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Senthris Darkstrider
((Per Eveline I am making a new application as I am still a peon and since due to my military duties I missed the moot to make me a grunt I was unable to have an alt inducted. However, Im not enjoying the warrior class for some reason, really not enjoying it at all. So Id like my mage Senthris to be my main character as I am enjoying that class. Thank you.))
*Senthris approaches the totem with a slight grimace, finding it somewhat beneath him to...scratch out things about himself on a totem, with a sigh he takes his pen in his hand and begins*
1) Barrister Lord Senthris Darkstrider the III of the House of Dark Strider
2) I am a Noble Blood Elf Mage.
3) I am Senthris Darkstrider the III. A noble born Blood Elf of the House Darkstrider. I was born before the fall of Quel'thals. I was but a young initate mage at the academy when the city fell. My father and mother were killed by the envading Scourge Army. My brother, however, survived and became a ranger. While I believe he would be better suited to the arcane this is not the path he chose and well...he and I rarely see eye to eye. After these events, my training was complete and I made the rank of adept. Rather then continue my training right away, I went to Law School to study and become a Barrister. For those of you unfamiliar, a Barrister is someone who argues for the kingdom against criminals. I completed Law School at the top of my class and was appointed by King Sunstrider himself as a Barrister. It was also at this time I was granted the title of Lord, being the eldest in my family I gained the rights to my families lands...if they still exsisted. Having done that and successfully prosocuted several criminals I returned to the Mage Academy to complete my training. While I do still serve as Barrister, my path to Archmage has superceded that for the time being as becoming a Master Mage would grant me the title of Magistrate which I greatly desire, my father was a Magistrate, his father..and so on in that fashion. I only wish my younger brother Vespaisen would have followed along, ah well, he was always good with a bow and sowrd and had a way with the land. Perhaps he is better suited as a ranger. Only time will tell. I now seek to join this tribe so that I can further relations between the Horde and the Blood Elves. I understand I will begin as a peon...while I find this title distasteful I will accept it because I believe being in this tribe will be an honor. Im sure you would all agree with me.
4) Uhm, I find working with my hands beneath an Elf of my standing, however I am proficient with some First-Aid should the need araise.
5) The House Darkstrider and Barrister for the Royal Court of Silvermoon.
6) Many of my brothers and sisters have joined this..tribe as it's called and the tribes exploits are widely discussed in the halls of the court. I would deem it an honor and a privelege to stand amongst your ranks..as Im sure you would deem it so for me to stand among you.
7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?
8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them? Well to make Archmage firstly and with that comes the title of Magistrate so that is chifely my personal goals. A goal however that in my mind surpasses even that is the total defeat and eradication of the Scourge threat and the threat of the Legion.
9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth? Oh I might be a Noble however I very much enjoy going on adventures you see. Most enjoyable to show my enemies the true power of the arcane. I also enjoy my prosecutorial duties in Silvermoon which has also brought me much success.
10) Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? On my word as a Barrister and on the great name of House Darkstrider, I swear I shall abide by your Code of Conduct.

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