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Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj ((20))
Hello Tribe!

I have a feeling this post will be like one of many in the past.. but what's the harm in taking a stab at it?

Fellow tribe mates and I got to talking the other night about AQ20. Having never been, I'm a bit (okay, a lot) new to it... Although I am aware of the ability/spell rank upgrades that do drop there amongst everything else according to WoWWiki/Atlasloot. I don't think it takes a guru to know the type of potential that could be created by having more of us equipped with such abilities/spells amongst Ironsong. As for one of them - Faster raids, anyone?

I do understand Ironsong is not a raiding guild. Several nights of the week are already taken by important events and some of us do have lives, but I'm curious.. What would be the possibilities of starting a weekly AQ20 event? Could it ever happen? By speaking with the Tribe in OCC on Saturday night, I got a pretty good feeling a good amount of us would be interested in the idea. I'm also guessing there’s a lot, lot more out there that weren't online/in the OCC channel that would too love this type of event.

While I'm not exactly sure of how it always worked out, Krell mentioned to me that Efluvia used to be in charge of such runs with the Tribe in the past. Is there any chance of this ever starting back up? Are there specific reasons I’m not seeing as to why it hasn’t? If enough interest is built and success is seen, could this idea find it's own slice of time in Ironsong's schedule and truly brought to life?

From where I stand, I don't find myself experienced enough with raids to take the reigns here (as much as I would love to - the opportunity would be awesome). Hence forth I am here to ask Ironsong of this. Would you be interested in a weekly AQ20 raid if one was to exist in Ironsong? Would you be willing to help possibly plan it? (Because, well, let's face it.. you can only stretch Akora, Kosath, Shillatae and Eveline so far. I’d like to not be the one to break them!) Most importantly, do you think it could work and would *want* it to work?

Lastly, I know with Burning Crusades on it's way, endeavors towards ability/spell upgrades might be a bit silly to some of you.. but I believe the experiences, lessons learned and other rewards the Tribe could obtain from AQ20 would be well worth it for all.

So please, reply to this with your opinions and feelings, I’m genuinely interested!
I, for one, see no reason why it can't be a weekly event. Not everyone will feel like attending in the same manner as the others we already have going, but it shouldn't mean that it's impossible.

Sure we're not a raiding guild, but that's why any and all raiding activities we have are come-at-will with no mandatory... well... ANYTHING cept rp.

As it is, I'd follow you into the ruins Sound. ~wink~
I encourage anyone who wants to attempt to run an event, whether a one-shot or a regular or semi-regular event or some kind. That said, Ironsong has a pretty full schedule and I suggest you make sure you have a fair grasp of it before you move forward on this.

Also, and more to the point, AQ20 is quite difficult and the second boss (Rajaxx) blocks the route to any of the others unlike in ZG where all but Hakkar can be fought in any order. Twenty-person content is also more finely tuned than MC, in a manner that those who were part of our early ZG raids and attempts can attest best. The Rajaxx event's extreme level of difficulty and bugginess (Wartorn for example was still having wipes on this event on occasion before they disbanded and reformed, and they were largely in full Tier 1 or 2 gear, many in the latter) provides a serious obstacle to progress.

Efluvia's AQ20 weekly runs ended due to lack of interest week to week and the resulting lack of progress. Even though we were defeating the first boss (Kurinaxx) more often than not it was taking more time and wipes than was reasonable for the rewards. Many were also demoralized by Blizzard's poor balancing of the zone - providing predominantly blue with rarer epic drops in a zone difficult to those in BWL tier 2 gear seems rather pointless/unfair, though the epic drops and drops from Ossirian as well as the class books are of course very good.

These reasons may not be compelling to others, but they are some of the thought process that has led the officership to continue ZG and focus on MC/Onyxia for the time being. Those raids provide a greater time/difficulty vs. reward for Ironsong as we now stand than AQ20 would. I think our schedule is fairly saturated with events but I could be mistaken. I encourage you, Sound, or others interested to find a workable time for this and try to rally some support for it.

I suggest if you do so to begin with the goal of learning the pulls and trash mobs up to Kurinaxx and working on him in order to complete the ZG/AQ20 quest from Cenarion Hold for a number of folks who might need the Kurinaxx venom sac.

I hope this is taken as it is intended - I am just sharing information and a few bits of advice, hoping to set the stage for you and others to make a decision on what you might be interested in working on running together based on the best information at hand. For further information I suggest talking to Eveline as she is most likely the Tribe member with the most experience in AQ20.

