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Saerrina offline due to ice storm
Saerrina asked me to make a post letting folks know that she is without power due to an ice storm, and will be back ASAP.
OMGOMGOMG! I'm back up. And I got to come hoooooome! I've been at my dad's since the power went out late yesterday afternoon. He has gas heat and my place is all electric.

Fortunately, my place is one of those that could "accept power" and we came back up when the main station was turned on just a bit ago, 24 hours ahead of what they were projecting.

Unfortunately, my dad's house is one of those unlucky ones that cannot accept power and may be down for up to three weeks. He has extensive tree damage from the ice accumulation including limbs that pulled the main electric line right out of the meter.

Anyway, I'm back online, getting kids fed, bathed, settled, and I'll see y'all online later. Maybe.
I made it back online also after 2 days without power. We did fine (I have a generator), and played lots of board games, but lost the 2 trees in our front yard (a Bradford Pear and a Maple). This is one of the worst ice storms I have seen (and I have seen a few). The University is closed the rest of the week because of the danger of falling ice and limbs. Also, a lot of people are still without power.

Back in the mid-nineties when I lived in Memphis, we had an ice storm that put about 3 inches on everything. We were without power for 2 weeks then, so I feel luck now.

Hope everyone affected by this storm stays safe and warm.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
*nodnod* That one came in February 11, 1994. I remember it well. And it took 3 weeks or more then to restore power to all those without it in the rural parts of Arkansas.

My dad's meter was damaged when the falling tree limbs downed the line that fed power to his house. It falls to him to repair the meter, before the power company can replace that line and provide him electricity again. My sister has to wait while they clear debris and replace lines along a 90 mile stretch of wooded hills, possibly that 3 week time frame. Thankfully, both have gas heat to see them through.

Neat story out of that. My sister had me call the gas supplier and arrange for her tank to be refilled. Since she was not out of gas, they told me it could be a day or two given the volume of calls they had. One of the guys on the deliveries saw the last name, recognized that as my niece's, and bumped them to the top of the list. They had their tank filled within an hour of my call. Because my niece works for one of the local retail stores, is always friendly, and the guy remembered her. Small town folks take care of their own. Smile
Hope everything is going okay with you Saerrina, and you Jaba.

Living in Oregon, I rarely have to deal with ice or snow storms of any kind. We mainly just get a lot of rain and sometimes stronger winds. But for the most part, this area of the state (Portland) is pretty neutral when it comes to weather.
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