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My name is Saerrina. I have no surname which I know or have ever been told, simply Saerrina. I am told I am quite an accomplished priestess although my training occurred with something akin to whirlwind speeds and I sometimes still reel from this and question my own abilities.

I was but a lowly apprentice in the tailor's shop in Silvermoon City. My parentage is questionable as I was left to this apprenticeship at a very young age with no connection to whomever it was that left me there, even before the coming of the Scourge and rebuilding of our lovely city. I strove to do everything I could to help out in the shop and earn my keep, until the day my natural affinity for healing was discovered. A visitor to the shop had pricked her finger. To prevent the blood from staining the fine cloth with which she was working, I instinctively reached out and touched the finger. The small wound closed instantly with no sign of ever having existed. The small deed was reported to the priests in the Court and I shortly received a direct command to begin my training. By my people's standards, I was and still am a very young blood elf and hardly deemed mature enough to begin such training in the normal course of things. Life's hard knocks and on the job training have taught me well, although I still have much of life to experience.

Even during the course of my priestly training, I continued to ply my needles to every cloth imaginable as I came upon it and I have studied many new and wondrous patterns. I also learned it was possible to add magical enchantments to the pieces I was crafting as well. I pursued this interest avidly and have become quite accomplished with both my tailoring and enchanting. In addition to these trades, I have also taken up the hobbies of cooking and fishing. I find cooking enjoyable while fishing is quite dull, even if useful. To enhance my abilities as a healer, I have also mastered the art of making bandages for those times my mind is dazed and I simply cannot weave another healing spell.

It is worthy of note that my professions led to a meeting that was also lifechanging. When I first began to pursue enchanting, I sought the assistance of a blacksmith for certain materials I needed. I asked only for one particular rod necessary at the time. This young man was exceedingly generous and knowledgable of those I would need in the coming weeks as I developed the skill. He provided me with every last rod I was ever to need without accepting payment. My jubilation over this kindness prompted an exuberance I had not realized I had. I practically pounced upon the young man with hugs. I backed off, somewhat embarrassed, and offered my sincerest thanks. Weeks would pass before I saw him again but he was often in my thoughts. So during the season of love and friendship, I sent a token of my esteem. And received a lovely, thoughtful gift in return. Contact was re-established between us and I soon learned that he had watched over me during this time, from afar. He always knew where to find me and always seemed to appear when I was in dire need of assistance. By the time I had completed no more than half my training, Alfin and I sought one another out at every chance we had.

I joined his guild and when he made a decision to pursue more difficult goals, I followed. By the time I completed my training, he was heavily involved in some of the most difficult and risky endeavors known to our worlds. And I had properly trained to be able to join him as soon as I was sufficiently outfitted. This guild was known as Relentless for their relentless pursuit of new and more challenging trials day by day. Our preoccupation with these endeavors reached the point it was impossible to find personal time. Then came the day everything sort of boiled over and he parted company with our guild. I was at loose ends, friends with some of the people while not particularly caring for others. And missing him very much.

I was dazed for probably about two weeks, in which time almost everyone I had known seemed to simply fade away. There were only four remaining that I could clearly remember: a friend of my childhood, Neely; an orc whom I had befriended when he was down on his luck, Durkham; a hunter with whom Neely had trained at one point, Protesilaus; and the tauren shaman that was Durkham's combat partner, Stormaker. An odd best friend for a blood elf priest perhaps, this rough orc. But there could be no better friend than he ... and these. Neely had a tenuous association with a guild known as Bloodhoof Brigands and led the five of us in that direction. My recovery from this daze took a few weeks more and now I have recovered finally. Only to find the principles of the Brigands were ones by which I could not abide and I have now parted company with them. If I am asked directly, I will try my best to explain. But the parting is a bit painful to put in writing at this time.

It is the honorable conduct of which I read in Ironsong's tenets that draws me to the Tribe so strongly. That and reputation of the Tribe as a close-knit family despite being peoples of many races and followings. Although I have yet to have any personal interaction with Tribe members, your reputation preceeds you and thus I seek to find out if there is a place for me within the Tribe.

I am asked about the trials I have faced, goals I have set, desires I wish to fulfill, and the whys and wherefores behind these. Despite all the evil forces I have faced and helped to conquer, separation from my friends is probably the most difficult thing I have ever had to endure. One of my greatest trials has finally come to an end as Alfin and I were reunited only a few days ago and I no longer feel quite so lost as I did for those weeks I had no word of him. I currently have no specific goals other than to enjoy and fully appreciate the time I am given with my friends and loved ones, that and to attempt to find a place which we can all call home. That is perhaps my greatest desire at this point, a guild which will be a family to all of us - Durkham, Stormaker, Protesilaus, Neely, Alfin, and myself - without being uncomfortable for any. From the tales I have heard and the reading I have done, I believe the Tribe might just be that home. The reading included a piece titled Code of Conduct; I agree wholeheartedly with these principles.

Some day, I would like to continue tackling new and difficult challenges and perhaps even defeat the evil Kael'thas, Archimonde, Illidan, and Kil'jaeden themselves. But above all, my greatest joy comes in having the people around me that I care for the most and being able to spend time with them, whatever we may be doing. And making new friends along the way.

