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Sentu's Leave of absence
((I was going to notify you all before 1.9 came out, but never got around to it and now i can't log in with out downloading and that's just more wasted space i'm not going to use for a while. I've decided to take a break from the game for a bit. I started to become bored and found the only thing i came on to do was farm gold all day for my epic mount, and i didn't want this mid life boredem depression to ruin the game for me like it did with EQ.

So for the time being (could be 2-3-4 months maybe) i'll be away trying other things, i'll eventually return, and hopefully with better spirits, so don't panic too much when you don't hear my words of wisdom spoken for a while Smile

On that note, i want to thank you all for having me ( Even if it was a short while) and that i'll see you all again!... Some time! Smile ))
(( Edo and I took a similar break not long after we hit 60, so I completely understand where you're coming from...there comes a time when even the RP isn't enough to cut through the lack of direction...but, when you come back, you'll find us here, with a direction! Wink ...well, that's what we found, anyway Wink ))

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