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Shad'har is a three phase encounter in which we will need to deal with the different elements the boss embodies after he eats a material at the start of the phase.

Anti-Tank abilities

Throughout the fight, the tanks will have to deal with a combo ability on a timer.  The boss will cast three times, one after the other, choosing randomly between two different spells:

* Crush:  burst of physical damage that applies a stacking debuff.  The debuff increases future damage from Crush (by 50%) but it ALSO increases the damage you take from Dissolve (by 400%).

* Dissolve:  Nature damage + Stacking DoT.

So:  if a tank with the Crush debuff ever takes a Dissolve hit, that tank will almost certainly die.

--> One tank should take all the Crush hits, while the other tank takes all the Dissolve hits.  It's best NOT to pre-assign roles, as the order of the abilities is random.  So the first tank should be ready to take either type of hit at the start of the fight.

After a combo is finished, the tank with the Dissolve stacks should keep the boss, as the Crush tank will be taking additional damage from the melee hits.


Jumping Debuff:  Debilitating Spit is a 4-stack debuff applied to a random player which does a LOT of damage over 5 seconds.  When it expires, it jumps to two new targets with half the stacks (2 stacks per player), dealing half the damage.
--> Healers be ready for high incoming damage on these players.

Living Miasma Add:  orange ooze that spawns from a puddle off the edge of the platform.  It fixates on a random player and explodes when it reaches them, doing falloff raidwide damage.
--> If you are fixated, run out of the raid & let add explode at a safe distance.


Tank boss in the middle of the platform.  Raid spread out around the platform.

Umbral Breath, cone attack:  targets a random player, does damage and a 10-sec fear.  This is cast more frequently as the phase goes on.
--> Stay spread out.  Get out of the breath.

Umbral Eruption, void zones:  swirly purple void zones spawn under players' feet.  Frequency increases with time.
--> Get out of these.

PHASE TWO (at 66%)

Stay spread out.

Entropic Breath:  High damage, and a 50% healing received debuff for 6 seconds.  Very fast cast, so it's difficult to avoid.
--> Stay spread out so fewer players are hit by it, AND stay away from the tanks, so the tanks don't get hit by it.

Entropic Mantle:  raid-wide ticking damage that increases over time.

Entropic Buildup Orbs:  Purple orbs spawn throughout the room and explode after 15 seconds.  Players can soak the zones, eventually making them disappear, but will receive a stacking DoT by doing so.
--> Multiple people should soak each orb to spread out the DoT.


Stack in melee for this phase.

Bubbling Breath:  Hits hard, applies a nasty 10-sec DoT.  Back to a long cast, so it's easier to avoid.
--> Avoid the breath

Bubbling Overflow:  Void zone appears in the middle of the room at the beginning of the phase.  This patch will slowly grow until it covers the entire floor.  AND he will spawn similar puddles under random players.  These patches do enormous damage (10% health for the first tic, then doubles in power for every tic thereafter).

--> Tank the boss at the side of the room.  Have the raid stack behind him.  Every time puddles spawn under players, move the boss a little forwards, moving him slowly around the outskirts of the room.  Only move him after the puddles spawn, OR when the breath is targeted at the raid.

Frenzy:  The boss does a flat 25% more damage in this phase.

Bloodlust in this phase.

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