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Resist Gear
Now that we have defeated Garr in Molten Core, further progression will start to focus more on resist gear. Note that the only fight that requires fire resist gear on anyone but two tanks is Ragnaros, however it will greatly increase your survivability (and decrease repair bills) prior to that.

Fire Resistance

Essential for one fight in Molten Core. Main Tanks should aim for 315 Fire Resistance when fighting Ragnaros. Melee classes need 200 to 250 Fire Resistance and casters/ranged should aim for over 125.

Baron Geddon in Molten Core is also purely fire damage

Lava packs are the primary trash mobs after Garr and are also much easier to handle if you have a reasonable amount of Fire Resistance.

That said, there is a lot of fire resist gear out there that can be gotten prior to molten core. Attached are some great lists from WoWwiki with values, locations, and links:

Plate: http://www.wowwiki.com/Plate_Resist_List

Mail: http://www.wowwiki.com/Mail_Resist_List

Leather: http://www.wowwiki.com/Leather_Resist_List

Cloth: http://www.wowwiki.com/Cloth_Resist_List

Jewelry, cloaks, etc: http://www.wowwiki.com/Misc_Resist_List

Also note that for rings, Ocean's Breeze and Tidal loop are things every person can and should get by completing Duke Hydraxis' quest line, which includes fighting in molten core. I will set up a journey to see him for those who don't know where he is.
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Also note that Saltin (and probably others) can do +7 Fire Resist to Cloaks with inexpensive materials and he, Eveline, and some others can put +5 to All Resists on a Cloak with also pretty easy materials, many of which I have banked for Tribe use if you need them. When we eventually start disenchanting some epics (not something we are hurrying toward!) there is also a +15 FR enchantment that requires two Nexus Crystals. Eve, Umu, and some others can also perform that one.

Librams of Resilience, while costly on the AH, are part of a quest that leads to a +20 FR enchantment for your head or leg slot items. Only worth using on a particularly nice piece of FR gear but they are out there for those motivated enough.

Finally, if you reach Revered reputation with the Argent Dawn, you get a small quest to gain access to Mantles of the Dawn, which are purchasable items than enchant your shoulder piece with +5 to the resistance of your choice. If you reach Exalted faction you can get a Mantle of the Dawn that is +5 to All Resists.

With some of these methods I was able to get over 100 FR as a cloth wearing priest before ever getting a piece of MC gear. I'm currently up to about 168 FR without using any Fiery or Lava Cores, with only 32 of that coming from MC related items (my Circlet of Prophecy, Vambraces of Prophecy, and Tidal Loop from the MC quest line).

Good hunting!
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Also, for those of us who have more than one armor option (i.e., wear something other than cloth) don't discount armor that's a step down, if it has fire resist and stats you need. If you're going to be wearing FR gear, it's probably because you'll be taking fire damage INSTEAD of physical damage. If you have the opportunity to pick up something of a lower armor value, go for it (assuming no one of the appropriate armor level wants it).

I don't recommend this strategy for warriors, though.
Akora has posted a blog about Fire Resist Gear for Shamans that can be found here.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?p=1585#1585">http://laerg.gotdns.com:10152/viewtopic.php?p=1585#1585</a><!-- m -->

When fighting Ragnaros, as a Shaman you willl need a minimum of 80 base fire resist (no totems that is cheating!) if you plan on staying in the back lines, 150 if you are healing the MT or MA, or are dumb enough to Melee him. Over 300 is needed if you are the Tank (another reason why we should not tank).

I personally try to keep my Fire Resistance around 80-150 at most times, and that seems to work for the lesser bosses. This works because we are not a front line unit, and are usually out range for most fire related damage. It is a fine line to walk between Intellect, Spirit and Fire Resistance (just like picking which Taruen Warrior to dine with on Friday nights), just strive for an overall balance. But for some boss fights swapping out normal gear for Fire Resist gear is a good idea.

The trash mob pulls (lava packs) before and after Baron Geddon (around Shazzrah & Sulfuron) it is a good idea to put on your fire resist gear that doesn't sacrifice too many other good stats. (Drakefire Shoulders & Amulet, that fire resist quest reward ring from killing MC bosses, etc) Just don't sell the Intellect and Stamina farm.

