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Sapphiron Monday 3/16
Congratulations and thanks to you all. Our raid has cleared all 4 wings of Naxx-25, and on Monday, we will attempt Sapphiron. For our first several attempts on this boss, I would like people to have 300 frost resist through gear. This is pretty easily obtainable through crafted items.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

Just for clarification; if folks obtain the 3 crafted Frost Resist armor pieces this will give them 287 Frost Resistance. Are you wanting folks to get one additional piece, or does your 300 figure include the Shaman totem? Shantow has his 3 items already, and I will need to know if I should get him the ring made.

Thanks! And great job last night.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
The three crafted pieces plus totem and aura should be enough.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

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