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Shadoweave Mats Needed!

I am currently working to build my Frozen Shadoweave set and have need of materials! Please get in touch if you're willing to sell, trade or possibly gift any of the below items.

Primal Water (or Motes)
Primal Fire (or Motes)
Primal Shadow (or Motes)
Netherweb Spider Silk
Netherweave Cloth
I have a heck of a time farming waters myself, but I've a stockpile of shadow primals, and fires are easy enough for me if I can get to Skald at the right time, so what shadowcloth I do get together is yours, starting with my next cooldown. More melting please! And I'm sure Vanea would love to trade you spellcloth as well if you give him a poke.

Oh, and I've an arseload of the spider silk as well. Just let me know when you need it.
Thank you, Naruth! Now that I managed to make the Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders (yay!), my next project is the boots. I tried doing a little Water farming on the Elemental Plateau last night, as the patch was supposed to bring increased drop rates, but it was disappointing. I'm grateful for any help you can offer. Please let me know what you need, as well, so I can return the favor.

P.S. Sure was fun last night! Dueling Shackles ftw!
I generally avoid the plateau unless I manage to catch it completely empty, and even then I dislike it because it takes me longer to kill the level 70-71s. >.> I generally get a faster return on waters when farming the lake down below the plateau. Or maybe it's my imagination. Also, I know Mahiah goes to the lake just northeast of Shattrath and likes that spot for waters. Both of them tend to be a bit less crowded (usually) at any rate.
Skettis has a bunch of water elementals as well Smile
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Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
I'm constantly farming this stuff.. feel free to ask if my cloth transmute is up!
I tried farming Motes of Water in all the usual spots - Skettis, Silmyr Lake and the Elemental Plateau. The EP was by far the most plentiful for me. What seemed to work well was once I started hitting a dry patch for Waters I'd go farm the Fire Elementals right next door. After about 3-4 hours of farming, I wound up with 7 Primal Waters and 2 Primal Fires. Not too bad.

I made the Frozen Shadoweave Boots this past weekend, so now I'm on to the Robe. To complete it, I'll need:

Shadowcloth x 14 (currently have 0)
Primal Water x 16 (currently have 2)
Netherweb Spider Silk x 4 (currently have 1)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Woo! Congratulations on the boots!

My cloth cooldowns were up a day or so ago; I've just not gotten around to making them. I'll do them this afternoon and send the shadowcloth over. ;p I have the spider silk, too, if that helps. One less thing for you to have to farm. <.<
Psion, do you fish at all? Or know anyone who does? I was able to gather two and a half'ish motes in about a half hour from the "pure water" nodes by the elemental plateau in Nagrand.. It seems to be quite a bit more productive. Even more so if you catch it late at night when no one else is fishing 'em (which I luckily did). They seem to eventually stop spawning after so many are caught in a certain amount of time, however.

I'll try and go back sometime this week and see if I can get lucky again for ya. : )

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