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Siege achievement guide
Siege of Orgrimmar achievements

We will be going for Siege of Orgrimmar achievements in our next couple raids! Here are the achievements and strategies for the first two wings.


Immerseus: "No More Tears"

Achievement: Defeat Immerseus after killing 10 Tears of the Vale in Sieve of Orgrimmar.

When Immerseus goes into his split phase he spawns the sha puddles. We know all about these. Well, it turns out that if the Sha puddles are CC'd so that they do not reach Immerseus, they will will turn into Tears of the Vale when Immerseus re-emerges (the split phase lasts about 30 seconds). The Tears of the Vale are weak adds with few hit points, but they do cast a nasty raid-wide AoE so they'll need to be killed quickly. We don't need to tank them. We also don't need to do all ten in the same phase. CCing and killing the ten that we need can be spread out over multiple phases.

CC notes: They are immune to Ring of Frost, Banish, Fear, and any similar form of CC. They can be stunned, slowed, rooted, frozen, and knocked back. The druid's root is highly recommended here. We may need to unequip legendary cloaks as a proc from one of those may kill them.

Strategy: The DPS will unequip legendary cloaks to avoid killing the puddles accidentally. We will CC 3-4 puddles per split phase. Each druid will pick a puddle to root. Depending on the number of druids we have we will have other classes CC a few more (DK can AoE grip, hunter can blinding shot, ice traps to slow them down, druid/shaman knockback etc.). We may need to experiment with this number as we learn how strong the AoE of the Tears is. The difficulty is that we will need to watch the enrage timer (which is about 10 minutes) as doing this achievement will prolong the fight. Healers should continue healing the healy puddles and DPS should kill the puddles that aren't being CC'd to keep the fight moving.

The Fallen Protectors: "Go Long"

Achievement: Transfer the Mark of Anguish to at least 5 unique players over a total of 200 yards or more during a single Desperate Measures phase, and then defeat the Fallen Protectors.

When He Softfoot goes into his Desperate Measures phase (at 66% and 33% health) he'll place a Mark of Anguish on a random raid member, rooting them in place and summoning an Embodied Anguish add which will focus on them. Mark of Anguish can be given to other players via a special action button. The range limit for transferring Mark of Anguish is 40 yards. Moving the debuff applies a stack of Shadow Weakness on the entire raid, so the damage received will ramp up as we do this.

Strategy 1: Have about five ranged/healer raid members stand in a circle around the tank and melee, and pass the mark back and forth across the circle. If you toss it to 7 people that's probably enough.

Strategy 2: Melee stack on He, and ranged and healers stack at their normal range. Pass the Mark of Anguish back and forth between the groups. Once you've done your throw you can move a little further so that you're out of range and don't get it a second time.

Norushen: "None Shall Pass"

Achievement:Defeat the Amalgam of Corruption without allowing any unleashed corruption to fuse with it.

When a DPS player goes into the spirit realm that player kills one big add and three little adds in order to remove their corruption. These adds then re-spawn in the regular realm with the raid as the big Manifestations of Corruption and the adds. The little adds cast Expel Corruption at the boss. The goal of this achievement is to prevent any bolts from reaching the boss, which can be done by preventing the little adds from spawning, by interrupting their Expel Corruption cast, or by interposing yourself between the little add and the boss so that their bolt hits you instead of the boss.

Strategy 1: Send only tanks and healers below. That way we never spawn any little adds. Rotate the tanks and healers through so that they can soak the black orbs later in the fight. Note that if we do this then the DPS will be retain their high level of corruption and will do little damage.

Strategy 2: Be SUPER sensitive to the spawning of little adds. If any little adds appear then someone must stand between each one and the boss, and the adds must be interrupted and killed as soon as possible.

Sha of Pride: "Swallow your Pride"

Achievement: Defeat the Sha of Pride in Siege of Orgrimmar after no player has gained Pride from Manifestations of Pride while Norushen is alive.

This achievement is all about handling the medium-sized add that spawns periodically in the alcove behind the raid. Players gain Pride from this add in two ways: (1) Mocking Blast. This add spam-casts Mocking Blast, which is a spell that targets a random raid member and applies 5 Pride. this one can be prevented by interrupting mocking Pride. (2) Last Word. The Manifestation gives 5 Pride to the two closest people when it dies. But if people have the Gift of the Titans buff, they are immune to Pride. So the two closest people to the Manifestation when it dies must have the Gift of the Titans buff.

Norushen dies when the boss reaches 30% health and so stops giving the Gift of the Titans buff, so the achievement only applies up to that point (there will be further Manifestations after the 30% mark but we don't need to worry about their Pride).

Strategy: Mocking Blast must be interrupted every time. When the Manifestation dies the two closest players must have Gift of the Titans. This means that two players with Gift of the Titans must get really close to the add while everyone else stands further away.


As it turns out there's only one achievement in there that we haven't done -- the Iron Juggernaut achievement.

Galakras: "The Immortal Vanguard"

Achievement: Defeat Galakras without having allowed a single friendly NPC to perish in battle.

We already have this achievement, as it is impossible to complete the encounter if any friendly NPC dies. Done and done!

Iron Juggernaut: "Fire in the Hole!"

Achievement: Stomp on 6 superheated Crawler Mines and then defeat the Iron Juggernaut.

We know about the crawler mines. So how do we get them superheated? We use the cutter laser that targets and chases a player during Siege mode. That person needs to kite the laser on top of a crawler mine. This will superheat the mine. We stomp on 6 of these to get the achievement.

