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Seasons Greetings
Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for 2007*

*terms and conditions apply

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for a socially responsible, minimum stress, non-addictive, environmentally conscious, gender neutral celebration of the summer solstice holiday (for the southern hemisphere), practised within the traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all...

Also a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2007, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make Australia the great country it is today (not to imply that Australia is necessarily greater than any other country), and without regard to the race, creed, colour, age, physical ability, religious faith, beer preference, choice of computer platform, or sexual proclivity of the wishee.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting this greeting, you are accepting the attached terms and conditions.

· This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal,
· It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting,
· It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for her/himself or others,
· Is void where prohibited by law,
· Is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher,
· This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year, or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first,
· Warranty shall be limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

Arfa and Gnomophobe
*doubles over laughing* Ha! You made my morning.

Carefully qualified wishes and completely unconditional hugs to the both of you, and the rest of the Tribe!

*points to everyone, even Damoxian and Algernon* Yes, you are all getting hugged, whether you like it or not!

(And just try suing a bouncy tauren female for harassment in Azeroth. Even the gnomes will laugh at you!)

*Commences the general Holiday Season hugging, with an added smooch for her husband*

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