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Sign up list for BRD, Scholo, Strat, DM, and other five mans
I know, we all want to take part in the big fights in the game. And the guild is getting ready for such runs. We've taken hold of Zul'Gurub, we've attempted (and as I hear come closer) with Onyxia. And we are planning to enter the Molten Core. But we also have a need to gather items from lower leveled dungeons. This tribe is big enough to run dungeons by themseleves. We are also strong enough to five-man most of them. What we don't have is a plan on how to manage and take these dungeons on.

Often we just log on, someone asks, and an attempt is made to enter an instance. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and fall apart when starting.

There is another thread here detailing people who want to go do attuenment runs, which I appreciate.

What I aim to do here, since there was much talk amongst the Tribe this afternoon, is to see where people want to go, what their motivation is, what their avaliablity is, and so on. I think we can do this rather easily, and all can be compiled into an easy to understand and follow chart. Taking that into account, we can make better use of the Calendar ( as now it stands that we need someone else to ok our additions... ) and get everyone more streamlined and organized.

This being said, I am a caster. Melee, I find, can actually command instances better mainly because they are the puller. So I do not make any attempt to run these places, I know them well enough, I know how to move through them, but I am a druid, and not a puller. So I would ask we also post if we feel confident that our class can effectivley run an instance.

So, without further ado, where Haida is willing to go and why:

BRD - Five man. I have quests there still. Willing to help others get attuned and work on quests. Please, lvl 52 and up.
Strat - Live or Dead, doesn't matter. In fact it would be interesting to try to clear the whole thing. Again, I can easily get quests there so I'd prefer a five man, but I aslo want the Kilt, so quick raids to the Baron is fine with me as well. This place should be seen as 58 and up.
Scolo - Willing to enter here for similar reasons. I've gone through this place often with my rogue, but that was before they nerfed it. Sadly it's not as intimidating, and far quicker to run through. Again, five man teams are preffered. This place should be seen as 58 and up.
DM - any side. There are some items I seek, as well as some quests I still need to do in Eldre'thalas, I don't feel like I know them too well yet.
LBRS/UBRS - either or I'm willing to do anytime. I want to form a key for UBRS as one goal. I want to actually complete my Onyxia Key quest as another. Not too mention there are other quests to do in these places, so I'm also willing to five man LBRS and raid UBRS anytime.

As for ZG, Ony, and MC, we will obivously have set times to go. So I may be joining those off and on depending.

My avaliability changes per week, but I've been more and more avaliable. And if we have set tasks decided a week in advance, I usually can make it. Please, post in this thread with you avaliability times to places, and update them as you see and need fit.

( I posted this in general as there were some peons who wanted to know when they could join on things. Feel free to move this to Members if you so desire. )
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
Looks like there has been quite a lot of enthusiasm for Scholomance runs ever since I revealed that pattern I managed to pick up...

So we'll work on scheduling those first. Everyone better make themselves known if they would like to come along. Extra spots will be filled one way or another, I suppose. And for the most part we will not be raiding. Several Shaman need to complete their Helm quests (Including Coranda, though with her current schedule we'll have to be very good at timing it..) and I (And probably many others) still need to complete the Kirtonos quest line.

Oh, as far as loot goes... I need 4 Skin of Shadow per cloak, and they are bind on pickup. So if I can't go, I won't be able to get more Skins and the process of making cloaks will slow to a crawl. Please keep that in mind, you can not just pick the skins up and hand them to me later.
Well this definately seems fun. I have no bigger desire than to start instances like these and would be glad to throw my Helm of Exile into any of them. Though with my current level that means that Blackrock Depths would probably be where I'd want to go.
I have a very full schedule in real life, but usually, in the evenings,
I am available and would like to run an instance.

My spec is 21 enhance and 30 resto, in case that helps to fill a role.

BRD: Many quests to complete. I have yet to be attuned to the core.
Mining and Blacksmithing tasks.
LBRS/UBRS: Some quests and elements gear boots, gloves, and pauldrons.
Warlord's command for Onyxia key.
Scholo: Quests and elements coif.
Strat: Elements kilt and quests.
DM: All sides. Some quests and gear.
ZG: Always up for this.

I am also willing to help others.

Thanks to Haida for organizing.
These instances are all places I would like to go! I LOVE instancing with my tribemates and refuse to do pickup groups due to frustrations in the past. As a result I have yet to do many of these areas.

I am trying to pick up more pieces to the magisters set so I need to go to UBRS in hopes of the robe dropping and Scholomance in hopes of getting the crown. To that end I should like to do these two places as much as possible.

BRD: I need to be attuned to the core. Would like to do "The Royal Rescue" sometime. (*corrected)

LBRS/UBRS: Many quests. I have still never been to LBRS

Scholo: Looking for the magisters crown.

Strat: I have never been and would love to go. Many quests here.

DM : I got my water quest finished. I have less interest in DM but I have never really done it and will go to help others.

ZG: I try to go on Fridays whenever I can.

M-Th: 4:30-6:30 for start time
F: ZG whenever I can
Sat: After 6
Sun: (afternoon to evening..the later the better up to 6:30 for start time)

If you need a mage...I would love to do more of these runs. I do not call out in GC much to start instances but I love to be invited ;-)

Sing True Ironsong!
For me I am looking to head into BRD to get attuned for the molten core. I also need to go into Stratholme for a couple of quests. One for the cloak from Smokey and the piece I need for the quest line to get my Ornate Adamantium BP. Other then that I would be willing to run some instances if I am around and its not too late in the evening.
Quote: LBRS/UBRS: Some quests. I need to rescue the princess.
I have still never been to LBRS

((I believe rescuing the princess is BRD, Dispaya...however, I could be wrong, as I only helped with that quest once.))
Aye..it very well is...((at work and do not have my Q logs to refer to...))