Strategy: To start, we will need to cluster the mines as close as possible to each other. The mines run out to random raid members, so we will stack the raid tightly as the mines are coming out, so the mines will be stacked on us. The complication is that in Siege mode we'll also be getting tar, and if the mines are clustered in a patch of tar and we kite a laser through it, the laser will blow up the tar and won't superheat the mines. So the mines must be clustered in an area WITHOUT TAR. We will start the siege mode with players on one side and will wait for the tar and the subsequent knockback. Then we will run to a raid marker and await the mines. Once the mines spawn and are tightly clustered, the raid can back away a bit and the kiter can kite the beam through the bombs to superheat them, then the tanks can jump on them.

Dark Shaman: "Rescue Raiders"

Achievement: Rescue a set of caged prisoners, a group of unwilling combat participants, and Ji Firepaw before defeating the Kor'kron Dark Shaman.

We already have this one! It involves rescuing Ji Firepaw, unlocking the prisoner cages, and not killing the Orcs OR the Theramore prisoners (who turn neutral and run away when the bad guys due), then going on to defeat the Dark Shaman.

Nazgrim: "Gamon will save us!"

Achievement: Defeat General Nazgrim while Gamon is alive and participating in the battle.

We did this one last week! Free Gamon after the demolishers, and he'll start running with our group. He either needs to be healed during the battle with Nazgrim, or as we did last week, we let him engage the mobs in the center of the Cleft of Shadow, while we jump down to the left and continue on. Gamon will battle these mobs throughout the fight with Nazgrim, as they periodically mind-control him and heal him, so he can battle them endlessly. We went on and did the fight with Nazgrim and got the achievement.


Malkorok: "Unlimited Potential"

Achievement: Transform a Corrupted Skullsplitter into a Corrupted Amalgamation and then defeat Malkorok.

Here's the deal. At the bottom of the stairs to Malkorok's platform is a Corrupted Skullsplitter. For this achievement we need to KITE him into Malkorok's room and then make him sit in a Breath of Y'Shaarj, at which point he will transform into a Corrupted Amalgamation.

The Skullsplitter will do its OWN Arcing Blasts three times, followed by its OWN Breath of Y'shaarj, which will kill anyone standing in it. This is what makes this achievement difficult. Here are some strategies for handling the Skullsplitters Arcing Blasts and Breaths:

Strategy 1: Position the Skullsplitter in the middle, on top of Malkorok, so that his Arcing Blasts aren't awkwardly placed across the room. We may need to mark the Skullsplitter's Arcing Blasts with another set of color marks to avoid confusion with Malkorok's.

Strategy 2: Take the Skullsplitter to one side and have his smashes go into the wall (not sure if it's possible to aim those smashes, so this might be luck.)

Strategy 3: Keep the Skullsplitter CC'd (e.g. blind) until it is time.

Once we've handled the Skullsplitter's own Arcing Blasts and Breaths, and it's time to transform him by sitting him in Malkorok's breath:
* Use a stun or a knockback to make sure that he's inside the Breath when it's cast (or sacrifice a player to drag/grip/kite him in). He will transform into a Corrupted Amalgamation which is at full health.
* Kill the Corrupted Amalgamation ASAP.
* If we wipe, the Corrupted Skullsplitter will respawn in his original position at the bottom of the stairs (even if he is killed).

Spoils of Pandaria: "Criss Cross"

Achievement: Complete the Spoils of Pandaria achievement in Siege of Orgrimmar without any raid member defeating both a Mantid and a Mogu enemy.

During the Spoils encounter we usually split the raid into two groups and have each group kill mobs in the two consecutive rooms on their side. For this achievement the two groups must switch places at the halfway point.

* Group 1 starts on Mogu, Group 2 starts on Mantid. Ranged should be on the Mantid side.
* The two groups jump down and complete their rooms as usual, BUT:
* As we get to 90% on both sides, people must start moving across to wait on the middle platform. As there is damage up on the platform we will start with self-healers and healers.
* We will use the time between reaching 100 energy and pulling the lever to get the rest of the players up.
* One player in each group must remain on the ground to pull the lever. * That player will pull the lever when about 5 seconds remain, then will take the hook up to the platform.
* Then Group 1 jumps down to do Mogu again, and Group 2 jumps down to Mantid.
* Make sure that everyone is in the correct room (or at least out of the original room) before opening boxes.
* Players with independent abilities (totems, pets) must recall them from the first room.
* Track the achievement as it will turn red if we fail.

Thok: "Mega snail vs. Giant Dinosaur"

Achievement: Open the thrice-locked cage during the Thok the Bloodthirsty encounter, and then allow its inhabitant to feast upon Thok's corpse once you have defeated the encounter.

In addition to the normal cages with the three NPCs we need to free, there is an additional cage with a snail in it. This cage needs to be unlocked three times, freeing the snail, and the final time the snail needs to be freed shortly before Thok dies, so that it may feast on Thok's body.

* Play the encounter as normal.
* In the transition phase (when Thok is chasing raid members) we all DPS the jailer (ranged included) and loot the key as normal, THEN
* We unlock the cage with the snail (it's on the left).
* ANOTHER jailer with fewer hit points than the first one spawns right on the floor. Tank it, move it to the normal kill place, loot his key and open the normal cage.
* Do this for two transitions.
* Make sure that Thok is at about 5% before the last transition.
* As soon as we open the snail cage the third time, it will open and the snail will come out. This snail is basically the same as the ones in Throne of Thunder. It has about 21M hit points and will fixate on a series of players. Everyone must stay away from it as it has an insta-kill aura in front of it.
* We finish killing Thok.
* Once Thok dies, the snail will go to Thok's body and will eat it, at which point we will get the achievement.
* Once it finishes eating Thok it will fixate on players again so we have to kill it after we get the achievement.

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