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Search for a sister
Rince smirked at Weezil. "Good thinking."

Lucerra was already heading to the shop when she leaned down and took Weezil's hand. "Sure you can come."

Pyaara nodded and led the two into the back room. She stopped at the entrance. "Hey girl!" she said pleasantly, pulling the curtain back just enough to admit herself. "I've got a surprise for you."

Lucerra waited anxiously. She'd let go of Weezil's hand once they got to the shop entrance and was now looking very nervous. Her voice was barely audible when she said, "What if she doesn't remember me?" She was smoothing out the fur on her forearms, not that it really needed smoothing out.

Flinttooth came over and put an arm around her. "She's your sister; of course she'll remember you."

Pyaara peeked her head out. "She's ready."

Lucerra went in followed by Weezil. The back room was larger than she'd expected. There were boxes and bags on shelves all around the room. In the center of the room was a moderately sized table that was ingeniously lit via a skylight and various reflective glasses. Along the back wall was a grinding stone with various discs on the shelf next to it. Water dripped from a hose right over the grinder and collected in a basin around the turntable. In the far back of the room was a couch. Lucerra guessed that this room went into the cliffside behind the store. The light from the skylight bounced around the room via the reflective glasses and she found it to be quite pleasant. No wonder Corerra had stayed. She finally saw her. She was sitting cross-legged on the ground playing with some tools and some stone.

Lucerra looked closer and actually saw that the stone had been carved to look like a figure. She quietly approached, her voice still hardly above a whisper, "Cor-?"

Corerra looked up, amber eyes looked at her with curiosity. Her fur was black and white, in a pattern similar to her mother's. She was small, but looked fully grown. Her features made her appear to be in her twenties. She wore a white gown that had already seen plenty of grass stains and dirt.

The two sisters regarded each other wordlessly. Lucerra was trembling, "Sis-." Her voice was still hardly above a whisper, "This is my friend Weezil.
Weezil, this is my sister, Corerra."

And then the most unexpected thing happened. Corerra ran to Lucerra and embraced her.
The strange old-young Tauren appeared to remember her sister, and ran to embrace her. Weezil was delighted. A happy family reunion!

She waited as the sisters hugged each other, feeling a little superfluous. She wondered if her work was done, now that Lucerra had found her sister.

Pyaara was standing nearby, watching the scene benevolently.

Weezil leaned toward Pyaara and whispered, "Has she been here long? Has she said anything? What have you found out about her? She's under some sort of strange enchantment, do you know anything about it?"

Pyaara looked down at the goblin. "She's been here a few days." She looked at Correra, head tilted to the side. "You'd be right about her not speaking." She looked on thoughtfully. "I just thought she was really shy. But you think it's an enchantment?" She looked back to the goblin. "I wonder what kind of enchantment could cause this."

Lucerra took a step back and looked at her sister. She was quite a bit taller, but looked younger. "You remember me. Why did you leave, Cor?"

There seemed to be an internal struggle going on within the young Tauren. Then she cried out, "Noooo!"

Lucerra stepped forward and embraced her protectively. Her hand smoothed out her hair in a motherly way. Her voice was hardly above a whisper, "shhhh. It's all right. You can tell me."

"Nooooo!" Tears streamed down Corerra's face.

"You're my sister. I love you dearly. If you don't want to speak then it's all right." She kissed her on the top of her head.

Something flashed in Corerra's eyes, and she shoved Lucerra hard.

Lucerra went backwards, toppling into a shelf. Boxes toppled off the shelf and all around her.

Corerra backed away, eyes narrowed, mouth in a snarl. She picked up a small pick that she'd been using earlier. Her other hand began to gather some kind of shadowy energy around it.

Pyaara looked at Weezil for just a moment, "She's never been like this!"

((Did you really think that there wouldn't be a fight?!))
Weezil watched the scene in growing alarm. Correra's happy greeting was rapidly followed by a terrible internal struggle, then a direct attack on her sister, while tears streamed from her eyes.

Correra must be possessed, or under an evil spell that she was trying desperately to fight off -- a battle she was losing.

The key, Weezil thought, was to subdue Correra without harming her, and somehow get the evil spirit or curse or whatever it was off of her as soon as possible.

"Send for a priest!" Weezil shouted, "Somebody who can exorcise an evil spirit!"

Weezil was no good with magic, but she could help with the sedation part.

She pulled a small air gun from her back. She didn't use it much -- it was pretty short range -- but it was sturdy and reliable. She pulled a tranquilizing dart from a small pouch, a little ballistic syringe loaded a strong sedative, and loaded it. Correra was wielding the pick with one hand and gathering strange, smoky energy with the other.

Weezil took careful aim. She aimed for the chest, which was a nice broad target. She fired. The dart stuck into Correra's clothing just below the left collarbone. She barely seemed to notice, so intent was she on her spell, and so wild and miserable were her eyes. Weezil couldn't be sure the needle had actually gone in. After a few seconds, the dart fell to the floor. Weezil craned her neck to see if the sedative was still in it, but just at that moment Correra stepped on it, crushing it to little pieces. Drat. Weezil didn't know if Correra had gotten the dose, and if she had, a second dart would be too much sedative.

Weezil watched Correra anxiously for signs of sleepiness. That would take -- Weezil glanced at the label in the leather pouch -- about five minutes.

