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Shadowcloth Transmutes
I will soon be 70, and I don't have the mats for Transmutes yet, but (once I get mats) are there any Shadowcloth Tailors out there who may be able to help me make Shadowcloth, so that it goes a bit faster?

Check the tradeskill recipe list to find out who some of the other shadowcloth specialists in the Tribe are, and send them messages in game, is your best bet. We currently have Eveline and Vythika listed, and you may try poking Shillatae or Miwoh.

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Orenthas, I will happily contribute to your transmutes if you are still at it when I return from my travels.

I will be back after the tenth of June!

Congratulations on being close to completing your training. I advise you to do what you can to prepare concurrently while adventuring: stockpile imbued netherweave, take a bit of time each week and farm up a primal shadow & mana each, and get at least one personal transmute in. You already made a great step in posting on the Totem here!

Best of luck to you.

~ Eveline
Actually shadowcloth is primal shadow and fire
Rawr!!!!! Ok now to all seriousness Bloodbound is a shadowcloth tailor and would be happy to donate my cooldown to anyone in the guild.

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