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Seeking Brilliant Chromatic Scales
Months ago, when the snows of winter still lay heavy on the peaks of Mulgore, it was my tremendous fortune to capture a Chromatic Carapace from the broken body of Rend's foul mount, Gyth.

Since that time, I have been instructed by a member of the Bronze Dragonflight to collect a great number of strange materials. I have recovered a great jug of the Blood of Heroes from the fields of the Eastern Plaguelands, and, with the able help of Mellith, Krell, Umu, Vortok, and other tribesmates, have nearly finished collecting a great bolt of Skin of Shadow from the Scholomance.

All I need now are the Brilliant Scales of the Chromatic Dragonflight. Four I have found. Six remain to satisfy the Dragonflight.

If any of the Tribe can aid me in this, I would be most grateful!

Yes, I have a Chromatic Carapace, and I'm nearly done with the materials for the Legplates of the Chromatic Defier. I have been buying Brilliant Chromatic Scales when they come on the market at a decent price.

If any Tribesmate has a Chromatic Scale gathering dust in their vault, send me a note and I'm sure we could reach an agreement!
Oryx - Jadox - Koryx - Atorax - Cabochon - Hargrim - Morwen - Stillweaver - Talindrys

Congratulations on that drop.
I too also once got that drop.

I would recommend you toward the melee pants, Shaman's have little chance to get Epic Melee gear, and the Earthfury pants are probably better than the Chromatic Caster pants.

Sadly, I ended up buying most of my Chromatic Scales. Alot of people collect those scales before they even get the Carapace. But they collect anyway with the hope of 1. Getting the Drop & 2. Winning the drop and it is hard going to convince them otherwise.

I would say I would see about an average of one scale drop per run, and that you have a 50/50 chance of winning it per run.
Vote Akora for MA!
A quick thanks to all the tribesfolk that helped me out with this (especially Chaska!).

I have all the scales I need now.
Oryx - Jadox - Koryx - Atorax - Cabochon - Hargrim - Morwen - Stillweaver - Talindrys
Congratulations! This is a major accomplishment!
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Glad you got your pants Oryx! Big Grin
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby

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