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Rinu's Story ( Part two... training)
Rinu sat staring at the pages Lucinther had set in front of him. He had been sitting there for a good fifteen minutes staring confused at the words in front of him. He knew it had something to do with fighting techniques, but he couldn't read well enough to understand it. He would just have to wait for Lucinther to return and help him.
A few more minutes passed and Lucinther still had not returned and Rinu was frowing increasingly bored. And then he spotted a rat in a high corner on the ceiling. Rinu was now officially distracted from trying to read the texts Lucinther had given him.
The Rogue's Quarter was full of stuff for Rinu to climb on to reach the rat, and he quickly began working on a way to get up to where the rat was. He piled a few crates and barrels up so that he could climb onto the higher ledge of the pavillion that sat in the center of the Rogue's Quarter. From there he lept onto a large,tattered, silk banner, which he quickly became horribly tangled in. Rinu was now officially stuck. He looked down in time to see Lucinther watching him.
Lucinther walked into the Rogue's Quarter just in time to see Rinu make the leap from the ledge onto the banner. He watched everything in what seemed to be slow motion. He watched as Rinu latched onto the tattered banner and quickly became tangled within its folds. And then Rinu had spotted him. Rinu grinned as he hung upside down, dangling by a foot.
"Rinu..." Lucinther said as he glared up at the rogue, trying to keep his frustration in check. Rinu's grin faded instantly.
Lucinther pulled out a small throwing knife from under his cloak and hurled it towards Rinu.
"Rinu..." was all Lucinther said to him without raising his voice, yet still, the word was laced with venom and Rinu knew he was in trouble. He saw Lucinther pull out a small knife and hurl it towards him. He covered his head with his arms and closed his eyes tightly. He heard the blade fly past his ear and then he heard the distinct sound of cloth ripping. His foot became untangled just as quickly as it had become tangled and he crashed to the ground.
He picked himself up off of the ground and frowned at Lucinther.
"Calm down. If I was aiming for you, I wouldn't have missed." He heard Lucinther say.
"Master Lucin couldses haved killeded Rinu!!"
" Chill out - I told you, if I was trying to hit you, I would have."
Rinu growled slightly and walked over to where he had left his books and scrolls that he was supposed to be reading. Trying to read, anyway.
Lucinther stood as Rinu growled and stalked off towards where he had been readinf before he became tangled in the banner. He sighed to himself and decided it was time to see just how much Rinu had read. He deployed a small explosive sheep and stepped away. He whistled sharply to get Rinu's attention.
Rinu looked up and saw Lucinther pointing at something. He followed where he was pointing and saw a small woolie animal wandering around. Woolie animals didn't wander very often in the Undercity. He eyed it with curiosity and finally pounced.
As he landed on top of the woolie animal, it promptly exploded. Rinu sat stunned and dazed for a second. Then, he sat up wiping soot from his face.
Lucinther stood, holding back his laughter, and put on a calm resolve.
"You haven't been reading have you?"
Rinu looked absolutely confused on how to answer, finally he spoke.
"Rinu been tryings to reads da bookses Master Lucin gaved him, buts Rinu can'ts read..." he said as he stared shamefully at the ground. It was obvious that Rinu felt inferior because he couldn't read.
" Well then, we will just have to fix that problem then." Lucinther said as he turned and walked off into the shadows.
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]

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