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So, I'm finally hunkering down and trying to get Shadow's Edge in an attempt to one day own Shadowmourne. I'm making this post to help keep track of the progress I have been making and to let others see just how hard Blizzard made getting this weapon. Basically like my quest journal, lolz. Noodle already has Shadow's Edge and is working diligently on his part. So, here's the run down (and remember that everything MUST be completed on 25 man ICC save for the 1,000 soul part)...

First quest: Gather Rotface's and Festergut's acidic blood, Light's Vengeance (from a cave in Dragonblight) and 25 Primordial Saronite.

[item]Rotface's Acidic Blood[/item] - Still need it
[item]Festergut's Acidic Blood[/item] - Done
[item]Light's Vengeance[/item] - Done (and there were a lot of zombies to kill)
[item]Primordial Saronite[/item] - 2/25 (average price on the AH? 1.1 - 1.5k for one)

Primordial Saronite's go for 23 Frost emblems a piece, therefor, in order for me not to spend any gold, I need 575 Frost Emblems. So, if I do the daily every day, plus the 5 I get from doing the weekly, that gets me 19 a week. Add on the average 6 bosses we down in ICC-25 and that gets me 12 more. And add on another 12 for the bosses we down in ICC-10. That means 43 Frost Emblems a week, give or take a few. Therefor, it would take me roughly 12-13 weeks (3 months or so) just to save up enough Emblems for all the Saronite. This is the point where I say, anyone have a spare Primordial Saronite?

Part 2!

So let's say I manage to get it done in sooner than 3 months because people are nice to me and I'm just a lucky, great person all around (*wink*). I would turn all this in and get Shadow's Edge. Great! Now onto the next quest.

Gather 1,000 souls into Shadow's Edge - 0/1000

After 1,000 souls gathered, it's time for the next quest line.

Part 3!

Gather the Unholy Infusion, Blood Ionfusion and Frost Infuison from the different wings of Icecrown 25-man. All are separate quests that must be completed one at a time.

[quest]Unholy Infusion[/quest] - Boo Sad
[quest]Blood Infusion[/quest] - Boo Sad
[quest]Frost Infusion[/quest] - Boo Sad

Unholy - Must kill Professor Putricide on 25-man within roughly 6 minutes. Only during these 6 minutes will I have a debuff that allows me to gather up the Unholy Infusion from Professor Putricide. I must also become the abomination (usually the job reserved for an off-tank) and gather up the goo that spreads all over the floor to fill up my meter to 100% in order to start the process of gaining the Essence.

Blood - Must kill Blood-Queen Lana'thiel within roughly 6 minutes. I will get the 6 minute debuff once I have bitten my first person. After downing her within 6 minutes, I will be able to get the Infusion of Blood.

Frost - Must kill Sindragosa within roughly six minutes. I must get hit by her frost breath 4 (count that, FOUR) times to fully charge Shadow's Edge. This breath slows movement and attack speed by 20% each time it hits you. Therefor, it will be impossible for me to get out of her cleave in time by the time the third breath hits. Not only is this going to a major pain in the rear, but it will also put a lot of strain on the healers for this bit of the quest.

Part 4!

After completing probably the three most horrendous quests ever in WoW, Blizzard decides I'm still not ready for Shadowmourne. Oh no, they have to torture me EVEN MORE.

When Arthas first approached the frozen throne and took the helm of Ner'zhul, pieces of the Throne broke off and scattered throughout the citadel. Now Mograine wants me to go gather them up like a child spilling their candy all over the floor. And not just a few pieces of candy. A huge jar full of bubble gum orbs that spill out all over the place into little cracks and crevices in your kitchen floor you never knew existed.

[item]Shadowfrost Shard[/item] - 0/50

Similar to how the Fragments of Val'nyr worked in Ulduar, I must gather these shards. There is a 25% chance they will drop off bosses. And I need FIFTY of them. *starts looking around for a gun*

Part 5!

Okay, let's say I did it. Let's say I FINALLY got all this done.

[item]Shadowmourne[/item] - NOT IN MY POSSESSION

And now, like an awesome movie ending where you see the credits and epilogue, there are plenty of prizes to go along with getting it. There is one more quest after this...The Lich King's Last Stand...

Part 6!

...I must slay Arthas on 25-man ICC with Shadowmourne equipped. Basically, I would be taking his soul. But if he dies and I do have Shadowmourne with me, I get to pick up a box off of Arthas' dead body. This box will allow me to see RP done between different key characters (for me this is huge since I'm such a lore geek) and get some nifty vanity items.

In the box is the following *SPOILER alert for anyone that doesn't want to know*

[item]Blood of Sylvanas[/item] - Take this to Sylvanas and she will give [item]Sylvanas' Music Box[/item] This allows the user to summon two wraith women who sing Lament of the Highborne for you any time you want to hear it.

[item]Arthas' Training Sword[/item] - Give this to Muradin and he will grant you [item]Muradin's Favor[/item]. It transforms you into a frost dwarf for 10 minutes, an effect that persist through death.

[item]Alexandros' Soul Shard[/item] - Darion will be glad to see this is given to him. So, in return, he'll hand you his [item]Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger[/item]. Basically the same model as the Death Knight charger, just red instead of blue.

[item]Jaina's Locket[/item] - A locket owned by Jaina Proudmoore. Give this to her and she hands the locket back. It creates a portal to Dalaran for anyone in the party/raid with a one hour cool down.

[item]Badge of the Silver Hand[/item] - Give this to Uther's spirit and he gives [item]Tabard of the Lightbringer[/item]. The original Tabard of the Silver Hand that allows you to look bright and shiny every 5 minutes.

And that is it. No other way to put it. Guess I've got the work cut out for me. Oh, one other thing, all these items are Bind on USE. You can trade, sell, or do whatever you want with them. I'm not even going to start thinking about the prices on some of the items. If I have Shadowmourne, then it is the raid I would thank. You all will have to help me to get there. Did I tell you guys that I love you all and think you're all awesome? Big Grin
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
You and me might have some hot dates in Icecrown trying to complete this... at level 85. x.x

I don't have any realistic expectation of completing the legendary any time this expansion.
However, it's still worth it to complete Shadow's Edge I think. It is a pretty great weapon in itself and I expect might actually last me until the start of L85 raiding.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Parts 1 and 2 aren't that bad. Yes, gathering Primordial Saronite is rough, but it's do-able. As is getting the 1,000 souls.

It's Part 3 that is the hardest and Part 4 just takes a long time and some luck. There was a NElf warrior (i think) that managed to get this all done by now and he was on the WoW forums complaining that all the vanity items should be taken out come Cata. Yeah right, 90% of the people on this quest won't have Shadowmourne by that point.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Its a Legendary item...I would expect nothing less than a quest chain that requires a tonne of difficult tasks to acquire it. This certainly isn't Warglaive of Azzinoth/Warglaive of Azzinoth or [item]Thori'dal the Stars' Fury[/item] where all you needed was a lucky drop to acquire it. Revel in the challenge, to just get [item]Shadow's Edge[/item] is an accomplishment in itself and something to be proud of.
I like the way the steps are laid out for Shadowmourne and I like having the intermediary epic reward so that, even if I don't finish the legendary, I still got a great usable purple out of it. I always thought the straight drops like the BC weapons was rather cheap, even if they were still rare due to being attached to such relatively inaccessible content.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]

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