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Seargeant Worgtamer
While i may have earned a "Title", given to me by certain leaders within the Horde council, I have found that I seem to not be that different from most adventurers I have been humbly able to meet in my travels. Of course i have attained a revered status with the various horde factions, also being highly awarded by the raiders of the warsong clan. Through my 60 winters as a teacher of animals, the ability to work with them has always been
an easier thing to master than my ability to work with other races. Though i became of age in a far land named Durotar I have no home to speak of and have yet to lay my head anywhere other than the great open expanse of the vast world I have traveled from one coast to the other. I have become a master in the ways of the bow and rifle and can accurately strike a mark in any wind, I have also learned that true mastery is never quite achieved because there is always a teacher who will show you a skill you havent even learned of yet, so as such my learning is an ongoing way of life. Without a family that I could ever have had
true knowledge of, I do call the forest animals my true family. At a young age I learned that mysteriously I could call out, persay, to various animals. Though that experience at certain times(chuckles) got me into a few tight spots. My best friend Worg is an owl that I have raised since I found him thrown from his nest(pondering the similarities between us both I gently stroke Worg's soft feathers).

I have in my travels learned that i have agile fingers in molding various metals of these lands into many wondrous items that the gnomes and goblins have taught me, though honestly i am a glutton for punishment, because i have made it a personal aim to perfect some of the (coughs) wonderful gadgets that the Gnomes have become proud of. Also i have been taught the ways of the dwarves and have learned the many methods required to pull the rich metals from the lands and have uncovered many various gems though I seem to have fat fingers when it comes to handling them.

In my travels I have also met many clans or groups that i have attempted to call
my own tho my first true home was finally found within the guildhalls of The Bloody Spawns of Tiamat, many family members who brought me in and called me brother. My friendship still remains with them, but i have learned that the vast expanse of the outdoors will be where i must rest my head(Walls seem to pull tightly around me if i am within them too long).

As far as my greatest trial, I am still trying to find that moment, though meeting the great Thrall was a humbling experience and has made me yearn to see approval in those dark eyes. His heart is pure for his people and, though I yearn for that tie to an actual clan, Thrall has invited me into his home and has become my leige in the long war that Alliance races have forced upon us.

My future goals extend to the far off world known as Outlands that Thrall has asked me to investigate, seeing as I can move in ways that others have not mastered I also yearn for the true adventures that only wanderlust can lead you to.

Though i have been one to make my own rules through my life, I also have learned that other rules govern you in order to keep the peace, and am willing to humbly accept yours as my own whether I am brought into the inner circle of your family, or I am but an aquantance who you wish to travel with at times.

May the sun always rise at your back, and may your weapons one day find a place to rest in peace........One day.

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