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Scarlets go boom...
*written in Zema's chidish handwriting, but oddly devoid of the bright colors she generally uses for making notes on the totem*

It is time to make the Scarlets remember the promise that I made to them a long time ago...that none of them would be safe if they kept attacking not bad people.

I am ready to remind all of them that none of -my- Tribemates are going to let them keep hurting good people...it's time to make them pay for hurting everyone.

If you want to help me make them remember, those in the Hearthglen place and inside the Stratholme bad place, tell me.

*even more strangely, there is no picture included with this note, at all*

(( Well, the time has come when I have to ask for yet more help... in order to craft my Truefaith Vestments (http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=14154), I need four Righteous Orbs. This is not to say that I expect to be given all that drop. I will be hoping for a chance to -roll- on any that drop.

Last evening, Zinthas, Amato, Saltin, Edo, and myself five-manned it, hoping to finish quests and perhaps have a chance on an Orb...alas, not a single orb dropped...frustrating, but it also reminded me why I never go anywhere hoping for loot :roll:

So, if you would like to put together a 5-man or 10-man, or would be interesting in joining one of such groups, please feel free to ask me...as I will be very interested in returning.....and it appears I'll be doing so for a long time.

Also, I have been told that the orbs have a chance to drop in Hearthglen, so if anyone would be interested in putting a group together for that, I would also be willing to come heal.

Keep in mind: I would like this to remain an in-character thing...mostly because I hate farming. Zema has (and has had) an intense hatred and a long-standing vendetta against the Scarlets...and because ...well, that's what it's all about...fun...not stuff. -poZema ))
I agree Zema, those scarlets need to pay....

((I also need a few orbs, so I will go on any runs that I am available for.))
As one who can atest to the attrocities of the Scarlets, I would gladly join you in putting them down. They are evil, through and through.

((Kern was captured and tortured by them until some of the Ironsong tribe rescued him from Hearthglen. He would gladly help kill any of them.))
(( Quick update: In five runs on live strat, we have gathered a total of ... <drumroll> ONE righteous orb! hehe. Many thanks to all of the people who have put up with the insantity of the runs...and as much thanks as I can muster to Amato, as he won an orb in a PUG and -gave- it to me, despite my protests....'Mato, that was too sweet.

Sooo, if you still need to go to Live Strat for quests or anything at all, I am still looking to put groups together for the hopes of another orb to roll on (No, I do not expect to be given orbs that drop without a fair chance for -everyone- involved to earn them).

Thank you again to all involved, you all rock Wink -poZema ))
It would be my pleasure to deal as much unpleasantness to the Scarlets.
These hideous people are the sole reason for my forsaken existance. It's how I came to be "Waltimus"

It began on a dark night, where a dark figure waits with a dark purpose.
Sitting upon his mount, he merely waited. Patience. time passed.
The sky was dark grey and the ground frozen cold from the cold winter night. The hate in his heart fueled his body keeping back and signs of fatigue and cold. He knew his moment would come and needed only watch and wait.
Meanwhile a young lad had just finished picking flowers for his lass. It was getting dark and he knew it was time to go home and deliver to her the beautiful flowers. A sign of his unending, unyielding, everlasting love.
She was the most stunning woman he'd ever seen. Her eyes were like the calm sea after a storm; deep, dark, and mysterious. When he looked into her eyes he could see his unborn children. A famliy. Love. This was more than any man deserved as she loved him back and had agreed to marry him in the coming spring.
In a flash, the rider was upon him yelling,"NONE SHALL HAVE HER IF I CANNOT!" A steel blade, shining in the moonlight, fell swiftly into his chest, piercing his heart with precision accuracy like a butcher carving his daily meat. Knocking the young lad to the ground while pulling back his sword, He tied him to his horse and dragged him up the hill, like some worthless piece of garbage.
Swinging the rope over the highest branch he could find, this same dark figure strung up his victim as if he were some criminal. Finally, pinning a note on his blood stained cloak that read "Here swings the thief who stole her from me - touch not what is mine or suffer the consequences! I am the Archivist - Obey my order!"

I hung there for two days, bleeding, dying only to find my flesh rotting as the rope swung back and forth - back and forth. Passers by spat on me, cursed my name, ridiculed me, hit me with rocks. Only one dark lady heard my plea. Take me Sylvanas, take me dark lady, give me strength. Teach me magic so I may have my revenge. Two days later it ended. The Scarlet friars threw me into a ditch, covering me with dirt. The only parting words over my grave were "good riddence".
......but one lady heard my plea..... one lady knew the injustice..... one lady worked her magic to bring me to what I am now.....

It would be my pleasure to exact revenge on the Archivist. There is no love lost between us.

seek me out when you choose to hunt him down. I'm yours to command.

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