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Retro IST dungeons and raids
I've been thinking that with a little bit of organization, we could get some guild runs in on old dungeons and raids.

We could aim for the weekends for these runs since a lot of us are busy during the weekdays doing raids and dailies and etc. (Personally, I prefer Sunday afternoons.)

We could also maybe try to knock out some of those pesky achievements to help guild members get their dragons and such.

Who would be interested? What do y'all think?
I endorse this wholeheartedly, especially if those dungeons/raids give rep. My druid has long been my favorite character since vanilla WoW, yet he's always been my secondary character - he's the fall-back for when the game gets boring or the guild I'm in needs a flex character. So I'd be down for anything rep-related from the earlier days of WoW, or anything we could turn into an interesting RP trip.

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Eishla is quickly approaching Cataclysm. I'd be game to do some old BC or WotLK raids if we can get her on board. She mostly has dibs on my weekend hours. I also have an 8- warlock that I will be leveling soon that I could bring if you weren't desperate for OP tanks.

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I like massacring lowbies.
First wave down!

Excellent job, everyone who participated in Sunday's massive effort! Thanks for helpin'!

Next Sunday, let's take out the ones in Shadowmoon Valley.
And perhaps we can get started on Northrend.

I'd like to work on getting some achievements down at the same time, so that those who don't have the dragon mount can get it.

Does anyone know how many guild members we need to actually get a 40-man raid to count as a guild run?...How about a 10-man?...And a 25-man? We had 8 show for MC and BWL and it still didn't count. (By the way, there is some good money to be made in those raids, if you need a little in-cent-ive!)

I'm aiming for about 3pm server time start for next (this) Sunday. Would someone want to put it on the calendar? ...as a sign-up event. (I have issues with things like vent and calendars and what-not.)
I read someplace that you need 20-25 for the old 40 man raids to count. I'm hoping that is wrong as that would be a major pain in the butt.
I will also be opening this up to reputation runs. I will be game to do this on any non-raid night (So, Tues, Thurs, Sat, and mainly Sunday). If I'm on, send me a yell or a tell (preferrably a tell), and we'll throw something together.

So, if you need rep doing dungeons, raids, or even just killing pirates and you want some company to make things go faster, I'm your tauren.

If you need help getting achievements done in dungeons etc., I'm your tauren.

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