Most of the time I wear my "Elements" & ËœEarthfury" set pieces, but for tough boss fights you should consider donning some fire resistance gear. Fire Resist gear also drops in the MC too. Here are some Fire Resistance items for us Shammies that are obtainable with out a rock star level of effort (i.e. can be farmed outside the MC)

Helm - Sunblaze Coif it is a level 30 helm with ok stats that drops in SM, I got mine in the AH for 5 gold
Use: Just wear the Sunblaze Coif for the trash Fire mobs

Shoulders - Drakesfire Epaulets or Black Dragon Shoulders
The Drakesfire Epaulets give great stats and are red, the official color of the MC (bonus fashion points)
Use: Consider wearing the Drakesfire Epaulets all the time in the MC or for certain boss fights

Chest - Red or Black Dragon Scale breastplate (there is also a plain dragonscale breastplate that give good fire resistance and stamina)
Red Dragonscale Breastplate gives a nice bonus to healing, but requires 30 red dragon scales to craft it (i.e. rockstar level of effort)
Use: Consider wearing the Red Dragonscale Breastplate all the time in MC or for boss fights

Wrist - Pyremail Wristguards found in Black Rock Depths off of Lord Incinderous
The stats are one of those of random drop +10 to two stats or +15 to one stat
Use: if you got a set with Int or Spi stats consider wearing them all the time in the MC or for specific boss fights

Hands - Storm Gauntlets (Crafted) or Molten Fists found in BRD
The Storm Gauntlets have decent stats and the materials are not too bad to get either (Kernhoof can craft thesel)
Use: Consider wearing the Storm Gauntlets all the time in MC or for certain boss fights

Waist - Not much here, there is a leather +20 fire resist belt that drops in UD Strat. Or get the Earthfury Belt like me Smile The Firey Chain Girdle is great but very hard to get.

Legs - Searingscale Leggings in BRD, Black Dragonscale Leggings
The Searingscale Legging have nice stats
Use: Consider wearing them all the time in MC or for certain boss fights

Feet - Flamewalkers UBRS
Use: Just consider the Flamewalkers for the trash Fire mobs
Black Dragonscale boots give great fire resist, but you'll need an accomplished MC group to get the materials needed for these.

Shield - Draconian Deflector UBRS
Use: Consider using the Deflector all the time in MC or for certain boss fights. And be sure to tell Umu that you got this!

Rings - You can get a fire resist ring as a quest reward for five manning Ramstein in UD Strat You have to choose between a Int/Sta ring and a Fire Resist ring. I wish I took the fire resistance ring, because there are other equal or better Int. rings out there. Also there is a fire resist ring with INT & SPI from completing the quest line from Duke Hydroxis
Use: Consider the Ring for the boss fights or all the time. Or that silly key to UBRS also doubles as a +10 fire resist ring.

Necklaces - Drakesfire Amulet the Onyxia entrance quest, Elder Magus Pendant in DM West (the Pendant has great stats)
Use: Consider using the Drakesfire Amulet for certain boss fights
Use: the Elder Magus Pendant use all the time in the MC

Back - Wildfire Cape in UBRS, Cape of the Fire Salamander in BRD, or the Chromatic Cloak if you are into painful farming (or just date a farmer for awhile get the materials and dump him)
Use: Consider the Capes for specific boss fights, or the Chromatic Cloak all the time

Trinket - the Royal Seal of some unpronounceable name (damn Elves), aka the Shaman Trinket from finding the book ËœFrost Shock and You"
Use: I always wear mine all the time even outside of the MC it is a great trinket
Akora can take you to the DM Library to complete this quest, I know a trick that just takes 5 min. to get there.

1H Weapon - There is a mace that drops in UBRS the Masterwork Mace from AnvilCrack (haha I refused a blind date from this guy once), No stats just +10 Fire Resist and 37 dps
Use: Consider using the weapon for the trash Fire mobs

2H Weapon - Kindling Stave in BRD
Decent stats
Use: Consider using the weapon for the trash Fire mobs

Potions Fire Resist & Greater Fire Resist
Besides popping potions always makes you popular in the MC
Use: Consider using the potions for the boss fights.
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This is a quick note about Fire Resist gear for rogues.

Having good FR is essential for a rogue's survival against the lava packs and Ragnaros. Low FR = cooked rogue! As mentioned above, a rogue should aim to have have between 150 and 200 FR unbuffed.

Here's a nice page with a detailed description of different FR pieces for rogues, grouped into different set suggestions. It lists a (a) maximum FR set, (b) hybrid DPS-FR set, and © easy-to-obtain starter FR set:


I highly recommend that rogues that are just starting their FR sets look at the easy-to-obtain FR list. Many of these items can be collected quickly or for low amounts of money. You can get to 150 FR with just a day or two's effort, and it will make all the difference to you in the Core.

Remember, there's no shame in wearing cloth items and greens if these have good FR -- the only thing that matters is high FR. A rogue in greens does more DPS than a dead rogue.

Zlinka's starter FR set included the cloth Wizardweave turban, the Drakesfire Amulet (Onyxia key), the complete Volcanic leather set (shoulders, chest, legs), Smokey's Drape (EP quest reward) with +7 FR enchant, Cinderhide bracers (from Incendius in BRD), some green "of Fire Resistance" rings, and the Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas (easily stealthable Dire Maul trinket) for a total of 155 FR.

Zlinka has been upgrading her FR set over time and now has over 200 FR. Once she got over 200 FR I've been able to swap in items with good stats as well as decent FR, thus increasing Zlinka's DPS while still maintaining 200+ FR. This is important for Ragnaros, who should be faced with both high FR for survivability and high DPS to kill him fast.

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