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Orc Shaman

I. Hello friends. As a member of the Horde, I have slaughtered countless Alliance scum ever since I was an Orphan in Durotar. I've helped heal this world when the Cataclysm raged through Azeroth, and I witnessed the fall of Ragnaros. I was there when Illidan drew his last breath and I'll be the one to land the killing blow on Varian Wrynn when the day arrives. As a member of the Ironsong Tribe I can foresee a lasting brotherhood that will hold it's own when the world is in flames. I envision great battles and herioc stands. We will be the victor in these conflicts. With the help of the Ironsong Tribe I might one day fulfill my purpose: to cure this land of hate-mongers, to rid the earth of plague, and most importantly; to balance the elements in perfect harmony.

I accept the Ironsong Tribe's code of conduct.

One thing should mention brothers, I took a nasty hammer to the skull one day when i was battling for control of Alterac Valley. It struck hard enough to cause me to have moments of extreme "anger". But know this friends: You are fine. Your fuzzy cat, though? Yeah, he might receive an accidental pulse of electricity.

II. I used to be in a guild called Seventh Seal from Wrath till Cataclysm before I quit for awhile. Before that i really never had a guild. I was in guilds that were for my social group but it was never more than a group of friends on chat.

In the Ironsong Tribe i hope to do some PvP, as well as PvE. i enjoy dungeons/raids and scenarios seem to have a nice touch.

I've been playing WoW ever since beta for vanilla. I remember the first character i made was a Troll Mage named (lol...) Bubblefart. I cant rightfully remember if i was enticed by my oh so "clever" name, or if it was because the game was awesome. Before WoW i played warcraft 3 and warcraft 3 frozen throne.

I tend to play at night time as i have a job and im a full time college student.

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