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Shios application =)
Greetings! Tribe members and others! I am the Druid Shio! Great tales has reached this old druid about your tribe. So now I shall speak and give you all some insight on this crude old man.

My past is quite a eventful one, I was born in the age when our brethren, the tauren, still clung to their nomadic ways. It was before the great Thrall liberated us from our old ways, and showed us down the path to peace and prosperity for our people. As a young lad, I quickly learned the ways of a hunter and warrior. Such was needed to defend our people against the savage Centaurs. For years, war was all I knew, my skills quickly began to grow as the years went on. Soon, I was elcted a leader for my tribe. As the war with the Centaurs grew into their final years, tradegy stroke.

I soon had married myself to a beautiful tauren woman named Cladia, and we also had a son known as Xu. Despite the fighting, it was a time of peace for me. Settling down and being with my family was all that I wished for. But the night before Thrall came ashore, when we FINALLY had a chance to win this war, Centaurs attacked my village. In a sea of flame and blood, all that I could call my life was washed away. It was than I lost all care for myself, the world, and my people. I crawled across the Barrens of Kalimdor, very slowly pursuing the Centaurs that raided my village. I wasn't going to make it.

Finally, I collapsed into the sand with exhaustion, all life leaving me. Before I was dead, a great hand grabbed me and pulled me up. Tis' was the young Far Seer Thrall. Having healed me with his shamanic powers, he offered me guidance towards my heartache,"Do not be so eager to die yet, brother, the will to live is all you have left. Use that will as your weapon. Take the gold road to the camp where your murderers lie, there you shall know what path to take." With that, he vanished. I picked up my blade and shield, and marched towards the Centaur camp, new motivation aflame.

After what seemed of a eternity of walking, I came upon the wretched creatures camp. But there, a sight caught my eye that forever would change me. In that camp, was a family of Centaurs, much like my now deceased family. There was a Father, Mother, and son.....it as there I realized this was not my path. I could not do unto others what I could not bear myself. I threw down my blade and shield, sickened with myself that I could not see it sooner. It was there where my path was clear.

For years after, I wandered all over Kalimdor. A sage of nature I was called, for my expertise in using nature as a tool for peace. Many adventures I under went, new people I met. Still, my heart yearns for my family, that was taken away. I now search for a purpose.....and with the Ironsong I believe that purpose may be revealed.

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