How much damage could Correra possibly do in five minutes?

Weezil gulped.
Rince heard the loud crash and rushed into the back room. He stopped just behind Pyaara and Weezil. Weezil had a gun in her hand and Pyaara was trying to speak calmly to a Tauren with black and white markings, Corerra. A bookshelf had been knocked over and he could see a pair of hooves sticking out from under the rubble.

Black shadows gathered around Corerra's hands, and Rince knew that he had to act. He summoned his magic and was suddenly in front of the two ladies. Normally, he used this spell to get away from attackers, not to move towards them.

He brought his hand up and said a quick word of magic. The shadows disappeared from Corerra's hands. He hadn't planned for her next move. She charged at him.

One moment he was standing, the next moment he was on his back. He picked his head up only to have a fist strike him back down. Everything began to dance around him as he tried to get himself right. He saw her other fist pull back for another strike and he prepared himself for the worst.

Except that it never came, Pyaara grabbed her arm and pulled her up and off of him. She was glowing from the aid to her strength that she received from the light. Corerra thrashed against her, but Pyaara held her firmly. She whispered calm words into her ear.

Corerra continued to struggle, but her efforts were becoming less and less powerful. Pyaara was also showing signs growing tired.

Flinttooth came into the room and Pyaara said, "Lucerra...help her!"

A moment of puzzlement crossed Flint's face but then he followed her gaze to the bookshelf. He could see blood now on the floor. And she wasn't moving.

Weezil lept toward the hooves sticking out from the downed bookcase. Oh no. No no no no no. Sticking her hands under the edge, she heaved upward. The bookcase moved a little. Weezil could hear the shifting and sliding of books underneath. She heaved again. Nothing. Why did she have to be so short?

"Help!" she said. "Help me get this bookcase off her!"

Straining against the weight of the bookcase, Weezil glanced down. One of the hooves twitched a little. Weezil almost let go in her relief, but caught herself in time. The edge of the bookcase was cutting into her fingers. But it didn't seem to matter so much.

Lucerra was alive.
Flinttooth rushed over and helped lift the bookshelf off of Lucerra, then Weezil and he began to pull the debris off of Lucerra. Boxes of gems and rocks coated the girl and it took several moments just to even get to her body. Flinttooth shifted to her shoulders to pull her out of the gems, and as he did so the sunlight caught on her body. It sparkled and reflected the gems sending rays of colored light everywhere.

Lucerra stirred and began to sit up, then stopped with a gasp of pain. She looked down and saw the tip of a red gem poking out of her abdomen. She looked at it then began to pull. Amazingly enough, she saw through the task to the end. It was a long red gem that glistened from her blood almost five inches in length. She looked at it weirdly for a moment.

A hush had fallen over the room.

Everyone had turned to look at Lucerra.

Corerra began to cry and struggle against Pyaara. She succeeded in freeing herself from the Blood Elf's grasp and she ran towards Lucerra.

She went to her knees, ignoring the debris that dug into her flesh as she landed. And then she spoke in her native tongue, but it was different. It was an older version of Taurahe. "An'she lok'wa en in'shka."

Golden light began to glow from her hand,s and she touched Lucerra's wound. It closed up, leaving a small star of fresh scar tissue.

Lucerra reached up and grasped her hands. "Corerra, cha ank'la'tae for'wa."

Corerra nodded and focused her power. She grasped her sister's hands tightly and closed her eyes. The light shifted to a brighter silvery white, which began to encompance the sisters.

Lucerra was also casting, and the young Sunwalker showed the true meaning of the word. Her skin radiated with the Light. Flames of light flicked all over her. Then she gathered it up, taking it into her body.

She took her right hand and placed it over Corerra's heart and released the gathered energy. A bright light flashed, and then the shadow creature exploded out of her back.

Pyaara blasted the thing with a bright white light, and it fell to the ground in a pile of writhing black goo. "Corerra, do you want to do the honors?"

Corerra nodded and crouched down next to the thing, touching the ground next to it.

Rince looked at Weezil through the blinding light, and adjusted his goggles. "A room full of paladins and Sunwalkers...Just what I needed."

Flinttooth chuckled and patted him on the back, "You can blame Mula for that trait."

When the light finally diminished to normal, all that was left of the shadow creature was a faint dusting of black specks.

Lucerra held out her arms to her sister and Corerra embraced her sister. Pyaara came over and brushed Corerra's hair out of her eyes fondly. Then Flinttooth encircled his daughters in his massive arms, kissing them both on the head.

Rince groaned. "That is the most nauseating thing I've seen all day long. I'm going to get a breath of fresh air." He tipped his head to Weezil on the way out. "You did good, kiddo. You did good."

((Thank you all for reading this. And thank you Zlinkers for joining in! This ends this part of the long winded tale that is Mula's family. Soon to come: Mula's epic battle against Reaver....At least I hope it to be epic. This will be an open RP event as well for the Totem. So, I'll start it off and will try to be patient to allow others to join in. (BTW that's a feat in itself. XD) And Zlink--If you want to add anything else to this post with Weezil that's perfectly cool, or just stay tuned for the next storyline.))
((Thank you, Mula, for this story! I really enjoyed it. I look forward to the next one very much, and I hope that more folks will be able to jump in to the next co-created story! The more the merrier! Thank you again, Mula!))

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