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So, thanks to Oryx's amazing healing, we were able to complete the Nexus dungeon. Sad part is I was playing my pally that is specced retribution and tanked. I didn't have the best gear so Oryx had his work cut out.

The odd thing is I went on the forums and found other Retadins tanking these instances. I didn't have my threat meter installed but seemed to be holding aggro ok.

For heroics this probably wouldn't be ideal but maybe keep ret to assist?

I was thinking of going back to protection but came across this new retatank thinking.

Any other Palladins have thoughts about staying ret? Or anyone for that matter?

Thanks again Oryx and Zlinka!

*spoiler - close eyes*

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Kardwel will be staying Ret, but I don't intend to tank with him in any way. Even Mel won't be tanking because I just don't care for it.

If anything, Kard will be going Holy once I have some decent healing gear.
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That was a fun run! When we had trouble, it was nearly always because we didn't have the technique of the fight perfected rather than because of a spec issue.

But here's just a couple comments to help out other healers who find themselves in this situation. Smile

My perception was that threat generation wasn't a big problem at all; we had Tokala and Zlinka pounding away but they only pulled off Sangha a couple times, and usually because they deserved it!

The thing that made healing challenging was our retadin's relatively small stamina pool and low mitigation; this was especially hard on pulls that combined physical and magical damage - for example the Chaotic Rift + Dragonkin pulls in the rift room, or a large Tender + Keeper pull. I found that stacking HoTs and a couple seconds of full HW spam were enough to get through the first couple seconds; after that the pushback from our melee DPS spread the damage out and it wasn't so spiky.

If you find yourself tanking as a retadin, or a fury warrior, or even a kitty-spec druid, see what you can do to improve your stamina pool. Another 3000 health makes a huge difference in overcoming those damage spikes.
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My advice for ret pallies considering tanking is this: Don't underestimate the usefulness of Repentance and Art of War. A 1 minute humanoid CC can really help lower the burst damage you're taking and those instant heals (Especially with a high crit rating and 3 points in Sheath of Light) help take a lot of the pressure off your healer.
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