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I. Your character

1. Hello, my name is Rhyss. Just... "Rhyss" or you can be like "hey, Rogue!"
2. Undead Rogue
3. So, as much as I remember, I woke up and then... I met this bloke called Darnell? I was recruited but I never had the chance to meet Lady Sylvanas? Gosh everything's a blur. You'll have to excuse me; I blame all the poison-mixing I do on a nightly basis.

For the most part, I started as a lowly draftee. Run here, do this, fly over there, whatever, I did it. It wasn't 'til there was something fishy going on in the Silverpine Woods that I decided to become a hired assassin. No longer was I just sent out by any Forsaken superior to do their dirty work, I did some off-the-record stuff for civilians... and I was often paid handsomely for it. Frankly, it wasn't bad at all - I expanded my circles until I became recognized as a Horde ambassador. How lucky was that?

Really though, if you had trouble, you got yer girl right 'ere, daggers and all. I'd gladly give you their head if you asked. Shadowfang Keep, Scarlet Monastery, Stratholme, Deadmines, Karazahn, Auchindoun, and all those other "big name" places, I plundered and looted on my own and with other wary adventurers. I've even gone to visit the Black Temple and the Eye. There is no venture too great or too risky in my book...

4. Ronan: One of my many secrets to success is my pet rattlesnake, Ronan. He isn't much to look at, but his bite is undoubtedly deadly. I keep him in the main pocket of my backpack, so don't go rooting around in there.

Daggers: I'm also a collector of fine knives (no, none of that crude stuff like rock flints or fanciful things like fiery blades); if ya know a place to get somethin' really, really good, count me in.

Gansey: Now, Gansey... Don't mess with Gansey; he's a raven fledgling I snatched from the Gilnean gate and he's grown to become my "eye in the sky." He's also trained to pluck out enemy eyeballs; oftentimes, they're given to me as gifts.

Deathmantle Gear: I never take off my skull-hood; don't even ask. I had it commissioned by a traveling leatherworker after seeing it on a passing rogue in Shattrath. Also, no one has ever seen my full face. My eyes were taken before I was awoken to serve (snatched by some pious clothy who proclaimed to be a "seer" or "visionary" I've been told) but I don't let that get in my way. All the more to hear and smell you, my dear...

5. For the record, I have read the Code of Conduct, and I will uphold the values and formalities as a member of the guild.

II. Yourself

1. Rhyss has not been in a guild before, but I have been apart of friends' guilds on other characters throughout my 11-year WoW "career." Most recently, on Thorium Brotherhood I was apart of Shadow of Paragon (a small group of friends who took me in, before it merged into Save the Murloc... which then relocated to Fenris. I followed but leveled up a different character before I was removed for inactivity - I was graduating college and job-hunting at the time, and decided to take a hiatus since I wasn't raid-ready or even included in anything guild-related).
2. Friendship, fellowship, belonging, and the company of others who share the goal of gear-hunting (whether it's for transmogs or "gearing up" for stuff). I've just come back after a 3-4 year break from WoW and would love to raid, PvP, hang out, and get into the swing of things again with you guys~
3. June 2004 (I was around when Warsong Gulch first opened up!).
4. I like to lurk during the day during the week, but Tuesdays are typically my days off. Otherwise, I'm at work (my family and I own a toy store) derping around and doing things that don't require too much attention.
5. Hoping for Rogue buddies? Please? I've never played a Rogue past lvl 85 until Rhyss (had a couple of NE twinks before), but even then, I got lucky. I'm ready to commit. Help me be a lean, mean DPS machine!

I used to have a (feral/resto) Druid as my main; and, I've healed through most vanilla raids. Then Blood Elves hit in the following expansion and I became a tank/healer; I did most of Ulduar and some ICC as a healer. When Mists of Pandaria came out, my Monk took over and has since become my go-to for when I feel like tanking (and sometimes healing) when the need for fast queue times hits. I will, for sure, be playing Rhyss and one other character when Legion is released.
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