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thottbot.com/?qu=4003">http://www.thottbot.com/?qu=4003</a><!-- m -->

I will correct my post...thanks Z ;-)
Sing True Ironsong!
(( No problem, 'Spaya, I just didn't want you to get to an UBRS/LBRS and end up not seeing a princess after expecting it!

As for the rest... I will try very hard to be available, but of late, I have had less time just to goof off and am finding myself burned out on staring at health bars.

I love you all dearly, but I think I need to put Zema on a shelf until Z'G/Onyxia/MC and the occassional time when someone needs a priest and none others are available.

After a little while, I will be back to her and ready to take on the whole world Wink ...and, hopefully the next patch will fix my forlorn feeling of complete uselessness as anything but "Healbot_01"

HOWEVER (and this is a big however!) If you guys find yourselves in dire need of a healer and none are avaiable, feel free to ask, no matter what character I'm on. I dearly love to help...that is the main reason that I made a priest in the first place.

Above all - Have FUN - the level 57-60 instances are a complete blast with the right people, even after having done them 20million times Smile ..Scholo is still a personal favorite (then again, I get to shackle and Mind Control in there, in addition to heal-botting! hehe). ))

-Player of Zema
Sign me up as well. Everyone knows Efluvia is shadow specced, but last night it was revealed I was a healing gear sink so I have enough gear and skill to pretend to be a real healer Wink

I'll go to any of the dungeons listed if I am free. Briefly what I'm after from them:

BRD - Circle of Flame, Second Wind, Burst of Knowledge.
Scholomance - One quest for five man. Headmaster's Charge, Bonecreeper Stylus.
DM East - One quest.

Other than that I'll just come along to help.

I'm on every day ( because I'm a hopeless addict ) at least from noon on. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings are usually closed because I have other plans.
I would love to go to:
BRD: still have 5 or 6 quests in there ((i am attuned))
Scholo: haven't been there yet, but I'm _dying_ to go Smile
Strat: I've heard a lot about it, but never been there.

Now as far as availability.....I'm around Tues, Wed and Thurs after 4:30 game time.

I would like to be included in the BRD runs. My upcoming schedule will be about 5pm pst - ?, 7 days a week.
Well, I've been working on another character quite a bit .... if you can stand that old poop Kizah. I'm still trying to build him up as much as possible since he's only level 53 at the moment. Needless to say, if there's a chance I can go somewhere with him I'll be more than willing. And I do realize that he's not up to Scholo, Strat, and Blackrock yet.

(It's kind of nice to be a hybrid/combat class and not always stand at the back of things)

Beyond that, I'm quite willing to break Edonil out and bring him along. About the only thing I'd be looking for from any of those places might be the Headmasters Charge from Gandling. But overall the gear Edo's toting right now isn't going to get replaced until we get into MC and start putting the smackdown to Onyxia.

So, there's the quandry, take another character who may end up rolling on something. Or, take Edonil and not worry about it. Currently, Edonil is the best bet since he won't have to worry about level agro. In addition I have the key Scholo, Strat, and BRD. I'm still working on my UBRS key gems (only need two more).

On a side note, I know the vast majority of pulls in these places. I have this thing about knowing what's going on and how it works. So, if we go with someone who's inexperienced, I can try to help out with technical aspects of pulling.

I'm typically on every night from about 3pm or so SERVER time. The only real modifications to this are dependant on my work schedule or a duty day (watchstanding stinks). Currently my work hours are from 4am - 2pm SERVER time. When this changes I'll let people know about it.
I would love to go into any of these, 5-man or 10-man. I have quests to finish in all of them, and I'd like to get to know as many members of the Tribe as I can! And if we were to pick up a piece of Elements on the way, well, I wouldn't mind a bit. I'm 30 elemental/21 restoration right now.

I'm usually on after about 7:30, and can stay on until 10:30 or so ((assuming the baby sleeps well, which is usually the case)). Weekends are more variable but Saturday and Sunday night are usually open.

As far as BRD is concerned, I would love to finish Grark Lorkrub with a group (he's in the Burning Steppes, just south of Blackrock Mountain), and then head down into the Depths to kill General Angerforge; I also have the Royal Rescue. I'm attuned but I could help with that too.

I need to kill Rend in a raid to continue my Onyxia chain; I could help with an LBRS 5-man but it would have to be timed somewhat carefully since that one takes so long.

I've raided both Stratholme and Scholomance, but I have never 5-manned them, so, lots of quests there. I have my Epic Shaman quest in Scholomance and would be interested in trying for that some night.

I've done DM East and have been into DM North, but I've never done a Tribute Run or any other advanced DM quest.

Oh, and (blush) I need to go into the Sunken Temple to kill those trolls and finish my minor Shaman quest there! If anyone in their late 40's or early 50's needs to get into the Temple, I'll cheerfully go with you.

Oh, and Lucrey - you can get Smokey's Drape without going into Stratholme. You just need to blow up the ziggurats outside the gates.
(( I'm more than willing to tag along with Vil to any/all of the above listed, or even set up regular times to run them. My preferences would be Stratholme, Scholomance, and BRS, but I have quests for just about all of the late-game instances, and I love running any instance with a good group. Vil's built for backup healing... 13 Enhancement / 38 Restoration, and has nice enough gear for the role, but can do fair secondary DPS as well.

My schedule is the biggest problem. I'm generally at work until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. server time, and am only available during the daytime on Mondays and Tuesdays. But any night after 9 or 10 pm server time I should be around. If I'm needed and not on Vilyave, give a poke to Naruth or Whilst, my two most common Hordeside alts.

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