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Saving Dispaya - An RP event
[center][Image: kardysad2.jpg]

The rain only continued to pelt him and the wind threw itself in his direction, making his body shiver. Rain and tears alike slid down his face as he tried to comprehend the meaning of his very existence. He had been nothing but a curse. Everyone he loved had been taken from him in some way. Mehri, his family, his friends...and now Dispaya.

Amongst the sobs wracking his body, he managed to somehow speak.

"I'm sorry, Dispaya...I am so sorry..."
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
The sand felt soft beneath the hard plate of the elf's armor as he stepped through the huge cavern.

Slowly, he knelt with one hand out-stretched, grabbing a fistful of sand and letting it slide through his fingers.



"We use it, trust it, measure it, but what IS it?"

"Time is a regular progression of isntants. Like sands through an hour-glass."

"Excellent analogy. One I was going to use myself, and then compare the hour-glass with the mechanical clock. You see the difference between the two?"


"No, you're not daft, boy. It's a hard concept to wrap your brain around. The clock is a mechanical simulation of time, each beat controlled by a turning of the gears. You can look at a clock and know that everything advances by one tic of the wheel, one slip of the gears. You know what is coming next, because the original clock maker built it that way."

"All right. Time is a clock."

"Ah, but time is also an hour-glass. The hour-glass also measures time, true? Yet you never know which particle of sand will move from the upper half to the lower half at any instant. Were you to number the sands, the order would be slightly different each time. But the end result is always the same - all the sand has moved from the top to the bottom. What order it happens in does not matter. So?"

"So...you're saying that it may not matter if you set up your tower here because an explosion created this valley and warped the nature of reality around it, or that the explosion occurred
because you would eventually come here, and the nature needed to give you the tools you wanted to stay."

"Close enough."
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
His dull, green eyes viewed the rock walls of the cavern around him. The servants of time made no sound as they quietly went about their business. So quiet, that he didn't hear the small figure come up behind him.

"I see you made it."

Though he didn't hear her approach, he made no motion as if he'd even heard her. Instead, he spoke with a true intent.

"I'm ready."

The gnomish figure of Chromie stepped up to the blood elf's side.

"This is very dangerous you know." She stated, "You can't just go back and do whatever you want."

"I know." Kardwel said, "You explained this to me."

"You'll be in Lorderon." Chromie continued as if she hadn't heard him, "You can't be walking around in plate-armor like that. We'll need to get you something much simpler. Also," she turned and looked up, staring Kardwel right in the eyes. "You can NOT, under any circumstance, go try to find yourself. If, for ANY reason, you see your past self, you MUST leave immediately."

She leaned forward and for the first time, Kardwel began to see the visage of a very angry bronze dragon.

"Do I make myself clear?" she threatened.

Kardwel hesitated.

"Crystal." He replied, his gaze somewhat surprised by looking at her.

Her gnomish form returned to normal before him and she turned away, walking towards the very large platform in the very center of the caverns of time.

"We'll be watching, that's for sure." She said. She then turned back to look at him. "You'll still need help if you wish to figure out the mystery. I suggest you call upon all your tribe who will help you in this endeavor."

Kardwel's gaze floated away as he thought about that.

"I don't think they'll do it for me." He replied, "I think they'll do it for Dispaya."

Chromie shrugged.

"Whatever you need to do. Just be very aware of what is going on around you. The whole point of this is to find out what happened to your mage friend."


Chromie turned to look at Kardwel.


"Anca." he said again, "She's...different. A young orc girl in my tribe. I think she can help. She was the last one with Dispaya."

Almost of its own accord, his hand felt a small locket on his chest. The one Anca had said was Dispaya's.

"And Lucinther. He did something like this before. I'm not sure exactly what it was. And Zlinka, she helped too."

"They helped in a malfunctioning time-rift." Chromie nodded. "The same one I sent Dispaya back to when she had to pay back the Queen."

There was silence as Kardwel thought about the journey ahead. All this work, all this risk...and what would it do for him in the end? He knew, somewhere deep within him that he would never see Dispaya again. This was his last chance to do something for her, to see her one last time. And he knew these opportunities would most likely never present themselves in the future. He was very fortunate.

He felt a sudden pang of sadness echo throughout his chest as he once more found his mind drifting back to the Forsaken woman.

"I would gather any of your tribe that wants to help you and meet up here." Chromie interrupted his thoughts "We'll discuss finer details in a bit."

There was another pause before the bronze dragon broke the silence again.

"Tell me Kardwel, why do you do this? Dispaya will not remember any of what you are doing now."

"You told me she'd remember in the end." Kardwel said.

Chromie nodded, "Yes, at the very end of her Forsaken life. At the point where it matters not. So why do you do it?"

Kardwel walked passed her.

"I do it because it needs to be done."

Chromie now stared at the back of the blood elf as he approached the dais in the center of the room, one hand out feeling the smooth, etched rock.

"You don't do it because of that," She quietly said, crossing her arms and giving him a small smile, knowing full well he couldn't see it.

"You do it out of love."
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
((OOC Bit))

Once again, the tribe will be taking a trek back in time. For one week, Kardwel (and anyone helping him) will not be in the guild hall.

