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Rumors, theories, wonts for 2.0!
Okay, so the pally patch probably wasn't a big deal to many of you (Unless you PvP, in which case you probably liked the "buffs". Ha!) but my understanding is this: the time for shamans is nigh!

At some point on the WoW site, they actually had information in the "on the horizon" section (it now just gives a link to the expansion). And I remember seeing it saying they were addressing druids (1.8, done), paladins (1.9, done), shamans, priests, rogues I think. So does anyone have any info on what they plan to do to shamans? I have some stuff. But I essentially have no way to back these claims (other than with LOGIC =P ). Tell me yours, shamans and shaman gentiles!

Ability changes:
-Totems that have offensive abilities will only tick when the player is in combat
-Fire totems will be modified to make them more useful (shorter duration, higher damage, etc.)
-The damage that each shock deals will be adjusted so that each is used as intended (frost shock to snare, earth for tanking, flame for damage).
-Blood lust!?
-Flametongue weapon's damage will be increased

Talent changes (you will get a free refund of talent points, blah blah):
-If you currently have the talent "Two Handed Axes and Maces", you will no longer be forced to reskill-up those two weapon types if you respec and acquire the talent again
-Flurry will now require 25 points in enhancement talents as opposed to 15 to be on par with warriors and hunters. Yeah. What? What what? Live with it.
-Improved stoneskin totem and improved strength of earth totem are now combined into "Improved earth totems". This new talent grants bonuses to all the earth totems and gives raised values from the previous two talents.
-Improved grounding totem and improved grace of air totem are now combined into "Improved air totems". This new talent grants bonuses to all the air totems. The previous two talents shall have their values modified.
-Toughness now requires 15 points instead of 25 *shrug*
-Improved rockbiter weapon now increases threat generated instead of raising attack power.
-Improved frost brand weapon now grants a chance to freeze the target instead of increasing damage.
-Improved flametongue weapon's bonus to damage significantly raised.
-Improved windfury weapon now grants extra chance to score a critical hit on the extra attacks instead of raising attack power.
-Stormstrike taken out and replaced with something good (My suggestion is to just make it a real instant attack instead of setting the swing timer to 0, reduce the mana cost, and to grant bonuses depending on what weapon buff you have on: flametongue, adds a DoT; frostbrand, freezes target; rockbiter, forces mob to attack shaman for x seconds; windfury, extra chance to score a critical hit on the extra attack).

-Improved lightning bolt changed to "improved lightning" and grants its benefits to both lightning bolt and chain lightning. Values increased to 4>8>12>16>20%
-Concussion changed to lower enemies' chance to resist shocks by 2>4>6>8>10%
-Convection's values increased to 4>8>12>16>20%
-Improved searing totem, improved fire nova totem, and improved magma totem are now combined into "improved fire totem damage". It now causes improved searing totem to DECREASE the duration of searing totem, but dramatically INCREASE its damage. It also has the same effect for magma totem. Effects on fire nova totem unchanged, but it also grants a small damage bonus.
-Improved stoneclaw totem removed. Replaced with "fire totem efficiency". It decreases mana cost of fire totems by 5>10>15>20>25%.
-Call of flame changed. Instead of increasing damage, it now reduces chance for enemies to resist fire totem effects by 2>4>6>8>10%
-Improved chain lightning removed. Replaced with "lightning fury". Now grants a damage bonus to both lightning bolt and chain lightning spells and can be taken 5 times for values of 4>8>12>16>20%. It also now only requires 15 points in elemental instead of 25.
-Tree given a couple more new talents to be less empty (especially since I removed 2 whole talents!)

-Improved reincarnation now grants the ability to give the shaman a "reborn" status upon using for 5 seconds > 10 seconds. Reborn removes the shaman from combat and he can only cast restoration spells (but not resurrect). He is immune to all forms of damage in this state. (Take THAT paladins! Bubbles for everyone! Woooo!)
-Totemic focus changed. Now only affects water totems by 5>10>15>20>25%.
-Ancestral Healing's affect now lasts for 20 seconds instead of 15. The value has also been raised to 10>20>30>40>50%.
-Improved healing stream's values have been increased to 15>30>45>60>75%
-Purification changed. It now gives a subtlety bonus to healing spells as 8>16>24>32>40%.

-Air totem quest now involves an actual quest. One probably more painful than the fire totem quest. Enjoy, people who like crap like that :wink:

Just a few things I thought of when glancing at the trees and when playing as Laughingman. I'd like to hear from the shamans on these ideas and THEIR IDEAS. Big Grin

Please, limit the griping about flurry. Especially since that one is actually likely to happen!!! Confusedhock:

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