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Restless Cabal
This is a single-phase fight with two bosses who have their own health pools, which need to die within 20 seconds of each other.

I’m going to get the boss abilities out of the way first, as these are pretty familiar types, before going onto the unusual mechanics of the fight.


Zaxasj the Speaker

The Speaker doesn’t melee.  Instead, he casts this spell called Aphotic Blast, which hits his target with damage that’s inversely proportional to the distance between him and his target.  This ability also does splash damage to everyone nearby, AND applies a debuff which increases threat generation for 30 seconds.  If this debuff times out, the target becomes hostile to all allies and cuts down on healing received.  But this ability is cast often enough that it shouldn’t fall off.

—>  We’ll deal with this by having a strong, single-target ranged DPS player tank the Speaker for the entire fight, and make sure melee stays clear.  Make sure NOT to hit the Speaker for 10 seconds after the pull to make sure the ranged tank gets solid aggro.

The Speaker also does a cone attack, called Cerebral Assault, which does damage AND causes all players hit to become hostile to allies for 4 seconds.  The cone attack is very obvious and we’ll have a lot of time to move out of it, so I’m not too worried about that.

The Speaker will cast Crushing Doubt on players, which does increasing damage and a slow, and it does raid-wide damage when it expires that’s inversely proportional to the distance between you and others, so run out when you get this.

Lastly, the Speaker will cast a Dark Herald debuff on some players.  This creates a zone around the targeted player.  Anyone within the zone will gain a debuff called Promises of Power.  This is a permanent magic debuff which increases damage done AND reduces maximum health by 10%.  It stacks over time, up to 9 stacks, but it can be dispelled.  Wowhead things this debuff is too costly to make it a part of the strategy, however, so just move away from it and healers should dispell it.

—>  IN SUM:  The Speaker needs a ranged tank, stay out of his cone attack, run Crushing Doubt out of the raid, and healers dispell Dark Herald.

Fa’thuud the Feared

Fat’huud will be tanked the usual way.  He has an anti-tank attack called Sheared Mind, which does a lot of physical damage and applies a 20-second debuff that increases subsequent damage, so tanks should swap every 3 stacks or so.

He’ll also cast Void Crash Circles on the ground, which explode.  If nobody stands in it, it will bounce, and appear in a different location at a smaller size.  This repeats until they are finally soaked by a player.  The larger they are, the more damage they deal, so wait till they’re smaller to soak them.

—> IN SUM:  Tanks swap Fa’thuud every 3 stacks of Sheared Mind, players soak Void Crash Circles when they’re small.

So, those are the basic abilities.  Pretty straightforward.  Now we’re going to get into the special mechanics of this fight: RELICS


The fight revolves around a core mechanic involving three RELICS, which are three circular disks located on the floor.

Each boss will activate a relic when it reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% health.  They’ll always activate the relic that is CLOSEST to them, so we get to choose the order of the relics by positioning the boss near the relic we want.

A boss CAN activate the same relic more than once, but doing that will give him a big damage buff, so we need to make sure that each boss activates each relic only once.

The bosses can also activate relics simultaneously, which is bad, so we need to stagger DPS on the bosses so that they don’t activate two relics at the same time.

Once a boss activates a relic, it will gain a flat damage buff which persists through the fight.

When a boss activates a relic, he will ALSO spawn some adds.  These adds have some odd mechanics.


Zaxasj the Speaker will spawn a Visage From Beyond add.  This add is rooted in one place and lasts for 90 seconds, then it despawns.  It will do a long, 15-second cast called Terrifying Echo.  If this cast completes, it will fear and damage the entire raid.

But here’s the thing:  the only way to interrupt this add is to reduce it to 1 hit point.  So that’s how we’ll interrupt it.  But that’s not the end of it.  After it hits 1 hit point, it will start to regenerate health, so we’ll need to stomp on it multiple times to keep it from getting a cast off.

—> When the Visage from Beyond spawns, DPS must switch to it and get it to 1 hit point right away, and then do this as many times as needed over the next 90 seconds.

Fat’huud the Feared will spawn THREE adds, called Eldrich Abominations.  These guys are ALSO rooted in place and will cast a spell called Witness the End.  When it goes off, it will kill the add, do raid-wide damage, AND apply a 6-second debuff that increases the damage from the other two adds’ casts.  So, we don’t want any of these casts to go off within 6 seconds of each other.  The casts are interruptible, so we will need to stagger them.

--> We will have a team of THREE interrupters.  Each person is responsible for ONE interrupt.  One abomination will get no interrupters, another will get one person, and the last one will get two people.  When the adds spawn, we’ll let one of them complete its cast normally and die, while the interrupters interrupt the other two adds.  Make sure to interrupt them toward the END of their cast.  Once the first add is dead and the debuff is gone, the second add can be allowed to finish its cast and die, while the last add is interrupted again.  Once the debuff is gone again, the last add can be allowed to finish its cast and die too.

Now, for the relics.

There are THREE relics.  We’ll be dragging the bosses together to one relic at a time, and we’ll do that relic twice in succession, once for each boss, then we’ll move on to the second relic.

The FIRST Relic will be the Tempest Caller Relic.  When it is triggered, it does ticking damage to the entire raid, decreases the damage you deal by 50%, AND instantly kills any player who drops below 25% while the relic is active.

—> Organize healing cooldowns for each time this relic is used.

The SECOND Relic we’ll do is the Void Stone Relic.  This one puts a damage absorption shield on the boss (Umbral Shell).  While this shield is up, the ENTIRE raid is immune to healing.  The raid is NOT immune to their own damage absorption shields though.

—> DPS the shield down as quickly as possible
—> Tanks use your own or external cooldowns
—> Can span Rapture Shields onto the tanks or use healer shield trinkets

Then we’ll move to the THIRD Relic, the Trident of the Deep Ocean.  When it’s activated, this relic places a large bubble around the relic itself.  The bubble has a health pool but it can’t be directly attacked.  Instead, it takes damage (75%) from enemies that are damaged inside it.  At the end of 20 seconds the bubble explodes, and inflicts its remaining health on the raid.

—> Tank both bosses inside the bubble to DPS it down.

So, there you go!


Our two tanks pick up Fa'thuud, and will swap at three stacks.  A ranged tank will pick up the Speaker.  We'll get out of the Speaker's cone attack, run Crushing Doubt out of the raid, dispell Dark Herald, and soak circles when they're small.

We'll drag them to the Tempest Caller Relic, and do Fa'thuud first.  Our team of three interrupters will handle the three adds.  We'll need healing cooldowns to survive the ticking damage and to keep everyone above 25%.  Then we'll do the relic again with the Speaker.  This time we'll need to DPS the Abomination repeatedly down to 1 point to interrupt him.  

Then we'll drag them to the Void Stone Relic and do Fa'thuud first.  We'll DPS the boss' shield down while the interrupters handle the three adds.  Then we'll do it again with the Speaker, and this time we'll need to DPS the Abomination down to 1 point repeatedly.

Then we'll drag them to the Trident of the Deep Ocean.  We'll drag both bosses inside the bubble to DPS it down while the three interrupters handle the three adds.  Then we'll do it again with the Speaker.  This will be a bit tricky as we'll need to handle getting the Abomination down to 1 hit point at the same time.

And the whole time we'll be getting out of the cone attack, running Crushing Doubt out of the raid, dispelling Dark Herald, and soaking circles when they're small.

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