((A little OOC explanation of who we are. Saerrina was transferred from Sisters of Elune, where she raided heavily with the guild Relentless. I have stepped back from the heavy raiding for a while, in large part due to a need for a different time schedule - and fewer raids! - than Relentless had. Neely, Durkham, Protesilaus, Stormaker, and Alfin were also transferred. Saerrina and Neely are both my characters while the other four are played by individual friends and long time guildmates. Four of us are members of Alahni lo Andu, have thoroughly enjoyed past adventures opposite Ironsong and the friends we have that "play both sides" with these two guilds. (The fifth, Stormaker, is my son.) If the Tribe will have us, it just seemed fitting that we "come home" to where so many of our friends play on the flip side. Personally, the principles of The Ironsong Tribe appeal to me greatly and I look forward to finding out how good the fit is. *grin* ))
*Jaba, a blade of grass between his teeth, ambles in to take a look at the tribal totem. Seeing the note attached, his eyes perk up.*

Saerrina, dah tribe always be lookin' out for people wit dah honor to becomin' a part o' dah Ironsong family. It be lookin' dat y'all be knowin' yer way 'round a fight too, and we be lookin' fer dat too. Why don't y'all come by a moot and we see what happen. Dere be dis kinda irritable warlock, name o' Dergash, dat deal with da new tribemates, and he be givin' ya more 'bout dat.


((Our moots are on Thursdays at 600p Server in variable location. If you need more information, contact Dergash, myself, or other officer online.))
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
*sarcastic* Oh how wonderful, another elf has applied, and she has brought her friends along...

Lok'tar Priestess, I am Dergash, a Warlock by training and currently serving the Tribe in the post of Minister of Culture and Recruitment. Unfortunately I have no idea what my compatriot Jaba wrote above, as my ability to understand what trolls call language is limited. I must say that I have never had an entire group apply to the guild at one time before, so I am surprisingly unsure how we should proceed. I do however compliment you on your application, very few these days seem to be capable of give a thorough written accounting of themselves for us to start to build an impression of the applicant. And you manged to do with without sounding self obsessed or aggrandizing in any way, which from my experience is rare for an elf.

If I could suggest that all the interested parties post an application to the Totem just to keep all the paper work sorted. Also our weekly guild meetings are Thursday nights at 6pm Orgrimmar (server) time. The location is random, but I have it on very good authority, mine, that this weeks moot is being held in Shadowprey Village in Desolace.

I look forward to seeing you and your cohort there.

((OOC: Thank you for applying! We don't get a lot of groups wanting to join at the same time. My suggestion would be to join both our in game chat and group channels just to get to know a few more folks. Also I think we have a few folks in here with Alahni lo Andu alts so you might already know people. I just wanted to mention we are not a heavy raid guild, I think you already got that impression but wanted to make things clear up front. We don't tend to focus as much on progression as, well enjoyment really. =) However we do some higher end stuff, and usually surprise ourselves more than anyone when we succeed! If you or your friends have any question about the guild or applications please let me know, either in game or through PMs here on the site. Looking forward to meeting you.))
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My thanks to you, Dergash. I will spread the word among my friends. You have heard from Durkham and me. I believe you will hear from Alfin and Neely soon.

While I originally named six of us, two will be delayed in joining us for their own reasons. This brings me to a question. One of these two might wish to observe a Tribal moot or two before making his own decision to take the plunge into a guild. Is this acceptable, to reveal the location of a moot to a visitor?

((While I enjoyed the raiding for a time, this game has always been about the roleplay and people to me. I am glad to step back for a while and get that aspect back in perspective again. If the Tribe raids, I am more than happy to help out. If not, I can live without it until I find something that works around roleplay without forcing me to join another guild or play a certain way. It is the people that keep me coming back day after day, not the content.

With regards to Stormaker, I verified at the beginning of this past weekend that he wanted to apply with us. Then found out Monday about extenuating circumstances that will have him out of the game for at least a couple months probably. In light of that fact, he will not be applying until he is able to play again with at least some regularity.

And on the cross-over between our two guilds, I am looking forward to making the connections between the characters and seeing their different personas.))
Anyone is welcome at our moots any time. It is more than acceptable.
Sometimes we do not plan a location in advance so at the worst just tell them to send an officer a tell and ask for the location. Summons are sometimes available depending on what Warlocks come from week to week.

We look forward to meeting you all there.

Be well

Sing True Ironsong!
As Dispaya said anyone is more than welcome to our Tribal moots, we even allow Alliance from time to time, provided they behave themselves. The moot locations aren't so much a secret as decided last minute, which is why it is usually not known until the time of the event.

And your friends can apply in their own time, it is not a problem.
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Goldberry ambles past the totem, pausing to have a look at it. Seeing the notes from Saerinna and her friends, her face brightens. "It's about time!" The white lion at her side rumbles contentedly, and the two continue on their way.

((I was gonna post this sooner, but Hurricane Gustav ran right over my area! Anyway, Saerrina, Nornal, Alfin, and co. are good peoples! Yay!))
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