One item is always leggings with stats and +25 nature resist... very useful, especially for Zul'Gurub and certain Silithus Barons.

Important note: In case you missed that, this results in 2 CLASS SPECIFIC blue items for every single person in the raid who is on the quest.
This is some cool stuff.
(1) Will this help with faction?
(2) Are there raiding instances in Silithus for Ironsong to raid?
(3) Should we as a guild approach Silithus more frequently?

Just some thoughts,


Kosath is not able to post as frequently as he would like, so I will field these for him.

1. Yes, some of these quests are on Cenarion Faction, which will likely grow more important in patch 1.9 or at least be expanded.
2. Not yet, but a new 20-man raid zone meant to be the next step after mastering Zul'Gurub will be implemented in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj at the south end of Silithus through the gate. We will be raiding it as a Tribe once we reach that point in the content. Just as raid groups do not attempt Blackwing's Lair until they are well equipped from the Molten Core and Onyxia, we will not be rushing headlong into the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj as we are making excellent progress in Zul'Gurub and are not yet ready. In the endgame of an MMO there is usually a content progression that is easiest when respected.
3. As a Tribe we are already working hard on Silithus. The most important things that individual Tribemates can do to help out efforts there are complete the quests above as soon as possible so that you can benefit from our first Roman'khan kill via the quest rewards and to fight the Twilight's Hammer in their various camps and mail the Encrypted Twilight Texts to Ebberk and the Twilight cloth items to Umu or Ebberk. They way faction works in Silithus it is most important to the Tribe that one dedicated person get their reputation to Revered as soon as possible through a collective effort first before the effort is diffused among many. Once he reaches Revered faction he will be able to summon Abyssal Barons for the Tribe to fight as a large raid group and which drop high end rare and epic items of various kinds.

Thanks for your interest and I hope this helps! Ebberk volunteer to have the responsibility of being the Tribe's first summoner of the Abyssals as his contribution to the Tribe's raiding as he is largely unable to attend our ZG nights and I thank him for it. It has taken a significant time committment on his part as well as a strong collective effort by many Tribemates in part spearheaded by Umu, and both of them have been recognized for their efforts recently and justly. Ebberk is currently halfway through Honored and still accepting Texts.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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