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Doom awaits all who venture into the thrice cursed realm of Ahn'Qiraj! Doom and crappy loot drops as well!

I've been running AQ20 with several other guilds and watched as Blizzard has soften the instance more and more, bringing it a little more in line with the raiding audience it was targeted at. Unfortunately, it is still pretty hard on the tanks and healers but at least doable now with our current gear and raiding experience.

To top that off the drops there are pure garbage except for rare purple or the class ability books, which will be trainable come BC (so the rumor goes).

Efluvia gave the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj two thumbs down. (but we all know that critics are biased and do not speak for all Big Grin )
Hmm. Straight to AQ40, then, eh?



I wouldn't mind giving AQ20 a shot sometime, though I've been underwhelmed by most of what I've heard.
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Fanae Wrote:Hmm. Straight to AQ40, then, eh?



I wouldn't mind giving AQ20 a shot sometime, though I've been underwhelmed by most of what I've heard.

AQ40 is easier than you'd think. The Prophet Skeram is rated as a difficulty around Majordomo.
Adding more 40-man raids to ironsong's schedule is a whole other issue and one that isn't currently part of this discussion. That said, I encourage people to visit the orc Quartermaster before making UBRS raids, help their Tribemates get Onyxia keyed, and roll on Onyxia Scales when we go into her lair.

Just a suggestion. Perhaps an announcement will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks. ::winks::


If others are interested in continuing this thread, let's keep it about AQ20 for now. Thanks.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
(eyeballs Tae) Onyxia keys...announcement. Mmhmm..slick, reaaaaaal slick, sister. <winks>
Don't mess with the trees!

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Shillatae Wrote:If others are interested in continuing this thread, let's keep it about AQ20 for now. Thanks.

Well, my AQ40 suggestion was a joke. I figure that would be later if at all.
"You can never run from trouble, 'cause there ain't no place that far." - Scissor Sisters, "Lights"
Fanae, I got your joke. No need to post clarification, you were clear. Let's not bog this topic down any further with off-topic posts replying to my request for on-topic posts. You are not under criticism nor misunderstood here - you have nothing to explain or apologize for.

So, anyone have anything else to add or a concrete suggestion re: AQ20?

If not, we can let this thread lie.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
I would go to AQ20, time willing.
I would also be interested in seeing more of AQ20. I've done Kurinnaxx, and killed Rajaxx once with Hax. I was thinking of starting a thread like this, but I couldn't really think of a time that would work with the Tribe's busy schedule.

One possibility would be to schedule a slightly later raid on Monday or Tuesday, perhaps at a time that is a bit more convenient for West Coasters (i.e. 7 pm server time). The usual ZG group would be out on Monday, of course, but we may have enough people to make it possible. And Tuesday overlaps with the mini-moot, which has its own issues.

Anyway. Interested, aware that it would take good gear and careful coordination. Even if the loot is mediocre, I always like to see a new part of Azeroth with my Tribemates.
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You know my general opinion already from our talk Sound, however I'll add the fact that I'll help any attempts at AQ20 as my time allows if simply to let folk who haven't seen the place, see more of it. I've been in many raids that have cleared the place and despite the problems with the difficulty.. Its is a very fun instance. If you can have fun, who really cares about the loot anyway? :wink:
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At this point I'd like to suggest that all those that are really interested in going should perhaps make a post here as some have done already so we can better gauge what sort of turn out we'd have. Keep in mind that the Tribe does have a lot going on with other instances right now, so in order to make this possible, we'd need to have people who have some decent knowledge of the place and who are willing to help lead the event. The officers have a lot going on already so while it would be great to have them join in, it isn't fair of anyone to expect that they will be hosting these raids. *recalls a comment about Tae exploding or some such* Big Grin

As Efluvia mentioned, AQ20 is more difficult than I think it was intended to be, so it will take a lot of coordination and teamwork in order to be successful. Both of which I know Ironsongers are very capable of. The loot may not be extraordinary, but the experience of doing something new, and showing that our Tribe can do anything it sets its mind to is just as valuable in my opinion.

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A question for the more experienced AQ20 raiders out there - how much Nature Resist is really required? Is high NR more of an AQ40 goal? I mention it bercause of Vilyave's post today about the Spitfire/Sandstalker sets, which include a number of nice Nature Resist pieces.
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