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The Character
  • I. Serynco
    II. Tauren Hunter

    III. I have no siblings. In fact, I don't really have any family left at all. My mother was a victim of the Grimtotem incursion in Mulgore - the excursion of which I was fortunate enough to be a part of - and my father was part of the team dispatched at the opening of the Dark Portal. I haven't heard word of him since, so I must assume him passed on. Alone like this with my optimistic nature, I decided the path of the hunter was right for me. I could have companions in the form of wildlife, that I won't feel lonely. Thus far, the decision has proven even more fruitful than I first imagined; Laska is a wonderful, if eccentric, partner.

    I've only recently started my journey into the world. The majority of my growing up was spent in moral support during the ongoing battle with the encroaching quilboar on the outskirts of Camp Narache. I like to think it's made me very patient and compassionate, but I have been told that I'm a rather fierce combatant... *She waves the thought away, chuckling softly.* I imagine that was just to make me feel better though. I'm not the best shot with a bow or a gun, but I do my best.

    But, other than that, the only really significant thing about my life thus far has been the recruitment of Scabior, a mischievous young hyena that enjoys nothing more than tormenting poor Laska.

    IV. Well, my companions thus far have both stumbled across me in interesting ways. Laska, my white worg, quite literally in fact. I was hunting the cougars in Mulgore when she walked right into me - it gave me quite a scare, actually. It's not often one spots a white worg in our hills. It's a funny story really.. I expect she's a bit.. deficient...

    And then Scabior, a far more recent addition. A troll named Shoe had me hunting centaurs for him in the Barrens. It seems they aren't particularly effective trainers, considering this hyena turned on them the second I attacked...

    V. I perused it quite thoroughly, and it seems to fall into place with my own values. I agree without a second thought.

The Player
  • I. I've been in loads of guilds over the course of my World of Warcraft.. career. None of them very significant though, and none of them on an RP server. Generally I only left if the guild was falling apart or if I got kicked for inactivity heh. I tend to disappear from the game over my summer breaks.

    Although there was the time I got kicked for being friends with "the wrong people"...

    II. I'm looking for the full-on role-play experience. I've done play-by-post forum role-plays before, but it never really occurred to me to try it with WoW. If that involves PvE, so be it. If it involves PvP, that's what I know anyways. And if it involves lots of typing and socializing, well, that's what I attempted an RP server for. I'm looking to learn, I suppose, and enjoy the process.

    III. Not exactly since launch, but I did start playing in time to reach max level 60 and do some endgame vanilla. I was here for the release of the Burning Crusade and made it up to endgame there as well. I missed the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria, but I've experienced the endgame of all three expansions - admittedly via Raid Finder for the last two, and I never did kill the Lich King.

    IV. I get home from school at about 3:40 on most days, though being a senior this close to the end of the year, I'm far from having a regular schedule. I generally put myself to bed at 10:30 (and I think I match server time). I may be playing anywhere in between those times, although I do have other MMOs and I play WoW on other servers. Weekends are completely random, though I do usually get some WoW time in.. especially now that I'm leveling another character.

    V. Uhh.. if there's ever a time when we're all on voice chat or some sort, I'm generally opposed to talking.
Welcome to the Tribe, Serynco and Laska! We're glad to have you with us.

I, too, have had run-ins with the Grimtotems, particularly in Stonetalon Mountains when Oryx and I came across a baby Tauren under the floorboards of a burned out building in Camp Aparaje, many years ago.

And do tell us the story of how you and Laska met!

((You are most welcome here, and I look forward to seeing you more in-game!))


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