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I am Shogal, son of Shogath

I am an Orc Warrior, as all orcs should be. But I will admit many of my Brothers make excellent shadow wielders and hunters...

My name is Shogal, son of Shogath and Mayrek. I am young, only 20 years of age, but I am a strong an willing fighter. I have spent all my days helping my mother farm pigs in Durotar, but a farmers life is not for me. My mother beged for me not to go off and fight, but battle calls me. My Father died when I was 15. He was a member of the Frostwolf clan and fought bravely in Alterac Valley against the alliance. Sadly he fell prey to a poison. The poison was not instant, it slowly killed him over weeks,he was sent home back to Durotar. I was forced to watch him die slowly, honorlessly.Before he died he described to me the night elf that stabed him with the poison dagger. I will never forget that description... . Now I go out into the world to fight for the Horde, and against all the forces that wish to destroy what we have built.

I am skilled in cooking, I am especially good at cooking pork, for obvious reasons. I am trained in fishing, although it requires much patience with I sometimes lack and I am skilled in first aid.

I have never been associated with any other tribes or clans

I see those wearing the Ironsong tabard in Orgrimmar quite often and I have heard of your feats slaying other foes of the Horde, other than the Alliance
((I have a 60 Paladin named Gilithos and a ways back I heard Ironsong was hosting an event in Arathi, so I went, and I spoke with sreng and me and him got on a TS channel and I had a GREAT time rp'ing with Ironsong as an Alliance member, so I know it can only get better as Horde member))

The greatest trial I have ever faced was watching my father die, he was a great warrior and a good orc. His death wieghed heavily on my mother and it wieghed on me as well. I fight in his memory

I seek only to serve the Horde, and if I an allowed, to serve my Brothers on the Ironsong Tribe. Someday, I hope to find the night elf that killed my Father, but I know I must not be carried away by my thirst for vengeance...

((WOW is the best mmorpg I have ever played and it is fun and never gets boring it has spawned almost its own way of life and its own small industry of buying/trading/selling accounts and it brightens my day, every day when i get home from work and jump on he pc and play))

((Yes, I have read all the rules and the Code of Conduct and understand completely))
Invitation to the Tribe presented on 7/14/06 by Farseer Kretol.

Welcome, Shogal!

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