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Robes of Insight (We can all dream, can't we?)
For some reason, I'm a bit preoccupied with getting one for Neriath. I'm not sure why, to be honest. They're very good, do not get me wrong, but the cost I've seen them go for is completly not worth it.

So if you do find a pair, and aren't overly concerned with trying to sell them in the Auction House for 300+ gold, send me a tell and I'll give you the best offer that I'm able (and comfortable) with giving.

On a side note: Any of you Alchemists, Blacksmiths or Engineers who might occasionally need some help with materials, feel free to ask me if I've anything to spare. I'd gladly help if I'm able.
I'll likely be heading back to Searing Gorge tonight before a round of Alterac Valley to work on my lock picking where i found the last pair of robes that I gave to Nevlag for his alt. If I happen to find another pair I'll talk to you in game.

Thank you Lucin, I appreciate it!
I'm actually questing there right now as well, I'm trying to finish the elite quest and What the Flux? If we happen to be on at the same time, would you mind if I tagged along with you?
I have just finished the elite quest and am working on What the flux? as well. You are more than welcome to come along with me, I don't die so much then *grins*. We may even be able to talk Konfucius into coming with us as I believe he is on the same quests as well.
Neriath, those robes dropped in BRD last night. I think Utsusemi ended up with them if you want to send him a tell.
I ended up buying them for 60g, quite a steal if you ask me. I typically see them going for close to 3x that amount. Thanks for the imput though!

Utsi, if nobody else expresses interest, I'd be interested in buying them off of you. Send me a note if so. Otherwise, congrats!

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