Unlike the Caverns of Time event Dispaya created in the past, however, nothing changes about the future. Guild Chat will still be used as it is, in the current day. There will be a *seperate* channel for RP'ing the Time event. Any time I am logged in as Kardwel, I will be RPing in this channel (with any others who decide to join me) and he will not be in the guild hall. Melikar, for example, will not be going back in time and will therefor not be in the time channel.

Now, I know with people logging in and out, things will not be 100% orderly. And for those who want to know what is going on but do not wish to partake in the RP event, I will be posting updates here as to the mystery behind Dispaya's death. This is also my first time making an event of this nature and I hope you all have your patience with me. See you in the Caverns of Time at this week's moot! Smile
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Update - 4/8: Kardwel, Lucinther, Mula, Aracna and Anca have traveled back in time to some-odd ten years ago. The have found themselves placed in an open field in Hillsbrad Foothills. Where they are to go, remains a mystery. There are now two versions of the five travelers in existence. Whereas Kardwel knows his past self resides safely in Eversong, his current self is in a dilemma. It's up to these five to put the pieces together and solve the mystery behind Dispaya's death. So far, all they have to go on, is an old, rusted locket Anca found in the Dalaran sewers shortly before Dispaya died...
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
The Caverns of Time saw adventurers every day. People came and went, but since the call to the North they were not around as often. The Stewards of time continued their jobs of watching the various time-ways and portals. Things were going in an orderly fashion, and there was no need to send out any kind of call for distress.

One certain afternoon was passing by, when a Steward doing her rounds about the cavern was suddenly thrown to her knees by a violent shake. At first she thought it to be some kind of earthquake, but the sudden deafening "crack" that followed told her otherwise. She quickly looked around. A time-line had opened, and who knew what may have come out of it. She quickly ran in the direction of the noise. She came across a time-way opening before her very eyes. It swirled before her, but before she could turn to run, something within it moved.

Out stepped a blood elf, his blond hair disheveled, his plate armor looking a mess. He glanced up and the two made eye contact for a moment, before he suddenly fell into heap on the sand strewn earth. The time-way immediately began to close and in a matter of seconds, it had disappeared all together as if never to have existed.

"Who are-" the Steward began, but she was interrupted by another female voice.

"He's with me."

The Steward turned and saw Chromie, one of the aspects of the Bronze flight.

"I'm sorry we startled you." she explained, "You'll have to excuse me though. I must get this one back to Dalaran as soon as possible."


It wasn't until sometime the next day that Kardwel finally awoke. He realized he was alone in his room in a small set of homes set up around the Filthy Animal Inn. His armor had been removed, as well as most of his clothes, but he didn't dare ask who had that job. Not that he cared to think about it at all at this point. He turned his head and glanced out the window. The sky was clear and he could hear the bustle of the city below him, the adventurers who had not just had their lives affected by a visit to the past.

Though it felt odd to be back, he had to admit a lot of what happened with Dispaya didn't trouble him anymore. He knew what had happened to her.

Everything made sense now.

His mind flashed back to when he first saw her, as a human of course. Her dark hair flowed around her vibrant and young face, he had wanted nothing but to hold her even from a distance. And the locket...

Kardwel suddenly glanced down, noticing the same locket still rested on his chest. It was one item he was never going to give up. He would most likely wear it until the end of his days. Always to remind himself of her, and what she did for him. She was wearing it that same day he had seen her in South Shore.

He also met a man by the name of Walter. He had stood by as this man grew jealous of Dispaya's affections for someone else. It was Walter that had used necrotic energy and magic to turn Dispaya into a creature of undeath. He was the one responsible for ruining the young woman's life.

Lucinther had explained that in the current-day time line, Walter was dead. There was no way the blood elf could seek his revenge, for it had already been done. But, Walter hadn't taken her life, he had hidden it away in a small locket, knowing keeping it would keep her under his control.

But, he had the chance to speak with her a few times while he was there. Chromie explained that in order for Dispaya not to remember him, that piece of her memory would need to be erased. Like a thread being cut, it would remove her memory of him, and be re-tied to a point farther down the line. He had wanted so badly to stay with her, regardless of what anyone else thought or said. But he knew time did not work that way. If they were meant to be together, they would've been. The fact that they were not only meant that he was supposed to be happy with someone else.

He had gone back in time because he loved her and wanted to be with her. He could've been with her, he could've stayed with her. But he didn't. He didn't because he wanted nothing but her happiness, and it would not come this way.

His fingers reached up the touch the locket, just as he had so many times before. That small thread of time where Kardwel had occupied Dispaya's mind wasn't lost. It had been placed somewhere important that Kardwel knew she would be able to find it some day. When Dispaya...no, Caroline, had opened the locket that night to be reborn into life, she hadn't just freed herself from Walter's dark magic. She had been given a piece of her memory back. And everything would make sense to her now as well.

If she really did live among humans once more, Kardwel knew he had to see her at least one more time.

Within minutes he was out of the bed and quickly getting dressed. The quickest way to South Shore was by way of Undercity, and he intended to get there as quickly as he could.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]

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