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Semi - permanent group (please read)
Before I get into what the semi-permanent group is let me explain why I am trying to set this up.
Often times if you are in Org you will hear Kon and I advertising for groups in various places. Often times if you stay in org long neough you will hear Kon and I advertising for well over an hour (sometimes up to 3hrs). So that being said Konfucius and I are wanting to set up a semi-permanent grouping arrangement.

What this means is almost all the time we will be able to assemble a group quickly from a list of people willing to go to places when available. This eliminates those dreaded times sitting around looking for a group or looking for the right classes to fill out your group. This will mainly be used to set up instance groups and quest groups.
To get this set up I need the names levels and classes of each person who wishes to be put on the list ( currently we are trying for people who are around lvl 40 and up....)

So far we have:

Konfucius - 41
Brethec - 42
Kankan - 60
Zamba - 39

Waltimus - 60
Kishia - 46

Xepharia - 39
Nightdemon - 60

Utsusemi - 60
Lucinther - 47
Alegar - 59

Kantkant - 40

Empey - 56
Xythe - 47

Cristoff - 50
Konjen - 46

Right now that is all that we have for this but like I said... I'd like to get this built up so we eliminate the long group waits and the horrible pick up groups that people tend to get into. Also for those of you interested please join channel spg in game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Edit 1/14/06 - Edited to add names and make it a slight bit clearer as to what classes we have. classes are in alphabetical order and each player along with level is listed under the correct class.
This sounds like a great idea, one I shall have to steal later on. Big Grin

But you need to put down the play schedule of this group. Like, "20:00 to 00:00 Mon -Thur, 20:00 to 04:00 Fri, all day or not at all Sat - Sun" for example (My schedule....more or less). You probably wouldn't use military time, but a lot of people can't seem to understand that noon = 12pm and midnight = 12am so I myself like military a lil'. And anybody who can't add 12 to the time to make it pm...well...to hell with them! :wink:
May I join your group?
What an awesome idea.

I'd like to test this semi-perma group thing.

If Nightdemon (60 priest), Waltimus (60 mage) or Empey (56 Warlock) is online at the time, and you need one of them, send me a tell......
Heh, I'm 42 now, btw Tongue

Anyway, about the time thing, It's going to be somewhat hard to work around. We all have diffrent times we're available not to mention diffrent time zones, and Lucinther and I both have school to attend to, perhaps even some on the current group.

@Konjen, Sure, we just need Lucinther to add you to the list up top
[Image: legendm.jpg]
[Image: NMrob.jpg]
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might as well put me on the list im always up for raiding some instance.

Utsusemi, 60 rogue with Imp sap.
Zamba is a level 39 hunter
but I dont really have a set schedule of when im online.
<Cristoff throws his shield into the circle with a grin> Please, consider me for your forays.

((I'm level 50 now. I generally play after 8pm server time (I have two kids to wrangle into bed) and am on just about nightly. I also have un-guilded (so far) alts who would also be happy to join: Kantkant - 40 Shaman; Kankan - 60 Hunter; and Alegar - 59 Rogue.))
Kon and I are generally on around 2pm org time until around 7pm org time. ((This isn't quite a set time frame as I am often tied up in sports and academics and Kon is also tied up with academics, but we generally work on stuff as we are playing so it works out...)) So if ya are looking for us or need a group around then that is generally when we will be available during the week.

During the weekend I am online for the majority of the day starting around 9am org time and ending at about 12pm to 1am org time depending on the day.

This is just a general time frame so anyone listed knows about when they could possibly recieve an invitation for a group. hope to see you all soon to shake down a few of those beloved instances.

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