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Rotten Luck hosting Running of the Taurens Event
I mentioned this event to an IST officer and they told me to be sure to post the event here for the Tribe to enjoy as well. We sure would like to see some of our old friends pop over to the Scyrers for the event! Please feel free to contact me at Rotten-Luck-Guild.com if you have any questions.

Quote:Date: July 18th, 2009

Time: 5:30 PM Server Time, Check in by 5:15PM

Place: Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore (The Scryers)

It is now summer on the plains of Mulgore. The tallstriders are lazy, and the kodos are resting in the fields. A new group of Tauren have left their families and are ready to stand and fight with the Horde. Before they can be accepted, they must prove themselves worthy by participating in an arduous race across the lands of Azeroth. Those that survive will be worthy to stand with Cairne Bloodhoof and defend the lands of the Tauren with honor.


The annual Running of the Bulls festival begins today in Pamplona, Spain. To celebrate, the Lorekeepers and Officers of Rotten Luck are announcing the second annual Running of the Tauren on The Scryers server.

To participate, all you have to do is make a level 1 Tauren (any class, either gender, no Death Knights) and meet at Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore. From there, be prepared to Outwit, Outrun and Outlast your competition in a cross continental race (think The Amazing Race: Azeroth). Along the way, racers will have to use their heads as well as their hoofs to find the next check point and ultimately the finish line.


Two prizes will be awarded. A grand prize of 250 gold will be awarded to the first Baby Tauren to cross the finish line, along with a Mulgore Hatchling who will remain your loyal friend forever. In addition we will be having a naming contest. We will have a panel of judges to determine who came up with the best Tauren name that fits the theme of the event. The prize will be 100 gold. Previous winners of the naming contest are not eligible.
Examples: Hoofinit, Madcow, Gristlemissle


1. No cheating! The spirits will be watching and we'll know! We will!

2. If somehow you die, NO SPIRIT REZZING! There will be high-level resurrection specialists standing by to resurrect you. They will not aid you in a fight but will be there to return your spirit to your body should you need them to. They will be positioned close to roads, so if you die cutting cross-country in a dangerous place, it may take them longer to reach you. Resurrections may only be performed by the official race resurrection specialists. You may not bring your own rezzer.

3. All participants must stay in the raid at all times.

4. You must check in with the the race official at each check point. There will be a series of items you must trade back and forth to ensure each player has satisfied the requirements at each check point.

5. Performance-enhancing potions, elixirs, enchantments, items, and anything else of the kind are strictly forbidden. You may only run at the top speed of an unenhanced level-one Tauren.

6. The race is a test of a Tauren's ability to compete. Assistance from higher-level friends in clearing a path for the runner or giving rides to a runner is not permitted.


Here is the link! Hope to see ya'll there!

Walk in peace on your chosen path

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