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Rokness's Application
1) Scout Rokness
2) Level 40 Warrior
3) Rok is Warrior known all across different realms in WoW.. I have been Ally and Questing since the War has started (( played the original warcraft and have been playing WoW since beta.. this isnt my main.. he is an epic orc warr on a different server))
4) Engineering and Mining.. jus picked up
5) Krimson Kaos
6) (( i am very interested in RPing)) I have fought along side a female warr named Bhaa..
7) Rok has downed many foes, from the greatest Ally to Onyxia and Ragnaros
8) To become Epic and down all the top dungeon bosses, then conquer the Alliance and Scourge
9) The companionship of the Horde and questing
10) I have read everything, and Rok will abide by all the rules.

Could you please elaborate some more on your application.
Give us some examples of your Role Playing ability. Tell us a story of your background, childhood or greatest battle. Gordak, Kriistle, Fannae are examples of good Role Playing applications.

Also I feel it is important to tell you that Ironsong is a Role Playing and family guild first and foremost. We are not a raiding guild, and if loot is your primary objective other guilds might be a better fit for you.

But if you want to Role Play this is a fine guild to be a part of.
Vote Akora for MA!

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